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Paul Bell
The name #Bush is not liked here in UK, took us 2 war on a lie, our boys died, but to dismiss a mass shooting as #StuffHappens is abhorrent
I cant even begin to imagine how the parents are feeling, just an innocent little 3yo so cruelly taken. Bless them…
And if they pose for twitter they deserve a RT!…
It's Friday, time for drinks at the local cocktail bar, what could go wrong???
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They will always refuse but youll always have the full support of the British people & our Government #UnitedWeStand…
Very poignant read & have to agree, very chaotic ¯\(°_o)/¯…
Very wise words Paul, hope you & the family have a very good weekend #StaySafe…
Have a fabulous weekend & the sterling efforts you do are appreciated ツ…
#FollowFriday @sommecourt @xintense @classicNavalAir top Influencers this week! Have a great weekend :) (insight by
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Not the news I wanted to read. Waddington Airshow scrapped…
○ く|)へ 〉  ̄ ̄┗┓     ┗┓  ヾ○シ    ┗┓ ヘ/       ┗┓ノ           ┗ Ever felt like doin this 2 sum1? THAT
When you shoulda finished by 3 still havent nailed it - THAT no no no no no no \_ no no no no no no
Who needs bonfire night when you have this? Pure plane Porn!
"Band-aids don't fix bullet holes You say sorry just for show You live like that, you live with ghosts Band-aids don't fix bullet holes"
And yet another shooter on the loose over the pond, why do I seem2 expect this kinda news from the North Americas these days? #Wilno #Ottawa
On the 23rd its officially Autumn & will be 91 days till Christmas. I hope I'm not the only one already getting excited about that ツ
#PTSD Ex-marine from Exmouth with post traumatic stress died sfter drinking alcohol #PTSDchat
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F-18 Hornet crashes at Nas Lemoore, no further details available ATM, Press Release… Hope the pilots ok.
Mass formation of Spitfires honouring 'The Few' #DuxfordAirShows
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Waking up with this sight above ur head, amazing! Aviation fuel hanging in the air too, yep that. #DuxfordAirShow
At #DuxfordAirShow today & tomoz, had an amazing day! No fone signal tho so can't tweet or even call grr. Set up nxt2 #VulcanToTheSky
Love ya Kate x
@jebusse56 @xintense @holisticff for those like you who have faced it,fought it that knowledge haunts,hurts&hunts us down Stand Strong Plsex
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@holisticff @xintense You are welcome, Sir. Enjoy your week-end. Peace 101P
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@KateGillieART any first responder could empathize with his plight. Thank you for all you do to further the cause of behavioral health
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Who is this man, and why do thousands of WW2 air crew owe him their liberty? In June...
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During WW2 MI9 and MIS-X aided the recovery of some 12,000 men. This equates to 1,200 B-17 or 1,714 Lancaster crews!
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Clearly buying a memory foam pillow was a waste of money, it hasnt helped & I'm as forgetful as ever.. ¯\(°_o)/¯
Boeing KC-46A tanker to make first flight on Sept. 25: U.S. Air Force
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Well that's me sitting in #Specsavers ready for my eye test *Rolls Eyes* #iDIDgoToSpecavers #Peterborough
Merkel expects Cameron to back a continental Europe’s armed forces Army, oh lord help us. & Germany now pulls Camerons strings puppet style?
Im waiting for Kim Jong-il to welcome #JeremyCorbyn, seems all the other loons have done it. Labours fucked itself up the arse without lube
Danish Minister says NO to refugees. Remember they had a taste from extremists. Good for her! Puts Cameron to shame.…
New Species of "Human" Ancestor...also interesting that study is published in open-access journal. #imaginethat…
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Thanks for replying to my well crafted text msg with simply a thumbs up 👍 As they say "It's good to talk!"
Well its a little after Midnight & I need coffee, need to power up & dig deep for that inspiration thats somewhat lacking atm. Q Saturday! ツ
#Sept11 Never forget the ones we have lost. Nor the ones they left behind. #PTSDChat
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People on my TL moaning about the Syrian refugees, no mention anywhere where it all started. Not even on the BBC news. #afterseptember11
PLEASE PASS ON THE STORY FLAG RT We had our noses bloodied but were stronger, united & stand together #September11
@xintense @FrancesBekafigo Eric is a fantastic modern day hero! Really should be knighted!
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@xintense Thank you, it's completely cool, Capt. Winkle Brown RN is the complete legend, hero is not a big enough word to describe him🇬🇧🇬🇧
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