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♥‿♥ Xiaxue ★彡
Sexy dash lol!! I miss him and his silly antics so much. 😖
It hasn't been just us for a long time, and it's nice to rediscover our relationship and have some romance here in this exotic island. 😍 Thank you @sunrisegreece! #santorini #blueseabluesky #nofilter #noedit #longlostromance #coupletime #aegeansea #sunrisegreece #honeymoon #weddingmoon #whatevermo
@datsumolabosg will be opening their 5th branch at Bugis in 2 weeks' time! Opens on 7th May 2014. Their current promotion, hair removal at any 2 areas @ $49 only ends on 30 April, so get it at the other outlets before it's gone! #datsumolabosg #
My favourite meal in Greece so far!! Freshly caught fish (and I mean super fresh because we are at a fisherman's tavern today eating his catch of the day prepared by his mom), mini cod. 🎣 It is so good, simply pan fried! Fresh cut fries, fried in olive oil and sprinkled with herbs. These potatoes
Selfies taken with the amazing Santorini sky!! Lol at Mike's serious-faced and noobish attempts. #men #santorini #bluesky #clouds #aegeansea #selfietime #sunrisegreece
Yesterday's photoshoot in progress. Wow! Anytime can plummet to my death but the photos are worth it. 😂 Shot and styled by @sunrisegreece, gown by La Belle Couture. #santorini #sunrisegreece #photoshoot #wedding #labellecouture #daisies #aegeansea #蓝天白云 #海天一色 #爱琴海
Hahaha @mystylemysong captured the exact moment Dash and I splashed into the water and both squeezed our eyes shut. Taken one day before I left for Greece. Missing him like mad but thank goodness everyday is filled with activities since I'm here and I've plenty to distract me.
Wedding gown selfie! 👰 Did our first photoshoot today! It's hard to believe, but no filter or edit on this photo and that background is REAL. How can you be so beautiful, Santorini? #sunrisegreece #santorini #wedding #flowersinhair #sunshine #perfectweather #aegeansea #blue
View from Oia, Santorini!!! Couldn't believe how pretty it is, all the pictures I've seen does not do the grandeur justice. Feel like everyone should come here at least once in their lives to experience this beauty, a perfect combination of manmade and nature. If you are thinking of a honeymoon lo
Pink risotto??? Was so shocked when I saw this gorgeous dish, turns out it's beetroot risotto with pesto and goat cheese on top. It's actually really delicious! 😱 I've been loving every single meal since I've got here!! #santorini #greece #sunrisegreece #beetrootrisotto #foodporn #greekfood
In Good Friday in Santorini a truly amazing thing happens: Countless amounts of aluminum cans are lit with fire once nightfall hits. It looks the whole cliff is ablaze with millions of dancing, sparkling light. 🔥🔥🔥 The sight is unique to Santorini and so beautiful that even the Greeks specially
Arrived in Santorini with @sunrisegreece and I just cannot believe how beautiful it is!!! Look at that rainbow!! Just casually there welcoming us! Like hello, welcome to heaven on Earth, no biggie. Lol No filter, field full of daisies, blue blue sky. Wow 😱 #sunrisegreece #santorini #bucketlistche
Cheeks, baby cheeks for sale! Presenting premium fluffy cheeks at the unbelievable price of $888 for one cheek kiss!** **Nonchalant baby watching iPad not included. **Limited to one kiss per person. **Cheeks may come stained with crusty food or dried saliva. Buy now while baby is distracted!
The best chocolate mousse I've ever had!! So rich and creamy! 😱 Not sure what the dessert on the right is called but it's a layer of biscuit crumbs on top of heavenly chocolate cream and underneath it is some rose flavoured jam. Both are awesome. And when you buy the dessert you get to keep the gl
Leaving for Santorini now and saying goodbye to our hotel for the last two nights, the St George Lycabettus Hotel! Had a most wonderful stay here at this beautiful boutique hotel. Waking up to an unbelievable view of the Acropolis and Athens which is visible from the moment I open my eyes on my pil
Pears in Greece. Oh my. 😂
Le BFF @mystylemysong always tries to visit Dash when I'm overseas so he has more playtime companionship even without me around. 😭 thanks for all the pictures and video. 😭😭😭 And thank you to my mama (and helper) for taking such good care of him while I'm gone. 😭 #somuchlove #luckydash #luckyme
Climbed up a hill to see Acropolis and the Parthenon... The view is breathtaking and totally worth it!!! Athens is beautiful. 😱 #sunrisegreece #athens #acropolis #parthenon #ancientwonder
Wishing I brought this one with me. Missing him like mad.
Talk about coffee with a view!!! Behind me: Acropolis - containing the famous Parthenon - is over 3,200 years old!! That's it, I'm turning 30 this month but I no longer feel old. 😄 Saw so many ancient relics today... I'm in awe. Thank you @sunrisegreece! #sunrisegreece #athens #acropolis #parthe
Super gorgeous roses at an Athens florist!! Can anyone tell me if the roses grew naturally this colour or are dyed? #sunrisegreece
First meal in Athens!!! 🍴 So so so good!! Salad with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and olives drenched in olive oil and vinegar... So simple but so refreshing and delicious!! 😋 Top right: chick peas with spinach. Middle right: Not sure what vegetable this is but also very nice 😳 Bottom rig
Bringing my Belif Hungarian Water Essence and Aqua Bomb with me to Greece! 😊 They are both super hydrating as I know they will both serve me well in a climate drier than Singapore! Trial kits are now also available in-stores! Go give it a try! I will post a detailed review for both soon! @belif_si
Last pic before u fly off!! Brought Dash to the waterpark yesterday. Here he is drinking his juice. #thosecheeks He had so much fun, I think I never saw him this happy. #babysdayout #allaboutdash #waterpark #drinkingdash #Dashsayre #cutestbabyoninstagram
My heart when he smiles like that. 😍☺️😍☺️😍☺️😍 Dash's hair is really getting too long!! But I can't bear to cut it coz I never cut his hair since his birth. Try to pin it up with the most manly pin I can find but I suppose there is no manly method to tie up one's fringe lol. I guess I will cut h