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♥‿♥ Xiaxue ★彡
Finished my shoot with @datsumolabosg grabbed my puff for a selfie!! Isn't the ribbon hair super adorable?? 😍 (yes it's my own hair) #purplehair #purplehairdontcare #mamababyselfie
Dance like no one's obsessively snapping photos of you all the time. 😂💃
要我的命吗你这么可爱!- what I exclaimed when I saw this photo in my camera roll. (Translation: Kill me now you are too cute!)
In the spirit of Halloween here's some scary GrannyDash photos!!!! 😂😂😂😂 No Dash didn't get melted in the sun... He recently learnt how to jump and I guess his cheeks are too heavy or the baby skin is too soft/loose. So when he jumps and lands and I just happen to be snapping a shot this happens!
Touched up my purple dye today and @findvanessa tied this awesome (and very complicated looking) braid for me!!! She's always so innovative! And thank you @oliviakoh90 for the dependably fantastic colour job as usual. 😘 Lucky me!
So happy the bloggers were sending old throwback photos of Dash!! Think he was about 2 or 3 months old when these were taken (by @sophiewillocq) and whenever a rare smile comes along everyone squeals. Now he smiles all the time. 😄 And he used to be so fuzzy headed and bald! 😂 #throwbackdash
Waterpark fun!!!! #wethugs
Repost from @ripplesim!! Omg lol at the fatty's giant belly! 😂😂😂 Let's have another play date @ripplesim!! Missing #M姐!
Climbed into a box and it's apparently the best toy ever. 😄 Clothes and socks from upcoming @babystyleicon collection! Please follow to see when they will be out!
Im attending the grand opening of 3 Concept Eyes at Komtar JBCC mall today!! So happy to see all the friendly Malaysians here. 😊 I love 3CE products! 😳 I didn't expect to be very impressed (after trying on so many brands many just end up being quite similar) but after trying out some of the produc
Halloween sets up now on @babystyleicon!! Quick quick shop now! To celebrate us reaching 30k Instagram followers, we are having 30% off most items - for only 30 hours! What are you waiting for? New arrivals are exempt from the sale (like the halloween outfits), but at $29 for a set it's still at a
Halloween is coming up! Upcoming on @babystyleicon - the most adorable Pumpkin PJs and Ghost PJs! There is no reason not to be dressed to the theme for bed too! 😂 Follow @babystyleicon to know when they will be up!!
Look at the amazing difference when I have Big Eyes makeup on one eye!!! Watch @bongqiuqiu, @oonshuan and me all put on the same eye makeup in a new Clicknetwork video!! Either go to @clicknetwork and click on the link on their bio, or go to to watch!! #sponsoredpost
Really love this pair of Spikeosaurus harems in black on Dash! They match with any top and immediately makes him look 10x cooler. 😂 very comfy and breathable too! I must say that when I first found out I was going to have a boy my immediate reaction is that I'm not gonna have joy shopping for his
Did you guys know that Dash is a Curash baby ambassador? 😊👍 Here's a photo from our shoot! I'm wiping his mouth after his Hello Panda treat! I've been using Curash's Fragrance Free Baby Wipes and I love how soft the wipes are! They are gentle enough for wiping little faces after snacks! It's als
#dashcomic issue 90: Peaking at 1
#dashcomic issue 90: Peaking at 1. --------------------------------------------------- But at least…
Boarding now!! See you soon little puff!! ✈️
So happy I saw Baby Fighter and Baby Junya today!! Apparently I'm great with babies lol see how they both so love me? 😂😂😂 @cheeserland said its a new milestone today for 4 month old baby Junya because it is the first time he ever laughed out loud!! Before this he would only smile. 😄 I took his l
Caption this (last "Caption this" post got over 2 thousand comments. You guys are clearly better at this. 😂 From now on I just leave captioning to y'all.)
Decided to tag along with Mike on his work trip to KL so I can see Baby Fighter and Baby Junya! Missing Dash even though I will be home by tomorrow evening and barely left him for three hours. 😳 Thank you @timtiah for picking us up from the airport! 😄
New YouTube video up!!! Dash reacts to a kiwi!! Click on the link on my bio or go to this link: Dash is 1 year and 6 months old. #stupendous #magnificent
"Welcome to mah teddy bear house it's a little messy but you welcome to come inside. 😊"
I can't even 😳 #mianbaolian #yusomianbao #yaowodeming #这么可爱
New YouTube video up!! 😂😂😂 It's so funny!! Watch Dash react to weird versions of Old Macdonalds!! Featuring the BFF's husband @lin_laoshi's crazy performance. This is just the 15 sec preview, watch the full video at Or click on the link in my bio! 😊👍
So in love with him 😍 Cute cloud tee from @babystyleicon!!
Dash's first kiss stolen by Baby Hayley while he was distracted watching tv!! 😂😂😂 But she is the sweetest baby I've ever seen... When other kids snatch her toys she simply smiles and offers them another! 😱 unreal! So as Dash's mom, I approve. 😄
I PROPOSED TODAY AND GOT A YES!!! 😂😂😂 My drooling fiancé says a million times "I do". Lolol!! And the ring is 0 carats and made of rubber. That's how you know it's true love. 😅
Daddy was drinking some REALLY cold water and Dash wanted some but it was too cold for him so he kept laughing. 😄 #toocold
Selfie time at @pinceandpints!
Been craving this like mad! Finally I'm back baby! Date night with @mikesayre at @pintsandpince - best lobster roll in town!
Swimming yesterday at hard rock hotel with @junnebae! Thanks for inviting us 😄
Having fun with the slow-mo feature on my iPhone 6+! 😂 irritating finger belongs to @daviennee
New milestone achieved, kinda!! Singing an entire song by himself with no prompting from adults! 😄 Dash has been able to do this for a while now but I never managed to record it. He is 1 year and 6 months old! 🎤 row row row your boat, gently down the stream... Merrily merrily merrily merrily, lif
Woot!!!! @babystyleicon is giving away a $100 voucher to a lucky winner! Simply follow @babystyleicon, repost this photo on your own account and tag 3 mama friends (or people who like buying stuff for kids, those people are awesome) and hashtag #bsigiveaway!! Easy peasy! Contest ends on the 12th t
🙊 #fatty #doublechin #mianbaolian #YUSOmianbao #cheeks #demcheeks #dembabycheeks
Jumping for joy coz it's his pre bedtime half an hour of TV time. 😂
"For me??? Why thank you!"
Oh my those cheeks need to be kissed so bad!!! Even with that orange sauce. 😘😘😘 Look at his erupting canines!
Gonna post loads of cute Dash pics today!!
Who says one doesn't have time for pedicures? Now with Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, I can get softer, smoother feet even when I'm watching TV right at home! It's so portable and lightweight... Battery operated too so you can use it anytime. Now that I don't have to go out to pamper my feet, I
New YouTube video up!! Here's a preview of Dash singing the "take the sunshine away song" aka "You are my Sunshine"! 🌞 To watch the full video click on the link in my bio or the link below: