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♥‿♥ Xiaxue ★彡
#dashcomic issue 84: Teddy Bear's Gourmet Meal Hahaha Dash actually did give the blue chew toy to his bear to eat!! Thank you Dash's awesome Uncle Paul for Teddy Bear (he loves it) and Auntie @ssayre90 for the chew toy... He gets so much love all the way from Texas. ☺️
Matchy matchy!! Dash has a Mel Cat Sketch Tee ($25sgd) from @babystyleicon and I saw a matching design from Topshop so I bought it! --------------------------------------------------- 今天的亲子装很时猫吧。 😂 Http:// to shop for more super adorbs clothes.
Splashing fun yesterday! 💦😄💦 Some of you have asked why Dash wears socks at waterparks. It's a great idea from my friend @ripplesim, who told me if I'm afraid of baby's feet getting cut on stray sharp objects on the beach I can let him wear socks. Last time we went to the waterpark, Dash somehow
The wedding photos @yutakis took for me are out of this world! 😱😱😱 He takes such pride in his work and edits each picture for hours till he finds it perfect. This picture of me in a tree is so ethereal, breath-taking and grand that I almost couldn't bear to crop it for Instagram.... But the whole
With Benikuma at the newest Datsumo Labo branch at Orchard Central!! Thanks to your support, Datsumo Labo is now the most popular permanent hair removal salon in Singapore!! 😄😄😄 it is so popular because it's super affordable and painfree and effective! 👍 Love the Orchard Central branch! It is t
Here's mah foot 🏃 Eyes look like their newborn grey in this pic! --------------------------------------------------- 送你个脚板!😂 照片里眼睛又看起来像刚出生的时候的灰蓝色,好漂亮😊
Hahaha this photo is so hilarious! Mike splashing at Dash and he's all annoyed. 😂 I bought a little portable pool for dash and put it just at the common corridor for him to splash in. The background is full of my neighbour's junk 😒 which is why the pic is covered with stickers. 😂 (app is line c
Lol!! Dash says letter "S" with his nose!! And when he says mouse he really looks like a mouse. 🐭😄 --------------------------------------------------- 贝贝说老鼠的时候怎么这么像只小老鼠哈哈哈 🐭
Owls beware!! Santa Claus is coming to you!! 😂😂😂 #suddenlysayowl #owlsbetterwatchout #owlsbetternotcry #owlsbetternotpout #mommydidyouhear #isaidTOTOWN
Dash singing!! Long way to Christmas but he loves all the Christmas songs. 😄 Rejoice!! "Coming to town" is Dash's first set of four syllables words! He can say "coming to town" at one go. It's unbelievable how well he can speak nowadays. Today he went to hide and when I didn't go seek him, he sai
Dash breakdancing in his @babystyleicon #ootd. 😂 he is doing a baby baby freeze! (Geddit coz the last action with the butt lifted off is called a Baby Freeze but of course Dash didn't manage to lift his fatty butt 😂) Don't you just love his studded shoes and red camo pants? Quickly get from @babys
"Nobody understands me Teddy... Mommy says I can't touch the electric fan and Popo says I shouldn't stick fingers into sockets and Daddy won't let me use his hammer. What's the joy in life?" --------------------------------------------------- 🐻 “熊熊这世上只有你了解我…妈妈说不能动电风扇,婆婆说不能把手放进插口里,爸爸不肯借我他的铁锤用。人生还有什么
Invisible surfboard! 🏄 Luka playsuit from @babystyleicon! Http:// --------------------------------------------------- 隐形冲浪板!🏄
Dash speaks Mandarin Part 2! --------------------------------------------------- 《贝贝讲华语:第二集》😄
So 3 year old Miley drew me today and it's pretty accurate. 😂 Your daughter got your artistic talent @ripplesim 😉 --------------------------------------------------- 三岁的 Miley 把我画地好相像。😂👌真有妈妈 @ripplesim 的艺术风范!😄
Today's #ootd entirely from @babystyleicon' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'> His Whistle & Flute tee is so comfy and easy to match with any bottoms! --------------------------------------------------- 今天的衣装来自 @babystyleicon. 可以到网站购买。' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'> #babystyleicon #babycurls #babyootd #whistleandfl
Dash speaks Mandarin part 1!! Btw I didn't teach him to say any of these things, he just auto completed the sentences I'm always saying to him. 😂😂😂 and btw I don't tell him he is stinky in a bad way, I meant it in a "I love your sweaty baby smell" way. And "stinky butt" is part of his diaper chan
Dash loves spinning anything and he is so crazy good at it! He spins his ball all day long and somehow, with that little pinchy action of his he can make the ball spin nonstop at one spot for a long, long time. It's harder than you think, most adults who try will spin the ball far away! But spinni
The tragic remains of Gingy... 😰 姜饼人被五马分尸了。😰
Yesterday baked gingerbread man cookies for Dash! It's one of his favourite bedtime stories. He loves them (both cookies and story)!! He was so excited when he saw them but instead of eating it he first spun it on the table hahaha!! I'm so motherly these days lol. Ps: face smeared on the cookie he i
Here's a super flamboyant picture of dash complete with rainbow. 😂