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♥‿♥ Xiaxue ★彡
Omg!! 😱 Cut Dash's hair myself today! Just suddenly had enough of his hair poking into his eyes and being so sweat-filled at his nape so I snipped! 💇💇💇 All his curls are gone. 😭😭😢😢😪😪😥😓😓 I guess that had to eventually happen. Tried to give him a bowl cut fringe and I guess I did an ok jo
Remember when I said my favourite time of the day was when Dash just woke up from his nap and I sang to him? 😍 Some of you asked for a video of that so I took one! This is the 15sec preview version, to see the full clip go to my YouTube channel Here's the direct URL:
All aboard the Mama-boat! 🚤
Repost from @babystyleicon!! 25% off some of our low stock and last piece merchandise!! Be quick and grab them now! #babystyleicon
Yesterday with @ngmiyake and @yutakis! #purplehair #purplehairdontcare #datsumolabosg
#贝贝漫画 第八十八集:鱼的报复 🐠 This is the Chinese version, English version below!
#dashcomic issue 89: The Malevolent Fish 🐠
His dramatic expressions. 😳 Hair's starting to hit his eyes so I keep tying it recently. He's gonna be cutting his hair on Monday! 😱😱😱 Any style suggestions?? 😖 I wanna keep the curls...
At the indoor playground just before going down the slide. 😄
Selfie-time! Love how they styled my hair today! 😍 #datsumolabo #datsumolabosg @datsumolabosg
With my fellow judges at the Miss Beauty Queen Asia Contest 2014 produced by Datsumo Labo! So excited to see how the contestants perform tonight! 😄 Are you guys in town? Come down to the atrium at Orchard Central now ok? #datsumolabo #datsumolabosg @datsumolabosg @yutakis @bongqiuqiu @ngmiyake
Little ray of sunshine just happened to shine on my little ray of sunshine. 😄☀️ --------------------------------------------------- 阳光里属于我的小太阳 😄☀️
Hair pic!!! Hahaha my mom took this pic for me and I didn't know my pose can be seen and I look so... Rigid. Lol! #purplehair #lavendarhair #lilachair #somanynamesforpurple #nexthairsalon
Today went for the movie poster photoshoot for @oursistermambo the movie! Here's a little car selfie after I was parked. 💁 Hair is really lilac now. I feel magical, like I might be a faerie unicorn. Thank you so much @oliviakoh90 and @nextthesalon for the fantastic job as usual. Photos are edited
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Haha hedgehog sticker accidentally got stuck on his hair and somehow looks like a flower. 🌺 --------------------------------------------------- 刺猬贴纸不小心粘到头发,好像花 😄🌺
#throwbackdash!!! When Dash was about 1 month old and he was so soft and squishy with blue-grey eyes!!! And no hair lol!!! And his cheeks were so heavy and droopy they would form a line down from the sides of his mouth all the way to his chin!!! 😱
Walking around daily, the feet is probably most under-appreciated part of the body. If I don't religiously put foot moisturizer, after a while the heel gets all dry and cracked. It's super gross!! 😱😱😱 After that, even creams can't help, you need a good scrub/filing! And I don't have time to alwa
"Get the OTHER Dash out of here, this room can't handle two speedsters. Ps: My Daddy says Dashiell with two Ls is just excessive."
#throwbackdash in Cool Cat Leggings SGD$28 from @babystyleicon!! These are so effortlessly swag and very comfy! #babystyleicon
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This is my favourite part of the day! 😍 After Dash's second nap, I will wake him up gently and carry him from his bed to the couch. He will usually whine a little because he is still sleepy (but have to wake up if not at night can't sleep), then I'll let him lie on my chest while I sing him songs.
Have you guys watched the cutest video of Dash reacting to Mommy being angry? 😁
Teary-eyed 😿 forgot what he was crying about but it's some really silly thing that he got over very fast. Lol --------------------------------------------------- 泪满眶的贝贝 😿 忘记了他在哭什么,好像是小小的事而已。
Just updated my YouTube with my favourite video of Dash! 😍😍😍 What you see here is the short version of the 1 minute video... It's Dash's reaction to me telling him I'm angry! I was angry because he threw his toy on the floor when he was in his high chair and he knew that he wasn't supposed to do
He rolled on the floor and hugged his pillow, bit his lower lip to form his #mianbaolian, then looked at me and announced "Cute cute!" Dash is obsessed with his pillow and is always hugging it, announcing "Pillow nice!!" My heart... I can't take it. #yesyesyouare #heknows #literallyactcute #myheart
I just don't get how people can be so hypocritical. 😳 Donate all that you have to charity, leaving only the bare necessities (and by that I mean no Internet, no phone, not even a can of coke), before you start thinking you are better than me. You aren't. You are just the same self-serving asshole
Dash doing the #alsicebucketchallenge with no ice! Hahaha!! He loved it and kept saying "splash the water!" afterwards. Ps: the word he said was "dancing".
"Gargling" after teeth brushing! By gargle I mean just swallow. 😂
For those of you who nominated me for the ice bucket challenge, I've already done it! Together with @shiggashay, our clicknetwork smiley-eyed boss @munkysuperstar, and @don_richmond. The video is up on or click on the bio link at @clicknetwork! Please also download the click
Loving my SkinnyMint tea! The morning boost is supposed to make you less bloated, increase alertness, lessen cravings and snackings, and have anti anxiety properties! I don't really have bloatedness or a lot of anxiety but after drinking it I do feel an appetite decrease and a lot more alert! I li
Glistening tears in puppy eyes.... 😳 Ok Dash, you can have whatever you want. --------------------------------------------------- 水汪汪的大眼睛… 让妈妈什么坚持都没有。
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"If you are not going to eat this biscuit can I have it?" YES, YES YOU CAN 😍😭😍
Dyed mah hair pink and permed it today. You like? #justkidding #throwback #qiuqiusbirthday #afro #wigparty
Dash eating a strawberry!!! 🍓 he can't decide if it's sour or sweet apparently, because it's sour sweet! --------------------------------------------------- 贝贝吃草莓🍓! #dasheats #dashvideo
#贝贝漫画 第八十八集:不避雷的避雷针 ⚡️⚡️ 好笑,其实小时候真的以为避雷针可以用来避雷电。 听到人家说被雷劈的故事都很害怕,因为老一辈总是喜欢说做坏事会被雷劈,撒谎会被雷劈。总是跟妈妈说慌,我以为自己死定了。 😳 有一天就问爸爸:我可不可以拿着避雷针走就不怕被雷劈了?哪里可以买呀? 爸爸笑着说避雷针其实会吸收闪电,我拿着一定烧焦 (chao tah). 怎么名字这么误导人?😒😒😒
#dashcomic issue 88: The Conductive Hair ⚡️⚡️⚡️ (In actual fact Dash was happily dipping his forehead into the water and he found it very funny.)
@mystylemysong did this!! It wasn't me!!! Lol!!! He might have looked like a cute girl if he wasn't squatting with his hand where it is. Hahahaha 😂 #typical #boys
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Dash singing The Lego Movie theme song!! I love this song and I love the movie!! Because... EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!11111 It's great to have a kid, you can teach him to sing whatever you want. It feels almost too powerful. 😳 --------------------------------------------------- 贝贝唱乐高大电影的主题曲!
At Bishan Park yesterday 💦
#贝贝漫画 第八十七集:哭的时候要什么都有 This is the Chinese version, English version below!