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♥‿♥ Xiaxue ★彡
Dash learnt how to say the word "Excited" and is literally very excited about it!! Taught him how to say "woohoo!" after saying "excited" and he does it lifting his arms and doing a little hop. Is there anything nicer than seeing a little child so happy he is skipping? #purejoy 😍 Haha I don't kno
"Why do you have these pokey things coming out of your face daddy?" --------------------------------------------------- “爸爸你脸上怎么有刺刺的东西长出来?”
Youngest Rubik's Cube solver!! 😂 --------------------------------------------------- 新一代最年轻的魔方冠军诞生!🏆
@datsumolabosg is holding their biggest event of the year, ★☆ Datsumo Labo Beauty Queen Asia Contest ☆★ in mid Aug! Are YOU interested in being the Datsumo Labo Beauty Queen? You can apply to be one of their contestants, because I will be one of the judges! They are also giving their tickets to w
Managed to take #carseatselfie with the little one yesterday because for once I wasn't driving, the husband was! 📷✨
Hahahaha!! Dash says ABCD and when I said "E" he thinks I'm talking about "1" in Chinese, pronounced similar to E as "Yi". So he completes the sentence with the Chinese two and three. Le BFF @mystylemysong and I laughed our asses off. 😂 It's great fun having a talking baby! 😍 Age count: 15 mont
How I feel when I see people call themselves "celebrity bloggers". Especially when they aren't. You don't see actors calling themselves "celebrity actors"... Same for singers and writers and even youtubers. If you are famous, people automatically know you are, so "blogger" will suffice. Adding a "
Here's Dash requesting me to draw for him!! ☺️ He would mostly ask for me to draw a crocodile, (his fav animal fml it's so ugly. He whole day mumbling "crocodile don't bite bite") a car, a rabbit, or a pig. Oh and a rain cloud raining. And "Mr Golden Sun". 🌞 Or rarer requests he has asked for are
Lol!! Dash is so authoritative nowadays!!! 😂 Yes I'm aware the correct grammar is "May I kiss you?" but in colloquial Singlish we use "can". --------------------------------------------------- 短片对白: 妈妈:可以亲一个吗? 贝贝: 妈妈,别这样做! 妈妈:可以咬你吗? 贝贝:*跑掉* 别咬我!
Updated my dayre with loads of Dashie pics please go read lol 😂
Joy in life can be so simple. 😊 简单的快乐! 😍
Blogged yesterday! Find out what caused all bruises on my body. or click on the link in my bio. 👌
Wanna be on top? Why don't you quintuple your followers first? You look like you can't count, so maybe you can't. Ask your math teacher for some help. #sofarfromthetopicannotevenseeyou #youarentacelebrity #keeptellingyourselfthat #nobodyknowswhoyouare #celebritybloggermyass #noneofyouare #buaypaise
I love makeup but makeup removal is such a chore! Sometimes you are so tired after a day out that you just want to knock out in your bed without first cleaning the day's greasy makeup off! And I hate it when makeup remover is oily... That means an extra step of having to use cleanser to get rid of
Dash can now answer when you ask him if something is hot or cold! It's so sweet when he replies "Just right"! 😄 I also ask him that when he takes his bath and he will touch the water coming out of the faucet to let me know if it's too hot, too cold or just right. 😍 --------------------------------
With @bongqiuqiu at the #SGVelvetSmooth event yesterday by Scholl!! Had an awesome pedicure, now my feet are so smooth!!
#贝贝漫画 第八十五集: 最可爱的囚犯 💁 (This is the Chinese version, for the English version please refer to previous post!)
#dashcomic issue 85: Too Pretty For Jail 💁 Haha to anyone who doesn't know this, yes chewing gum and bubble gum are banned in my country, Singapore. I don't think you can go to jail for that though, it's probably just a fine lol. The rule is against importation, so I guess if someone gives you a
I'm sure some of you have heard of SkinnyMint because it seems to be all the rage now!! I'm about to try it too! I'll be starting on my SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox program... And now it comes with new Improved Formula Night Cleanse! Improved digestion, reduced bloating and losing weight? Yes,
Another one of those "This about sums up our relationship" photos. 😂
#贝贝漫画 第八十四集:熊熊吃好料 🐻🍴 This is the Chinese version. For the English version please refer to previous post!
#dashcomic issue 84: Teddy Bear's Gourmet Meal Hahaha Dash actually did give the blue chew toy to his bear to eat!! Thank you Dash's awesome Uncle Paul for Teddy Bear (he loves it) and Auntie @ssayre90 for the chew toy... He gets so much love all the way from Texas. ☺️
Matchy matchy!! Dash has a Mel Cat Sketch Tee ($25sgd) from @babystyleicon and I saw a matching design from Topshop so I bought it! --------------------------------------------------- 今天的亲子装很时猫吧。 😂 Http:// to shop for more super adorbs clothes.
Splashing fun yesterday! 💦😄💦 Some of you have asked why Dash wears socks at waterparks. It's a great idea from my friend @ripplesim, who told me if I'm afraid of baby's feet getting cut on stray sharp objects on the beach I can let him wear socks. Last time we went to the waterpark, Dash somehow