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♥‿♥ Xiaxue ★彡
Datsumo Labo Black Label Mens Branch Opens on 4th Oct, and Blogger YUTAKI is their Image Model & Ambassador! @yutakis In celebration of their new mens branch, they will be offering a 25% OFF Opening Promotion for the All Ladies Full Body Hair Removal Package as well! Affordable packages starting f
Watching his favourite Word World program... He is allowed half an hour of TV every night before he sleeps. 😊 And every night when I say "it's tv time!", he scrambles like lightning to plant himself on the couch while squeaking in excitement. He also knows not to get off the couch and walk too clo
At the Dollywink event two days ago where I was a co-host with @HeyRozz! I'm proud to announce that I helped set a new Guinness World Record!! 😱😱😱 Over 300+ participants, including moi, put on Dollywink eyelashes together, setting the world record for most number of people putting on eyelashes a
Standing guard at Mommy's Princess Room. #monochromedash #likeaknight #crazycool #whogoesthere
Found an old video of Guide To Life where Mike was wearing hipster glasses!! Look like Dash? 😂 These Mustachifer clear frame glasses are from @babystyleicon and they were all sold out in a day. 😳 But we are restocking them don't worry!! Meanwhile you can still get Dash's SuperSoft basic tank at @b
Fun while drinking milk part 2! Biting the lid. 😂 You can see all his teeth in their glory!
Fun while drinking milk part 1!! 😄 I always put Dash's milk bottle cap on his forehead and call him a unicorn. 😂😂😂 Dash is now a master of rhymes - apparently he just realised unicorn sounds like popcorn. 😳 And he is so cute, if you just say to him "check it out, I'm a...?" He will complete the
Brunch at @hotelre! Shermaine's BeRe!licious Pancakes! #hotelrebrunch
The antics of this baby continue to get me into hysterics everyday. 😂😂😂😂 Thank you Dash, I never knew that rowing a boat involved the shaking of one's head while in the downward dog position.
It was the husband's birthday yesterday so today I arranged for a staycation with him at @hotelre!!! They've given us the silver suite where it's filled with mirrors, glitter and everything sleek!! After a superb room service dinner we went for a movie and now gonna go sleep in the awesome circular
Not sure how much more of this cuteness I can take. 😘 #implodingwithlove #puckerup #ducklipsdash #kisskiss #mushroomhead
Yes you are seeing this right... IT'S A FLYING BABY!!! 😂😂😂 Someone just learnt how to jump and won't stop doing it. 😄 So funny his jump shots! Actually he only lifted off the ground very very slightly but he has been trying for such a long long time! Before this too fat or something cannot lift
Say hi to his molars!!! Bottom row 6 teeth, top row has 8 now as the canines are both peeking out!! Age count: 1 year, 5 months and 19 days #newmilestone #newteeth #toothygrin #pearlywhites #babyteeth #笑到见牙不见眼 #新牙
#mianbaolian today being mian bao 🍞
(Warning before playing the video to children: there are vulgarities in this video) New Guide to Life is out! I respond to mean comments! Watch the video on @clicknetwork (click on the link in their bio) or download the clicknetwork app now to watch the full version! Promise no spamming in the app
Blueberries and wrist rolls 😁
Have insomnia? Personally, it's when I know I NEED to sleep because tomorrow is an important day that I can't. It's like you are so stressed out about TRYING to sleep that you simply cannot! The body needs to relax in order to go into sleep... You can try the new L’OCCITANE Relaxing Range to promot
Getting my weekly LPG (lipomassage) slimming session done at DrSpa by @drgeorgialee!!! I've been doing this since I had Dash! Not only is LPG helping with toning and firming, it's also super relaxing and enjoyable. I love it! Thank you @drgeorgialee for keeping me beautiful. 😘
New YouTube video!!! Here's the 15 sec preview of Dash spelling his first name and reciting his full name at 1 year and 5 months! 😄 He is trying to make two thumbs up 👍👍 when he says "Good job!" but he doesn't have the motor skills to do it both together yet! 😂😂 sometimes he will successfully d
Shopify Asia has teamed up with four top entrepreneurs to help anyone who wants to start and grow their business online. I am pleased to announce that I am one of the mentors for the Shopify Asia Build A Business competition! All you need to do is to find a product to sell, open a Shopify store and
New post up on my dayre! Download the app and follow me at @xiaxue to read the entry or go to!
Being a mom means you can have a zillion similar shots of baby laughing and still find each one unique and special and can't delete any (even though it's all backed up) because they are all so precious. 👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶 🙀
Photo by the Hello Stranger photobooth at the @NuffnangSG #Bloggerati event!! Got to know this bunch…
Photo by the Hello Stranger photobooth at the @NuffnangSG #Bloggerati event!! Got to know this bunch through blogging and we are all Nuffnangers. ♡ thank you @nuffnangsg for bringing the blogging community together since 2007. @yutakis @sophiewillocq @bongqiuqiu #nuffnangsg #bloggerati #拿福能万岁
"Let go of me Dad I'm ready to conquer the sea!!" (Photobombing uncle at the back spoiling Dash's fierce vibe 😂)
New video up on YouTube!! Dash imitating everyone and everything!! To find out what Ellen says you just have to watch the full version! Click on the link on my bio or the link below. 😄 Please remember to subscribe!
I love these Mustachifier glasses from @babystyleicon!! They have clear lens but give baby's eyes 100% UVA and UVB protection so it's not just for vanity! (Although, it DOES look good) I was surprised to see how snugly it fit Dash! Normally he tries to rip off glasses but he allowed this pair coz i
When Ellen was teasing Dash by pretending to fall backwards Dash laughed like mad then suddenly shocked us by reproachfully declaring: "Naughty Auntie Ellen!" 😱😱😱 --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Age count: 1 year 5 months Da
"Yeaaaaaaa babeh! Bubbles!!" Miley's lil butt makes a cameo. #thingsallkidslove #bubbles #wadingpools #sunshine #waterguns
Yes!!! Finally got my Philips Airfryer! I'm sooooo happy! Been wanting to get one since I heard you can now eat all the traditionally deep fried foods without using oil at all!! 😱😱 I LOVE those!! My first reaction was that it must be super gross and soggy but turns out it's just as crispy! How ca
Dash has been a Merries baby since he was born. Since then, I've tried many other brands (mostly when I was in the states and there wasn't Merries available) but I find, sincerely, that none can rival Merries in terms of... 💜SOFTNESS - so comfy that even if you have a super active baby like me, his
Love the Sims? Good news, because The Sims 4 has launched!! (Which you should already know if you follow me 😄) Want to win a copy of The Sims 4?? Simply post your own plumbob (that's the green gem) photo like Dash!! Then hashtag #TheSims4SG! You have to hurry because you have until 14th September t
I don't think he trusts me. 😂😂😂
#throwbackdash enjoying a massage from grandma. #babylife #shiokonly #doramonhands #伸出圆手 #fuzzyhair #cheeks #knuckledimples #屁股翘翘
🍫+👨 chocolate mustache Dash.
Few days ago... at Palawan beach with the husband, @jazsoo @ripplesim, Miley and Wongsie!! It's remarkable to see how happy Dash is in any form of water at all!! He saw the sea and made a beeline for it, refusing to stop for us to change him into his trunks! Once he got in he started splashing like
#throwbackdash #mianbaolian
Dash has a message for everyone!! 😄☝️ And btw he sang it with "Dash" in the lyrics because I jokingly sang that version to him. I always irritate him by changing random lyrics to "Dash". 😄 This time he remembered.
Logging out of my own Instagram now coz I'm guest-posting on @8daysmagazine!! See ya guys there as I update about my life today!
Anyone lost a baby bear? 🐻 I found one and gave him a bath. Might keep him if unclaimed; this one smiles a lot and seems pretty cuddly. Please call 1800-lost-a-bear. --------------------------------------------------- 有人不见了只小熊吗?我在街上捡到一只,没人认我就勉强收吧!🐻