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♥‿♥ Xiaxue ★彡
Making up for the last few days' lack of Dash pictures today. 😊
🏊🏻 Oh dear don't topple over Dash! Testing out the Anpanman float I got for him from Osaka... Oh god I bought so many Anpanman items from Japan!! I've always liked Anpanman because I used to call Dash #面包脸 and Anpanman is called 面包超人. Plus Anpanman items aren't readily available in Singapore so i
Just casually leaning against Arthur Weasley's Flying Ford Anglia and giving it a sexy vibe. #fordanglia #wizardingworldofharrypotter #gryffindor #universalstudiosjapan
Wore an yukata to the famous Osaka Tenjin Matsuri (festival) today... where I was photobombed by a Japanese uncle casually walking by.
Got this fortune in a restaurant! What does it say??
Having a feast at The Three Broomsticks restaurant in The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Japan! This frozen butterbeer is awesome! You can actually keep the cup (which is a perfect size for home use IMHO) and the drink itself is delicious. The taste is like butterscotch, frothy
I'm here I'm here I'm here at Hogwarts!!! So excited and happy I'm gonna piss myself. 😱😱😱 Thank you so so so much Universal Studios Japan for the press tour!! 😭😭😭 Follow me on snapchat for today's adventures!! Snapchat id: TheXiaxue
Groupfie! We are en route to Universal Studios Japan!! I'm so excited to go to Harry Potter's world!!! Can't even deal wtf. Ps: Wearing a Gryffindor tshirt.
First dinner in Osaka! Uni (sea urchin) maki... 😋
As you guys know I've had crazily bleached hair for many years now. Bleaching is pretty bad for the scalp but I still do it because I want my crazy rainbow hair colours! However, every time I'm done with a bleaching session, my scalp feels raw and painful. Within a day or two, it starts to flake bad
Le sigh... Adults and their weird sense of amusement... -Dash
@bongqiuqiu put a lot of effort making her white swing beautiful by twirling flowers around it and what not... But Dash isn't impressed. #meh #justanotherdayonanotherswing Comfort plain white tee and striped bloomers from @babystyleicon!
Ain't nothing wrong with a lil belly fat. 😂
So I did this to Dash and he didn't even notice because the TV was on. 😂😂 thank you @daviennee for snapping pictures of my abuse hahaha #nodashwasinjuredintheprocess #puppyeyes #八字眉 #dash2yr4m
Today I went to pack the SG50 fun packs with Nuffies and @nuffnangsg bloggers!! We managed to finish over 4,000 packs woohoo! And many of the packs have little notes in them from the packing committee... So you might get a note from me for your fun pack! 😂 eh yeah here's a photo of me with the Sing
Dash's best turtle impression. 🐢🐢 #pointylipped #dashhasabeak #MianBaoLian
Ticklish kisses are the best 😘😂
Having fun splashing at @bongqiuqiu's place. 😊 #pineappledash #dash2yr4m
Dash reacts to the paparazzi!! 🚫 Lol!!! Go to my Facebook page to check out the full story of what happened. 😂😂 Link in bio!! #dash2yr4m
Dash stunned me when I was reading to him the nursery rhyme The Crooked Man by suddenly reciting the passage in its entirety! 😱 Without stopping! It goes like this: There was a crooked man He walked a crooked mile He found a crooked sixpence Against a crooked stile He bought a crooked cat It caugh
Today's happy waterpark picture. Dash + water = happiness 😂
Yesterday was the Gala Premiere of Our Sister Mambo!! What a special day! 15/7/15 is the day Cathay Cineplexes turn 80! For many of us Singaporeans, Cathay brings back memories of movie nostalgia... It was there when our parents' parents were watching their first movies - without air-conditioning
Another picture of Dash and his jugs. Lol #ihadto #althoughitstechnicallycups

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