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Serene Koh
I don't wish to see how influences impact human nature anymore, I can't take it. Please go and search back your heart.
🌟GIVEAWAY - A pair of Ribfest Tickets (worth $132)🌟 Feast on @morganfieldssingapore annual buffet event at 26 November with FREE Sticky Bones and more! 1. Follow @serenekxt on Instagram 2. Like this picture 3. Tag a friend you would like to bring along Winner to be picked by random and announce
Reason why I am so into fitness and nutrition nowadays is because I am on a Nutrigirl 2016 journey. It's time to...
I liked a @YouTube video 李榮浩 - 模特 (官方版MV)
Gastric pain + drizzling I just ran 1.98 km with Nike+. #nikeplus
I liked a @YouTube video Rihanna - Russian Roulette
Seriously need aids in muscle recovery, thanks goodness @chevykiefner bought the pretty in pink Amino1 to school and shared with me ✌🏻️ #6Productions #NutriFirst #NutriGirl #NutriGirl2016
It's time for a better physique, watch me as I transform during my NutriGirl journey! #6Productions #NutriFirst #NutriGirl2016 #NutriGirl #DanaCarmontBikinis #GabeChenPhotography#TheHairSecrets @6Productions @NutriFirst @DanaCarmontBikinis @GabeChen @thehairsecretssg
First time doing bench press and I am participating in the Ultimate Rep Off Challenge, this is so crazy!! #energyrush2015 #fitnesschallenge #6Productions #NutriFirst #NutriGirl #NutriGirl2016
Back to Morganfields for food tasting, still loving their Candid Bacon as much; this season in Hazelnut. #sgblogger #morganfields #morganfieldssingapore #ilovestickybones
I liked a @YouTube video "A.I.N.Y. 愛你" - G.E.M. 鄧紫棋
I liked a @YouTube video "A.I.N.Y. 愛你" [MV] - G.E.M. 鄧紫棋
I liked a @YouTube video G.E.M. 鄧紫棋 - 來自天堂的魔鬼 AWAY Official MV [HD]
Strength + Cardio today ✌🏻️ I just ran 3.06 km with
What could have been a better combination than Sakae signature sushi rice roll with salmon, mango and lobster salad. (Sakae Maki)
If only I have the courage to pour out all my thoughts
I once told myself to walk away from any one/thing that gives me bad vibes.
At Wafuken workshop today to learn more about nutritions, tried their food and I love their chicken breast; very tender and flavorful 😊 will come back again for their salmon!! #wafuken #nutrigirl2016 #6productions #sgfitness #sgfitnesshotties
I liked a @YouTube video G.E.M.鄧紫棋- 再見 GOODBYE Official MV [HD]
“時間會改變一個人,會改變很多事。但是,只有一件事不會被改變,那就是 — 回憶!” - 我的少女時代 🌾 "Time will change a person, and will change many things. However, there’s one thing that it won’t change: Memories." - Our Times
Don't forget to smile! 🙃 #tgpsocial
My #LoveJourney results is extremely accurate, take your test and win free stay in Shangri-La Hotels #lovejourney
Hi lovelies, I know I have been feeling aloof and cranky lately; sorry if I offended you in any way and please don't take it to heart. Trying hard to adjust myself right now and will get back on track soon!
The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all of your flaws, mistake and weakness yet still thinks you're completely amazing otherwise they are not worthy to deserve your love.
Splurge! Because there is black card private sales @sephorasg -20% on all items 😍 from 21 - 24 October 2015
Need to push and manage myself even harder for more accomplishment. But sigh, I am really really tired.
I liked a @YouTube video "我的秘密" MySecret MV - G.E.M. 鄧紫棋
Here at Singapore Poly to receive my NYAA Gold today. The level 5 SPort Arena photo taking spot is a lie, all doors is locked! But nevermind I've got this beautiful wall. #nyaagaha #nyaagold #servicebeyondgold One take and picture is done by @eric_chengz
When I realize there is nothing else I can do to change the fact that I am going to lose your presence I shall just brace myself and face the reality.
What's for dinner tonight: 🍗 Quarter Chicken 🍷 Red Sangria
Keep smiling when you are feeling down, never let any thoughts take away your unhappiness. Stay strong!
Need to get that ass up, time is tight and I've got lots to do today. Look at the god damn time now. #LonginesBestTime #LonginesSGGoldCup
We often face disappointment and rejection but oh well life still need to go on
I liked a @YouTube video 朱俐靜 Miu Chu + 畢書盡 Bii - 我會在你身邊 I Will By Your Side
Experience 1 Year worth of Bella’s Depilux™ Hair Free System… via @DailyVanitySG
Find what you love then try to make money from it; be happy.
Early morning got me running 💦
Almost lost my patience while trying to open this coconut 😠 To save time and energy just buy VITA COCO, made from real coconut rich in important minerals, vitamins and electrolytes. It's also low in calories, cholesterol-free and tastes amazing! #HydrateNaturally #PoweredbyCoconuts #VitaCocoSG #Nu
Because good hair day doesn't require much makeup
I liked a @YouTube video 蘇盈之 - 組曲(不應該勇敢、過得去、幸福就好)
I liked a @YouTube video 曾沛慈 - 一個人想著一個人(字幕完整版)
Crop top is forbidden until I achieve a flat tummy

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