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Serene Koh
I shouldn't be wearing this, I should have my glasses on and fringe up. Too late to prepare, I am late for school.
I am starting to dislike the daily grade system, fml All I can depend on for now is going to be UT
I want a Casio TR
Aiyoooo! I dropped my dry cabinet with my cameras, lens and equipment in it x.x
Wanted to switch to wordpress cause I love their layout but..... they disable ads D: my current blog layout is really boring
Just earned more money by sharing campaigns on @ChurpSG successkid.jpg
Gaming was my life, I can't do anything except for playing. But now everything has change
Inspired by @jedediaj, The Make-Out Project #guerlainsg #guerlainkisskiss #nylonsgwin #nylonsgbeauty
Have you redeem your FREE steam eye mask? Register here and redeem now if you haven't:...
#Sagittarius don't like procrastinating, But they do a lot of the time.
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Because I always do last minute study
Three UT in one week, kill me please
Can I have a full frame e-mount?
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#Sagittarius feel that a positive attitude will lead them to many good opportunities ♐ ♥ #TeamSagittarius
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#Sagittarius are one of the few signs that make friends easily.
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3 hour left to sleep
It is not about the wallet, it is about what is inside. & all thief should stop targeting me cause I can tell you that I have no $$, you can't judge base on the out-look.
Serving of seafood fried rice at Koh grill & sushi bar is fast and it is delicious~
For no reason I have to downgrade my wallet
Who the hell tempered and tear my wallet apart?! Now I freaking need to spends few hundreds of innocent money for a new wallet.
Hope I can get back the picture I accidentally deleted from my sd card
How the hell can I forget to bring my money out
Y U NO CHURP? No worries! It’s not too late to join our big #ChurpChurp family right now! So start here ;)
Which evil person stole my Ajays? Like few months ago... OR did I dropped it somewhere :/
Dinner from Tokyo Luxey blogger meet up just now, at the same time I was introduce to Japanese skin care and cosmetic brand; gonna try them out and review it soon. The foundation claim that it is wearable for up to 24hours. Cool or what?! #tokyoluxey
Discovered another escape game today. "RANKED #2 ATTRACTION ON TRIPADVISOR IN THE TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN SINGAPORE!" Review to be up on my blog soon, stay tune!
Don't disgrace yourself when you are in your uniform
A Churp a day lifts your spirits in every way! What do you mean you don’t know what I’m CHURPING ABOUT? Join me...
Goodbye to arm that cramp and shoulder that hurts (I hope) , all thanks to this lightweight invention. #macbookair #macbookair13
I hate to sit at home, I feel so unproductive
Is my expectation too high or that it is unreachable and impossible to achieve?
I can never be good enough
I am not the school girl material
2 more months till end of UT3 to move onto a new semester, I can do it! I want to bid goodbye to Organisational Behaviour and Cognitive ASAP
I don't want to learn this!!! T_T
Too lazy to do anything
Earning pocket money has never been this easy.
This kind of people cannot be depended on
Earning pocket money has never been this easy.
So much things to pay but so little money on hands
Arm is still aching but still I need to carry my heavy laptop and charger to schoo, sigh 😧
Montigo blog entry will be up soon, video editing in process.