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Serene Koh
I shouldn't be wearing this, I should have my glasses on and fringe up. Too late to prepare, I am late for school.
I am starting to dislike the daily grade system, fml All I can depend on for now is going to be UT
I want a Casio TR
Aiyoooo! I dropped my dry cabinet with my cameras, lens and equipment in it x.x
Wanted to switch to wordpress cause I love their layout but..... they disable ads D: my current blog layout is really boring
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Gaming was my life, I can't do anything except for playing. But now everything has change
Inspired by @jedediaj, The Make-Out Project #guerlainsg #guerlainkisskiss #nylonsgwin #nylonsgbeauty
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#Sagittarius don't like procrastinating, But they do a lot of the time.
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Because I always do last minute study
Three UT in one week, kill me please
Can I have a full frame e-mount?
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#Sagittarius feel that a positive attitude will lead them to many good opportunities ♐ ♥ #TeamSagittarius
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#Sagittarius are one of the few signs that make friends easily.
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3 hour left to sleep
It is not about the wallet, it is about what is inside. & all thief should stop targeting me cause I can tell you that I have no $$, you can't judge base on the out-look.
Serving of seafood fried rice at Koh grill & sushi bar is fast and it is delicious~
For no reason I have to downgrade my wallet