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Serene Koh
Need to work out soon
This is deep cus people are always egoistic about their feelings and it makes them lose the person they love
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I liked a @YouTube video G.E.M. 鄧紫棋 "偶爾" [HD Music Viedo] - LIVE PIANO SESSION
Tired, nonetheless... keep going!
What's with my heart beating fast
Loving my study break!
Want a stay-cation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have low memory span however I will be able to recall if I think deep and hard enough
Must be I always do nothing in class that's why I couldn't learn
I think that it is a disgrace to fail my own specialization. Buck up leh please!
Nothing can be accomplished when I am hungry
Ordered the best selling item from Korea at only $10 (usual price $25) @altheakorea items ship directly from Korea to your door step with 100% authenticity guarantee at the best price you could ever find. Discover the most popular k-beauty items at
Itchy hand going to pluck until my eyelashes is gone
Still couldn't fall asleep, can no need go school already 😐
My body need rest but the brain says no 😐
"Sometimes, i pretend you love me."
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#Sagittarius speaks their mind, they rarely think before they speak.
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If you can make a #Sagittarius laugh chances are they are already in love with you.
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A true relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything. No secrets and no lies.
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Sometimes I feel like disappearing for good
Our brains have a negativity bias and will remember negative memories more than good ones. This helps us to better protect ourselves.
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never take your girl for granted...
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That moment when you randomly feel depressed for no apparent reason may indicate that you're actually missing someone.
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I've been shopping at Althea and feel really happy. Check it out:…
It's irony when you are trying to comfort a stranger and they turn back scolding you. I've got that twice in yesterday.
I would love to do this with somebody 😍�2N
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Moon is so bloody red tonight
I liked a @YouTube video Talking Cock The Movie (2002)
Shoutout to those anonymous ppl that gave free drinks at North Canteen @ConfessionsinRP you da best
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Free drinks at e-canteen, thanks to whoever 😊 @juneyl955@_sherylxll@sarahmawi__@Tann_ShiQii@ConfessionsinRPPf
Worst feeling is tired but can't fall asleep, gonna pop some pills
Need my sleep than I need to attend school
Everyday bring heavy bag to school, tired me out
Work hard, sacrifice then enjoy
Getting annoyed easily because of having too much things to do ._.
Battle of the KFC Wing: Tangy Japanese VS Spicy Korea Have you tried them? Make a guess which did I crowned as a winner? Go try them now if you haven't! 4 pieces at $4.90 😋 #kfcoishii #NuffnangSG #sgblogger #sponsoredpost
Facilitator said whoever who wrote "Close RJ" he will close the person forever 😂
Psychology says that Sex is better when it's with someone you care about. Emotional attachment heightens your feelings of satisfaction.
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Sorry, I only perform myself when needed. Otherwise = slack mood on
Happy 7th month, have a good night. Picture from today 2011
rp_eyecandy's photo thanks for the feature!
1 more week to end of semester lesson, time to eat some apple 🍎
What is something you want right now? - I want to do ReLEx Smile sugery badly!

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