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Saying "I'm tired" when you're actually just depressed and upset. help me click on this link, it's for my project. thanks. — feeling happy
snapchat madness hahahaha.
experience with japanese, thai and squash player.
Last time to see this black bitch.
Goodbyee Rekhs! We'll miss you and don't forget me. Stay brown, take care.
Forgiving someone is easy, but being able to trust them again is a totally different story.
My life is a constant cycle of waiting for the weekend.
Like my post and I'll post on your wall : Who are you to me?: SLUT How did we meet?: FAIRVIEW What do you like?:...
I think it's funny that people who treat you like shit get offended when you finally do the same to them.
The first person you think of in the morning, or last person you think of at night, is either the cause of your happiness or your pain.
Happy Chinese New Year ! — feeling excited
Fake friends are easy to find and easy to lose but real friends are the hardest to find and hardest to lose.
Hey guys, Carissa He is having tickets for Joey Yap's Feng Shui & Astrology 2014 Seminar. The seminar is about...
One year closer to death. :D
2013 is almost over, here's a game - If you hate me, delete me from your friend list (please do) - If you think...
Instead of doing my homework, I like to stay on my phone and worry about how much homework I have to do.
Instead of doing my homework I like to stay on my phone and worry about how much homework I have to do.