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Darlene ✗
"Pain changes you, change helps you lose friends, losing friends helps you learn to do you, and learning to do you only helps you win."
Quick song before going to bed by one of my favs! @AlexaGoddard
“Sometimes, those who promised to stay here with us are the ones who actually find it easy to leave.”
Here's another shot of Thursdays photo shoot. The location was amazing and the kids were the cutest!
One of the pics I made the other day. Had a photo shoot with 2 sisters, this one is the oldest and she's 3 years old.
Had a lovely photo shoot here this morning. Pics follow later!
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Pixie Lott (50), Beyoncé (1) & Lucy Hale (1)
I'd dreamt @AlexaGoddard was in the Netherlands to preform and I showed her around. Hopefully dreams can come true.
"When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. And when life is bitter, say thank you and grow."
My photography website If you're interested.
You're in my mind, you're in my heart. I wish I knew, right from the start.
Why am I so emotional? No it's not a good look, gain some self control. Deep down I know this never works. But you could lay with me.
I love Pixie Lott's new album. The album got some really good songs on it. 😊 @pixielott
I love elephants, they are not only very intelligent but also very caring as you can see in this photo. She was protecting her little one who was only a few days old.
Just made my famous tuna salad. Anyone want some?
Don't forget to check out @AlexaGoddard new single with a lyric video So There. You'll love it, I promise!
Alexa Goddard - So There (Lyric Video)Don't forget to check out  @AlexaGoddard new single with a lyric video So ...
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Pixie Lott (69), Ariana Grande (35) & Whitney Houston (9)
I could have done this so much better!!! I should have made those wedding pictures.
I love old black and white films, specially the ones with Audrey Hepburn. This one is Sabrina.
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