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Markyy Mark
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You have everything in place to create a magical day, so take ... More for Taurus
Playing world of Warcraft !. My act is back on :)
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Maybe I'll get it :)
Had a job interview today.
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Good morning tweeters
Bout to watch a movie with the family 👪❤️
Getting ready to have dinner 🍴
You believe you're standing on solid ground but you probably w... More for Taurus
Hope everyone's Sunday is goin okay
Ugh my phones dying I need to plug it in
I have 18k tweets lol
Jus gonna relax with my lil family and try to enjoy my last day off. Fuck. Not looking forward to tomorrow.
Gonna make breakfast and rent a movie. We did last night and it was fun it was a good movie hope to find another good one and have a lazyday
My kiddos up. Time to make breakfast. He just had his medicine.
My poor lil guy this shit sucks ass
Damn the flu holds on for a long time. =(
If he got another hour of sleep id be happy.
Damn maybe I spoke too soon.
I almost have 18k tweets
Why am I still so tired? I swear I can't ever win. At least lil guy is still asleep.
So thankful. Grandma stayed the night over at our house so we could get some sleep. I think ryan slept through the night that was good
Good morning tweeters.
Gonna try and get ready for bed it's been a long day for my kiddo and I. Sweet dreams tweeters. 😷😴
I feel like crud. My head hurts and my ears are burning :(
Ry has his own laptop #spoiled I love my boy. We are playing monopoly together on pogo sitting right next to each other he's so smart
Although you may be quite comfortable working alone, participa... More for Taurus
Ry guy has the flu :( :( 👎
I hope my son feels better soon. Poor lil guy.
I hope things get better for everyone soon. .
My poor little guy isn't feeling good and my bestie is having a shit day.. Ugh now I'm having a shit day :(
Went Black Friday shopping today
A radically new approach looks good on paper because you reali... More for Taurus
Going Black Friday shopping
Hope everyone had a good turkey day ✌️
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
Happy thanksgiving everyone ✌️🎉
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You often take a practical approach to love, but today your th... More for Taurus