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ßŕəaüna ✨
This time a day is like peeping hours for me like if you accidentally do something hopefully they're already sleep.
Keep waiting for a text from you, which is stupid. 😅
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I'm so bored. With no one to talk to
When you're lurking on insta and you accidentally double tap
Lol I just can't
When you send someone a fire ass selfie on snap and they don't reply
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Broke my nail opening the door for a old lady 😭
Probably my favorite picture on the internet 😂Y
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Lady who massaged my legs had the hands of a God 😂
If your nigga isnt claiming you or isn't posting you on social media then there is a problem.
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#GrowingUpUgly hanging out with your friends and listening to them go on about all the boys they talk too & you're like 😐😐😐
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I miss waking up to cute ass paragraphs 😭
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High school classrooms nowadays got every Jordan 1-23 in em but nobody even bring a damn pencil or any paper
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3 o'clock and my mom thinks Imma be up by 10 to drive her around...😂👋
It's one of those memories you look back and laugh on
I just started crying telling my mom the night train story because that was a terrible halrious night😂
I put my ice cream back but I'll go back and get it 😂
Awkward moment when you getting ice cream at 2 in the morning and your dad comes down stairs😳
I want to adopt a sea turtle 😆
I've been searching for this vine forever, kills me every time 😂😂
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Why this remind me of you for some reason 😂@demi_nykk…W
My candy says "sharing size" like nope more for me 😈
These turtles have got it going on 🐢R
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When She Comes Back From The Abortion Clinic and Says," I Couldn't Do It"
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#GrowingUpUgly when someone would say out loud you and your crush should date and they'd say "Eww no"
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#TodayKidsWillNeverKnow How good these were before they fell off the face of the earth 😩m
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Literally crying right now 😭😭😭😂ipOtv
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