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Murder mysteries, heists, & more. See @assassinscreed Unity's [M] newest features in action:
You know what would make these things look better? FIRE. VOTE & tell us what to explode:
Dance like nobody's watching. Because in your living room, they probably aren't. Just Dance 2015 [E10+] is here:
Don't miss your chance to get ahead of the competition: start your NBA Live 15 trial now.
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Aww, yiss. That’s some pretty fire. And there’s more to burn at Walter’s Workshop:
One week left to get in on @EvolveGame's [RP] Big Alpha. Grab your code here:
What do @CallofDuty players think about #CODAdvancedWarfare [M]? "It's fast."
.@sourcefed has guns, Overcharge, & no idea what to do with either. #SunsetOverdrive #ExplosionWeek
Instagrammed an achievement unlock, thereby unlocking this achievement. #Xbox #XboxOne #gaming #achievementunlocked #Meta
Take the wheel. @NeedforSpeed Rivals Complete Edition [E10+] (w/ all 6 DLC packs) is here:
The Legend of Korra [T] is just a download away. Get it & play it on #Xbox360 or #XboxOne:…
Ridley Scott. #Halo: Nightfall. Watch the preview, then watch the premiere 11/11:
Want to be an #eSports star? Download the @ESL Gaming app & start competing: #XboxOne
Meet 3 of @dragonage: Inquisition's [M] 9 unique followers: Sera, Dorian, & The Iron Bull:
HELP: We need you to tell us what to explode! Go VOTE here while we get the matches:
Pre-game for 11/11 by pre-downloading your pre-order of Halo: The Master Chief Collection [M]: #Pre
Who's deadlier than the 7 deadly sins? Johnny Gat: #SaintsRowIV #GatOutOfHell [M]
What is #ExplosionWeek? Let @sourcefed tell you. (Because we paid them to.) #SunsetOverdrive
We’re launching Sunset Overdrive with a BOOM! Go to & vote to #BlowUpFizzie or #BlowUpMutants
Don’t play with matches. Play with fireworks.  Walter’s Workshop is open:…
For a chance to win @Broncos tix go to the @16thStMALL Hard Rock Cafe. NO PURCH NEC Open to CO, 18+ Ends 10/19/14.
Go the extra yard to support someone new this month. #BCAM
These whirling blades of death stop for no man. And no teddy. Choose more things here:…
If you only watch one video today, let it be this one. #COD Advanced Warfare [M] arrives 11/4:
YES the explosions are real. YES the explosions are awesome. NO you shouldn't make your own.
Halo: The Master Chief Collection has gone gold! Read more about it here:
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It’s all about the story. And shirts with armored bears on them. #WhyIGame
Only 2 weeks left to get in on #Evolve's [RP] Big Alpha. Pre-order now & get ready to 4v1:
Snap messages, snap friends, & add captions to achievements w/ the latest #XboxOne update:…
#XboxUpload fans! Did you catch our first look at #TheEvilWithin? If not, you can watch it right here:
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We call it: "White #XboxOne with Violet Mood Lighting." #Xbox #SunsetOverdrive #WhyIGame #gaming #art
Challenge your enemies. Strike Fast. Be a Spartan. Halo Spartan Strike [T] coming to #Surface this December.…
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The @Xbox @Twitch channel is rebroadcasting our #SunsetOverdrive1stHour of gameplay stream right now!
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#XboxOne & your favorite games: @assassinscreed Unity & #ACBlackFlag starting at $499 on 11/2
Vans are featured in the new #XboxOne game @SunsetOverdrive & we’re giving away 5 rad prizes:
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New moves. New fighters. New graphics. Season 2 of #KillerInstinct [T] launches now:…
What’s the most creative game you’ve ever played? #WhyIGame
What kind of hero will you be? @dragonage [M]
That man @iamMICK does it again. #NBALIVE15 Soundtrack - Full Tracklist and Free Stream:
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The Evil Within [M] is OUT. Pick it up for a survival horror fix now on #XboxOne:
Hold on to your pants. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [M] is colonizing #Xbox360 with lasers, cryo, and butt stomps: