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Alex Hinkley
I wish Reddit would stay down forever.
When does the new Ashe rework come out?
Tattoos are TOO prevalent these days. It's more unique NOT to have one now.
Yo @KEEMSTARx here's some news: Wings sold his twitter account. #DramaAlert
47/14/32 tonight I'm a beast!
I swear people really have no analytical thinking skills anymore. "Oh she's saying America and there are images of flags this is patriotic!"
Who could watch this video showing cops beating the shit out of people and being like AMERICA IS GREAT I LOVE AMERICA AMERICUHHHH!
Not to mention how would images of the KKK, drug dealing, illegal border crossing, riots, police beating protesters etc all be PRO-American?
"Oh say can you see this is the American Dream" as the burning WTC is shown on 9/11. "I say, can't see" means that the American Dream is BS
"Close your eyes and breath" as images of smoke stacks and pollution are shown. "Sweat for a nickel and a dime" as stock exchange is shown.
American Oxygen is an anti-America song folks, it's not meant to be patriotic. It's meant to show you that the 'American Dream' is bullshit.
@cute_em_up >hates masculinity >crys about people attacking his masculinty
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
Check it out @TheMercedesXXX, apparently women being able to make choices means LESS freedom/liberation
"Hey guys check out this AMAZING game called Depression Quest" Then its like "Well I never REVIEWED it so there was no conflict of interest"
Never mind the fact it's not a real game and that he was banging the creator at time. It was just RANDOM he called it those things LOL
I guess calling Depression Quest a "standout" and "powerful Twine darling" was just completely random right?
Why do tards like @ChrisWarcraft say Nathan Grayson never wrote about Depression Quest? Whats this then ya dumb fuck?…
What the fuck? So taking away personal choice gives women MORE freedom?
Yes Kluwe I did notice you didn't give your debate any publicity. Almost as if you know you got owned. #gamergate
Just went 10/5 with 12 caps and a guy that went 10/11 with 2 caps is like "ur useless!" LOL WHAT'S HE THEN SUPER USELESS?
Remember when Robinson Cano was good?
Where Have All The Turn-Based RPGs Gone?…
Weird. Did Chris Kluwe just doubt Mercedes Carrera gets harassment for being a porn actress? What happened to listen & believe, Chris?
Chris Kluwe doesn't even know how Twitter works and he uses it every day. How can we trust his opinion on anything internet related?
I truly am one of the best Dominion players to ever grace the game.
And she single handedly won wars in oz AND was armed? Hahaha.
Proof men are stronger than women: it only took a 1 armed man to kill Charlie. #supernatural
I told you folks Andrew McCutchen wasn't first round material in fantasy. Can I ever be wrong?
Bad idea not releasing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood on 360/PS3 considering those are the consoles ppl played the first one on.
Well well, look at that. I told you Brady was lying didn't I? Statement Analysis wins again.…
Max Payne 3 is amazing.
Black Crime Facts That The White Liberal Media Daren’t Talk About…
Man people on ebay are dumb.
A Kalista's level 1 pierce did 359 damage to me. Strange...
A friend of mine has been chat restricted for over 800 games. Maybe @riotgames should read this…
SJWs don't have friends or allies. They have useful idiots. Don't #ComeBackJossWhedon.
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
Joss Whedon got taught a hard, hard lesson by feminists. Hopefully he learns from that and stops siding with them in the future. Dumb fuck.
So what should have been one of Mayweather's toughest fights ended up literally as one of his easiest. Mayweather picked him apart.
Mayweather didn't "run away." He DESTROYED Pacquiao. Pac landed lower % of hits than Mayweather's AVERAGE opponent.
People who say the Mayweather fight was boring clearly aren't boxing fans…
3 Ways Hearthstone Could Be Expanded -…
Let's go Pacquiao.
The truth! Men's and women's brains ARE wired differently via @Femail
Chris Kluwe admits to committing cyber squatting and cyber piracy violations of ACPA and UDRP……
So @Smile4Yotube donated 2k on my stream please follow him and (RT)! I'll follow a few that follow him!
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley