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Alex Hinkley
I could fix all of these heroes with just slight tweaks to some abilities/talents. Blizzard should hire me to fix this game.
Valla doesn't seem broken but is played almost every game too. Could probably use a slight nerf.
I never see Kerrigan, Arthas, Chen, or Diablo either.
Thrall, Lost Vikings, Rehgar, Tychus, and Uther are hardly, if ever seen.
Leoric, Jaina, Butcher, Kael'thas, Nova, and Zeratul are all broken.
The heores in HotS are just too unbalanced. Its why you see some never played at all, and others every game.
Take a look at this scrub's game history: then look what he did when matched against me:
Then goes 32-3 w/ most damage in game against me and my team gets CRUSHED. Did he suddenly get good? Makes no sense.
Alright I am retiring from Heroes of the Storm. The game is unplayably broken I was just matched against a player who lost his last 13 games
Don't create characters that are impossible to kill. Don't create characters that go invisible.
Seems it would be simple. Don't create characters with teleports. Don't create characters that can kill you in seconds.
Why do developers find it so hard to balance MOBAs?
There is no skill involved in HotS whatsoever.
That's why its more about luck than skill. You didn't know some nobody WR was gonna catch 3 TDs that game, stop lying.
Also daily $ caps mean that you can't even make a good team, you need to rely on lesser known players to have a fluke of a game to win.
Also, drafting for the season is the best part of fantasy sports. No draft in daily means you're missing out on the funnest part.
In normal fantasy you have to identify good players that'll be good for the long run not just in one game. One game is more about luck.
Daily fantasy is no different from gambling. It should be outlawed. It's also not fun and takes way less skill.
Here is a textbook case of an ego booster. "When I have a bad day, yes, I'll enjoy a stomp and I'll laugh." - LapisLazuli
A thread where you can easily identify nerds from normals in HotS -…
At this rate I'm going to have enough material for Nerd Psychology 2 by year's end.
N4G admins on a power trip "we don't need a reason to ban you" @hiphopgamer @themultitap @RealGamerNewz
Heroes of the Storm: Leoric is Broken -…
Textbook example of a nerd as described in Nerd Psychology…
Blizzard Bans User for Using Psychology Term -…
Blizzard censoring their forums now.
Terminator 2 is one of the top 5 movies of all time probably
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Player with 9k XP tells player with 17k XP that XP doesn't matter. Player with 11 takedowns tells player with 19 that takedowns don't matter
Nerd Psychology proven right again. Player with 10k damage tells player with 65k dmg that damage doesn't matter.
mindfucking nerds is too easy now. It's not even a challenge anymore.
Ever wonder why so many mindless morons support Anita Sarkeesian? Here's why:… THEY ARE MINDLESS
Tahm Kench Champion Review - League of Legends Fansite Community - via @ShareThis
imo you shouldn't be able to control magic a commander.
It's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care. - Peter Gibbons
The concept of "guest videos" on Youtube makes no sense.
Starting to get ibookstore sales for Nerd Psychology now.
Daily fantasy leagues are a complete waste of time and/or money.
Did a Magic Origins draft tournament. Got first place. Still a beast even after having not played for a full YEAR.
HotS has its fair share of problems (i.e. matchmaking) but at least when you die you know you deserved your death (unless it was from Nova).
If LoL has been out for years and HotS has been out for one month, why is HotS more polished? Tells you a lot about Riot's competency.
Strange how every game of League of Legends is hacked yet I have never run into a hacker on Heroes of the Storm - just broken heroes.
Hey @archon I thought you weren't hiring news writers? Another lie eh son?
Hacker identified: SirCDice. Slowed 75% yet still faster than me. Doesn't make sense.
Once again has over double the damage of the next player in the game, including his own teammates.
He build Tear of the Goddess again. Why would an ADC be building mana? It's because he has a damage hack & doesn't want to run out of mana
Oh look. TumblrFeminism went 6/0 in his next game as Varus w/ most damage in the game again. 14/0 over his last 2 games. yeah he aint hackin
League of Legends is unplayable now. Hackers in every game.
Why would a Tear of the Goddess boost Varus's damage? It wouldn't.

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