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Alex Hinkley
And I shall leave y'all tonight with this gem…
He should add the tagline: "a firsthand account from a corrupt journalist"
Pretty funny Steve Ruygrok wrote a book about corrupt journalism when he fires writers so that his site can keep "insider access" from devs.
I will afk every game there's an ekko until he's nerfed. Amumu ult at level 1?
In other news at least I won both of my fantasy baseball matches. 3rd place trophies are better than no trophies!
"Here are all the allegations being made against you. I have to publish by ___ so please comment by ___ if you wish to."
She also had to tell them the timeline they had to reply by before publishing, then if they didn't reply to mention that in the article.
The letter from CIG says there was no mention of most of the stuff in the articles in her contact email, EVERYTHING had to be included.
According to the Society of Professional Journalists, this was an ethical breach as she was not transparent in what she was publishing.
A few minutes of contacting a current employee and asking to see their badge to compare would have discovered there were no ID badges.
If you're going to use an ID card to verify someone works/worked at a company, don't you think you should compare with other employee IDs?
Guess the lesson here is don't hire someone who has no experience as a journalist or you might get sued.
I just played a hacker that had infinite flash. smh pathetic nerds.
Swofford was out of office until October 2nd. Did she get this response as well, then published anyway?
What is also interesting is that I sent an email to CIG Press account on Oct 1st and received automated "out of office" response.
Furthermore, it should be noted within the article itself that you reached out to them for comment and did not hear back in 24 hours.
So if for example you are going to publish if they don't respond within 24 hours, you have to tell them that in your initial communication.
When you reach out to a company to comment on allegations, you should tell them the time frame they have to respond before publication.
Ever wonder how much League of Legends pros actually make?…
I could have sworn I had Faker on my DraftKings team. What happen
A liberal just tried to tell me the ending point on this graph was lower than the starting point
Why was there a mass shooting in Australia today? I thought they had a gun ban.
Escapist's Alexa rankings just keep plummeting. A full year of downward trending. Learn from that.
Why does Ekko have an Amumu ult as a level 1 ability?
Copying & pasting from glassdoor is journalism eh?
This is what y'all get. A hard, hard lesson.
I love being able to sit back & watch places that tried to screw me over get owned. First SCG & that article about girls in Magic now this
Ah @TheEscapistMag, this is what happens when you hire people with zero experience in journalism. Learn from this.
Gun control logic: "well shucks I'd really like to kill ya but I'm not allow to own a gun so I guess I can't do it." #oregonshooting
49/10/90 in last 10 games. 5 wins. 5 losses. Everybody wins half their games. Proof.
LMAO @shoe0nhead "now understands sappy love songs." Wait till she now understands those sappy broken heart songs. I look forward to dis
Weekly fantasy leagues in a nutshell: "hey man wanna bet money this no-name WR you've never heard of will get 3 TDs this week?"
62/27/96 with 82 captures in 10 games. 10 losses in a row. Yeah this game ain't broke.
hacker identified: agent yee
Dear @riotgames please read this article about true damage in league of legends…
Out of 12 players on my fantasy team, 7 of them are hurt? What the fuck?
Wow Bradford is BAD
10/5/13 loss. 3/12/11 win. Yeah wins are earned tho.
How Much Do League of Legends Pros Make? -…
True Damage is Ruining League of Legends - via @ShareThis
Some deep mindfucks tonight.
I wish season 10 wasn't standard. I earned more qualifier points but I don't even wanna qualify for standard LOL
See Manning is still a beast.
Look at all the comments on Shoe's latest video about how hot she is. That's why she's popular. Just as predicted.

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