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Alex Hinkley
Guess I was right on the money about them! As per usual :)
One of the forums noted in my book for having staff that ego boost just banned someone from their forum for making a thread about Infect.
Hacker identified: mirage26
the least damage dealt in teh game isn't it? 16,000. Meanwhile a Viktor with less AP has 36,000. Makes sense.
Strange how a Brand with morellonomicon, void staff, luden's echo, sorcerer's shoes, prospector's ring, and full seeker's armguard has-
Oh look da fighting game nerds finally starting to wise up. Pretend I didn't troll them, then flee!
Fighting game fans suck at other genres so they resort to the easiest one in order to feel like they are good at video games.
Oh look. I wrote an article "Nova Needs a Nerf" and guess what? SHE GOT NERFED. Proven right yet again.
Why does yahoo always say Peyton Manning is garbage?
Tweet impressions up 231% this month, profile visits 375%, mentions 338%. I'm a beast, people!
These fighting game nerds are the easiest prey. I literally tell them what I'm going to do before I do it and they still fall for it LOL
No illusion I have you caught up in the rapture. Executive decisions from the motherfucking puppet masters.
Oh shit he got us again. Damage control, Ensign! Start spamming memes and troll pictures to make it seem like we knew all along!
>Makes inflammatory tweet about fighting games to get angry replies >Gets angry replies >"You didn't bait us!"
If a fighting game fan got into a street fight in the real, he'd curl up in a ball.
I love how fighting game fans have to ego boost because they get their lunch money taken in the real.
Glad to see most posters on the HotS forums finally coming around to see that the game blows.
See what'd I tell ya? Shoe ain't a libertarian after all. Was all just an act to try to appear "above" party politics.
I am your new God. A better one. You will bow down and profess your love unto me, your Lord. Or I shall destroy you.
Ashe's basic attacks don't deal magic damage or hit twice. Why did I deal true damage to myself? 1k Ranger's Focus?
Hmm Ranger's Focus 1087 damage to me eh? I'm afraid that is mathematically impossible. A hacker has been spotted.
Watch Trump shit in Jorge Ramos' mouf…
WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump Speaks in South Carolina… via @Mediaite
Celebrate APMEX & Win SILVER! APMEX 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes 30 daily winners. #APMEX15…
Now I have people begging for links to more articles of mine. I'm a beast, people.
The top 10 most broken Dominion champions…
Today definitely has to be the hardest I've ever laughed online. I truly can't believe how deep this one is it's GREAT!
He dedicated an entire day of his life, literally nonstop, to reading my stuff and tweeting about me. My talons are DEEP.
I think this is the deepest mindfuck I've ever had. Nerd is so mindfucked he literally is reading through 7 years of my writings.
I love when they get so mad they have to block you then subtweet about how MAD they are.
I made a nerd devote a whole day of his life to reading my content. Classic mindfuck. Learn about it in Nerd Psychology available now.
Then upon reading it, the realization will slowly dawn upon you that I have puppetized you for my own amusement.
By the way folks be sure to pick up a copy of my book Nerd Psychology…
Celebrate APMEX & Win SILVER! APMEX 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes 30 daily winners. #APMEX15…
Some champs played 2% of games, others played 72% GEE I WONDER I THEY ARE BALANCED
Meanwhile Jaina 71.9%, Kael'thas 65%, Valla 58%, Malfurion 50.5%, Johanna you think maybe they should work on balance?
Chen 2.6%, TLV 2.6%, Stitches 5.1%, Brightwing 7.3%, Hammer 8.1%, Tassadar 8.6%, Tyrande 8.8%, Sonya 9.3%, Diablo 9.8%, Thrall 9.9%.
Since the patch Kael'thas's win rate has gone UP. Buffing a hero already played the most in the game eh?
Heroes of the Storm is now unplayably bad. It all boils down to whoever has the most broken heroes on the team. That ain't skill.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force really was a good show.
Final Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode tonight? Haven't watched it in years but I'll have to watch the last ep.
Meanwhile shes like "I GOT NO CLUE WHY I'M POPULAR" I mean c'mon.
I'm baffled how girls like Shoe don't understand the reason they are popular is their looks. She's hot af. That's why she's popular.
Shoe's like "i have no idea why I got popular on YT" really tho? REALLY?
Jefferson Starships

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