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Alex Hinkley
I wish gamers realized Extra Life was a scam. You just look ignorant.
If you're a feminist you have to say that Ray Rice was justified in what he did.
28 pts from Calvin Johnson and still gonna lose in fantasy football. Thanks Zac Stacy and DeSean Jackson you pieces of shit.
Ray Rice is such a moron
Peyton is beasting.
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Wow Dallas is BAD
Ah the first Sunday of NFL football, a time when all the nerds online can pretend they like sports to look cool.
Yahoo says Gronkowski is week 1 lame. He already has a touchdown. Just another example how stupid they are.…
EJ Manuel sucks lol
The Fifth Element was decent.
My interview with German cosplayer Ibukii…
So apparently they found out who Jack the Ripper was and it was just some loser.
Yahoo fantasy sports article two days later say Gronkowski is worth the risk, start him at will.
Yahoo fantasy sports article says Rob Gronkowski too risky to play.
Koravel goes 16/38/12 with Yasuo over the course of 3 games. 3 losses. LOL
According to feminists, wanting to look at naked women means you hate women.…
Man Crosses U.S. Border Dressed as ISIS Terrorist…
Have you guessed how many points D.T. will score in our #Week 1 Free $100 Fantasy Football Contest? Read the Rules! -…
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Ah yes another successful round of owning hashtag activists.
Looks like all the #imnotlooking losers are art deniers…
Accidentally left Jimmy Fallon's show on and jesus christ he's a straight rip off of Conan O'Brien.
So if women make more, learn more, and are more numerous, how are they being oppressed again?
Did you know that women make up 51% of the American population?…
Did you know more working women have college educations than men?…
Did you know women actually earn more than men do?…
A cop gets killed and it's the end of the world and he's a hero. Cops kill 500 innocent Americans a year and nobody gives a shit.
Look how sad you are that a cop got killed recently. Now extend that emotion to people's families when you murder their dad in a SWAT raid.
Cops are such hypocrites it's ridiculous.
Oh look the Seahawks defense is beasting. Just another example of how Yahoo "experts" are morons.
I love when girls that stream think they aren't popular solely because of horny guys watching them.
Is it a bad matchup? Remember when they held SF to 3 points last year? Or New Orleans to 7? Or Denver to 8? Bad matchup my ass.
Yahoo "experts" ranking Seattle's defense 8th in Week 1? WTF? Makes no sense.
Gronk is a Week 1 fantasy lame? No, I don't think so.
Be sure to check out my interview with German League of Legends cosplayer Ibukii…
I finally finished my collection of all 51 volumes of the 1909 Harvard Classics!
What do you think the NSA is doing to all YOUR stuff every day? Worried about others privacy but not your own? #ImNotLooking
Anybody saying we should respect the leaked celebrities privacy by not sharing photos is a moron. What do you think the NSA does to u daily?
"Vaccines don't cause autism! What? It's on the warning label that it does? Well warning labels are lies anyway!"
The world would be better if people only based their opinions off evidence instead of subjective beliefs.
The top 5 most underrated video game movies -…
Time for Houdini part 2.
Interview with League of Legends cosplayer Ibukii -…
This Houdini show is pretty good.
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Three reasons to trust in Peyton Manning -…