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Alex Hinkley
Four losses of 420-0 in a row eh? Yeah this game ain't broke.
Another LoL hacker identified. Username: Elinicus
LoL hacker identified. Username: lkjgargtwr
It's official. Fiddlesticks takes no skill on Dom. 13/1/22 and I never even played him before.
PC Fitness Franchise Exposed By man Dressed As Woman: via @YouTube
Hahaha the mindfucked little nerd is mad.
Excuse me @femfreq but can u explain your involvement in the movie PrimeMates from 2010? It seems to objectify women
Anita Sarkeesian worked as a wardrobe assistant on this movie. Look at this promotional poster objectify women.
Apparently posting Anita's history w/ Bart Baggett is crossing the line @jordanowen42 @Aurini
I wish dueling was still legal.
Takes a hacker to beat me.
And surprise! I discovered during my investigation the two hackers were friends and had been queuing together.
Then the other hacker in the game did 1300 to me with one Q as Ryze. Had 290 AP & 2500 mana. Math says it should have dealt under 400
This guy played Leblanc and had 100% cooldown. He dashed over and over consecutively. Went from top to our mid within seconds.
LoL hackers identified usernames HobogodLoH and Hunter F
Syriana is the worst movie I've ever seen.
You got the ring? Pfft. I GOT CITY FUCKING HALL!
No wonder everybody wins 50% of their Dominion games. Everybody on this game is fucking retarded.
Why would our bot randomly decide to try to capture their mid when it wouldn't have helped us? Makes no sense.
stop him from capping mid. So they have 3 points now and are all full health while we're hurt. They take top for 4 points. We lost.
so their bot simply strolls over and caps ours, thus preventing our top capture from winning us the game as it would have. They respawn &
decides he wants to leave bot and try to cap their mid for some reason, despite the fact doing so would not help us in any way.
Have the enemy team down to 4 nexus points. Need 1 capture to win it. We win top battle and are capping top. At that point in time our bot-
Takes having a troll on my team to beat me. Dare 2 Defy is a troll.
100/15/111 in my last 10 games. God I'm a beast.
LoL hacker identified. Username: Mr Taint
Jeremy Noble is a straight up beast. I wish he played for Rochester.
Nidalee! The champion baddies play on Dom to feel like they're good at the game. LOL
How was Darth Vader breathing while also talking?
Kassadin is broken in Dominion again.
LoL hacker identified: Qrayn
Mindfucking people is too easy now. I wish they at least put up more resistance.
You are the puppet, I pull your string, I'm makin moves I'm the master, causing you to do what you do
Strange. I thought people said LoL was unhackable?…
Just checked up on that Kong QingTian hacker. The next game he dealt 114k damage. Unheard of. Then suddenly he went 0/4 and 3/10 after that
Notice too that was my only death in the game. Takes a hacker to kill me. I'm a BEAST
So he did quadruple the damage he should have, had over 60 phantom movement speed and got multiple bear stance stuns in succession. Yes, hax
And why did Bear Stance stun me twice? It can't stun the same target until several second have elapsed. My death recap was 2 seconds.
Another 15 maybe from switching stances around 425 + 15 = 440. A far cry from the 503 he had.
Also strange that he had over 500 movement speed with level 1 boots of speed. Udyr 345 + 25 = 370 plus 15% from Bear = 425.
143 - 29 = 114 damage from the ability. Weird how he dealt 419 to me eh?
120% of 94 is 113. 30 + 113 = 143 damage. Vel'Koz has 27 armor at lvl 3. 27 armor is around 20% damage reduction. 20% of 143 is 29.
Tiger Stance lv 1 deals 30 + 120% AD over time. At lvl 3 Udyr as 63 AD. Longsword +10. Runes/Masteries +21. Therefore 94 AD.
Hacker identified: Kong QingTian. 419 damage from level 1 tiger stance with +10 AD? No, I don't think so.
Needlessly Large Rod is STILL not buyable. Not a hard bug to fix. Really goes to show the incompetence/laziness of @riotgames
Twitter app wants access to my microphone eh? DELETE.
I have 436 total games....