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Alex Hinkley
Either the death recap is super glitched since the patch or the game is fuckin BROKE
Why did a 5/12 Ashe deal 1300 to me with Ranger's Focus?
Why did a Darius with +80 AD deal 1000 basic attack damage to me?
Ekko legitimately ruins LoL. It's not even fun anymore.
And if I had thornmail and he dealt all this damage to me, why didn't he kill himself?
And if he dealt 1,000 physical to me when I had 307 armor, he had to have dealt 6,000 to me. I don't think that's possible.
Master Yi had 275 AD. His true damage scales off 20%. So he did 85 per hit. He hit me 11 times in 5 seconds with no attack speed?
If I have 307 armor and Yi dealt 1,000 physical damage to me, he would have dealt 5,500 to me? I find that hard to believe.
930 true damage? Yeah master yi takes no skill
Reddit admins call fat people whales, bans r/whalewatching
"The trial, lasting 24 days, resulted in a winning verdict for Kleiner Perkins." Of course it did.
"On May 10, 2012, Ellen Pao filed a gender discrimination suit against Kleiner Perkins" of course she did.
Hacker identified: abcdefghijklnm
Hacker identified: Akamune
HOAX? Caitlyn Jenner NOT Chosen for ESPY Award Over Noah Gallaway? Or W... via @YouTube
Pop quiz: if you examine the karyotype of Bruce Jenner's cells under a microscope what will you find? Man or woman?
when your friends make plans without you, you be like 😂😑
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What's worse, then he lied about selling it. The guy is a fraud.
Notice how Wings of Redemption never got his Twitter back? That's because he sold it. If it was stolen, support would have returned it.
SJWs are tards. "Noah Galloway did not lose Arthur Ashe award to Caitlyn Jenner. And the winner of the Arthur Ashe award is Caitlyn Jenner"
Most captures, most neuts, most kills, most assists, least deaths, most damage dealt....a teammate called me useless. LMAO!
Yeah trans people aren't sick. Not at all....…
Shoe's a cutie and shes funny but not too bright unfortunately.
Caitlyn Jenner looks like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs
Ekko, The Boy Who Broke the Game Champion Review -…
The fact that some 65 year old freak has set records for followers on twitter just reinforces what type of losers are on social media
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Lmao Jenner is actually getting Arthur ashe award for bravery no one made him cut his dongle off he's a masochist
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"Look he spelled it COLOUR hahaha he can't spell!"
Just further goes to show how the typical American has absolutely no concept of cultures outside their own country.
GamerGhazi posters are so stupid they think @Nero spelled recognise wrong
Then you really are stupid and asking to be robbed. If someone says that you'll say "DON'T VICTIM BLAME ME" though.
That's why it doesn't make sense to say people shouldn't victim blame. In some cases, yes they should. If you walk down an alley w/ cash...
And it is NOT the convention's job to keep you safe, that's YOUR job. YOU are responsible for your own personal safety wherever you go.
Saying dumb shit like "cosplay is not consent" won't stop sexual deviants. They are called SEXUAL DEVIANTS for a reason.
If you dress slutty, then creepers are gonna creep. If you carry a bag of cash down an alley in the ghetto, thugs are gonna rob you.
Since when does Heimerdinger have a snare? Another hacker? C'mon now.
Hacker identified: heytam
Always funny that it takes a hacker to beat me. I'm too good at this game man.
Hacker identified: monstercow
Hacker identified: RecitationQ
Avengers 2 was good.
I refuse to play against an Ekko again. If there's one on the other team, I AFK.
Excuse me but why did Xin's basics / three talon deal over 500 to me when I have thornmail? He has +46 AD....
Full HP Jarvan. 200 HP Ekko. Ekko wins the 1v1. That makes sense.
As if Ekko didn't have enough damage, he can deal it with his Soul Anchor trinket as well!
If @riotgames wants to fight trolling and toxicity, they should fire whoever worked on Ekko. Clearly they were trolling when they made him.
Ekko is a broken champion. Full review soon.
I wish it didn't take a hacker to beat me. I would really like some competition some time. Gets boring dominating every game.
Hacker identified: Saintshing

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