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Alex Hinkley
Any challenge to SJWs causes them to either fly into a hateful rage or cowardly block you. Often both. #GamerGate
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If you #gamergate folks wanna make a difference you should be emailing the owners of the involved publications with complaints
I'm mention something on my personal site's chat box and suddenly shes tweeting "HE'S AT IT AGAIN." Must have my site on a perma-tab.
Like how that Cait girl was watching the RPGs cbox obsessively for any mention of feminists on there. FOR DAYS.
Strange how this Mike Sacco fellow is stalking my twitter for days when he supposedly has me blocked. He must be pretty insecure.
Fantasy baseball is much more skill based because they play every day. No wonder then I'm in my championship in both leagues I'm in.
Fantasy football is too based on luck. Guys dominate one week then do literally nothing the next it's stupid.
Can someone like this ever be reasoned with and swayed by facts?…
This is your brain on gender propaganda. Trigger warning. Hard to watch.…
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Proof I think men are nothing more than animals. I refer to them as MALES: *gasp*
I love how this nerd asked me if I refer to men as males and when I pointed out I did in the very next tweet he clammed up. LOL #rekt
And Chris Johnson of the Jets needs to snap his ankle on the first snap and i'm okay.
Leveon Bell just has to stop scoring points and I'm okay.
I would have won my fantasy league if not for Frank Gore. 1 point?
Mike Sacco would curl up in a ball in a street fight.
That was a beast of a drive by Manning
If you haven't caught on, I'm an egalitarian. I'll NEVER use my gender to claim I need more attention than anyone else. Shit pisses me off.
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Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn have intentionally destroyed a culture and made thousands doing it. #gamergate
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Okay FanDuel is dumb. Who plays in a league with 20,000 people lmao.
It's like how the Patriot Act actually takes AWAY liberties but it's name makes it sound patriotic. It is in fact the opposite.
Social Justice Warrior is a misnomer. It doesn't mean they fight for social justice. It means they falsely complain about inequality.
Saying dragging a woman's dead body in Hitman proves its sexist is silly when 99 out of 100 dead bodies you drag are male.
Ppl hate Anita because she's a pathological liar and unintelligent moron. Not because she's a woman.
That in of itself is sexist/racist because YOU'RE the one ignoring the content of their statements & looking at only gender/race.
Ppl who say those who hate Anita only hate her because shes a woman are the same people that claim u only can hate Obama because he's black.
Sammy Watkins. 18 fantasy points last week. 0 points this week.
Darren Sproles. 24 fantasy points last week. 3 points this week.
It's Funny #GAMERGATE Is Surprising People, Since I started journalism in 2008 I've seen so much corruption it's crazy.
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Went to my first ever convention today. Met Brent Spiner and Alaina Huffman.
Guess I'll try out this FanDuel craze
See? You can complain about ANYTHING.
Billy Madison is a sexist movie. His dad is super rich and his mom is gone. The females are house maids. Billy conquers the female teacher.
Anita Sarkeesian Debunked in Under a Minute…
Picard needs to give this speech to game journalists involved in GameJournoPros… #gamergate @Nero
Is it fantasy lacrosse season yet?
@wochie @Xander756 they basically all look like the same person honestly
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This just in people who watch Adventure Time say Dragon Ball Z is childish.
Why the GameJournoPros Secret Mailing List is Important -… #gamergate
Playing a Pokemon game is adult but playing a Dragon Ball Z game is childish.