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Alex Hinkley
Why did they buff Fizz?
The biggest problem with Wolfenstein is it takes a lot of download space AND there's 4 discs.
Wolfenstein is a great game.
And if you need a routine day off not even a week into the season, something's wrong with you.
I didn't see Cal Ripken Jr getting days off.
Why do young baseball players get a "routine day off"?
*Site founder says they aren't hiring writers for news. Hires someone that writes news.*
*Says won't write about political issues, just games. Writes about political issues.*
NHL should change draft picks to a random lottery system. Teams TRYING to lose in order to get a good pick is stupid.
@a_man_in_green_ @Xander756 and it wasn't supposed to be an eceleb circle jerk that you so desperately want it to be.
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
@CyberGoth @Xander756 @lizzyf620 I mean she can do what she wants and things do change but Xander has a reasonable point.
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
@a_man_in_green_ @Xander756's point is that Liz promised that she wasnt going to focus on politics or news. Now shes doing something on news
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
@MarkM447 @Xander756 @mr_nobody_duh Guy has a point, there's writing about games and then there's writing about politics involving games.
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
That explains why she stopped complaining after she got to the podium. @PettanPettan @Xander756 @lizzyf620
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
@lizzyf620 @Xander756 it's a political issue and politics have NO place in Gaming. That's what the SJWs are trying to do... #GamerGate
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
@Xander756 @mr_nobody_duh 1st of all, Xander shouldn't have been bombarded for critisizing #GamerGate 2nd, Xander has a point here.
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
When will #gamergate see many supporters do the same things SJWs do? They just wanted positions for themselves.
Wtf Yankees are still playing?
Just couldn't help herself I guess
Actor Ryan Reynolds Names Baby Girl “James” - Defying "Gender Conventions": via @YouTube
Also, Patreon is still online panhandling.
Funny when they get writing positions they then write about political opinions themselves. Becoming what you hate <<<<<
I thought GamerGate people said gaming writers should just write about video games and leave political opinions out of it.
19/6 Wu w/ 11 captures gets loss. 3/12 Wu w/ 3 captures gets win. Dominion is fucking RETARDED. Nothing matters.
Yahoo needs to fire this twat. Remember when he told people to pick up Jim Thome or last year Stephen Drew?
Hmm last season I wrote about Jesse Hahn @scott_pianowski says he sucks. Now Scott writes an article saying to go pick up this "bargain" LOL
Hey @intel you should probably terminate your partnership with @femfreq in light of this scientific study
I was just playing Teemo and an Amumu ulted just me, Lux ulted me, Cait ulted me. I got ignited. I got exhausted. Yes I think they were mad.
So LITERALLY my teammates are throwing games now. That's what it takes to beat me?
Poor Skankeesian how does it feel knowing you are more disliked than AN ACTUAL DICTATOR?!?! #GamerGate #NotYourShield
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
Yes you captured to intentionally get us all a loss yet *I'm* the one that should be reported eh troll?
"Don't capture that point. If the game goes under 7 minutes we don't get a loss." *teammate captures the point then says to report me*
Meanwhile Nidalee misses the first 7 minutes of the game being AFK. Comes back. deals 13k damage. Yeah that's not a broke champ.
Highest was a Morde with 17k dealt. So I deal 4.5k, they deal 17k. Gee, I wonder who's gonna win?
Sejuani may be the worst champion in the game. 4,500 damage dealt. Next lowest was Trundle with 9,000 dealt.
Hacker identified. Username: Voidbrah
24 kills a game as Katarina. See? Takes no skill.
This guy is 69/42 with other champs in 6 games. 96/36 with Katarina in 4 games. Averaging 11.5 kills a game with other champs and -
So how did an ult with a absolute max of 507 and should have dealt 365 deal 522? No wonder she gets 30 kills a game as Kat.
My MR should have reduced damage by about 28%. So her 507 should have been 365 damage if I stood there.
According to calculations her ult should have a max damage of 507 if it dealt true damage and if I stood in the entire duration.
So Yin Hei and KushyBlunts are both hackers. Kat's ult doesn't deal 522 damage with +40 AP.