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Alex Hinkley
if you use multiple legendaries in CASUAL you're a loser.
turn 5: legendary, turn 6: legendary, turn 7: legendary, turn 8: legendary, turn 9: legendary...yeah this game takes skill.
deck with 0 legendaries matched vs deck with 8 legendaries. Seems fair.
How the fuck can people play 14 minions in 3 turns? How did he even draw that?
Why Hearthstone takes no skill: Turn 7 boardwipe to kill 5 minions. Turn 8 boardwipe to kill 4 minions. Turn 9 he has 5 minions again...WTF?
Thought League of Legends couldn't be hacked? Why'd they add a cheating report I wonder... HMMMM
Hacker identified: Ettiero
Blizzard may have lost their touch. HoTS is horrible and Hearthstone is garbage.
I don't think I've played one guy with fewer than 5 legendaries. I'm using a basic deck....
Hearthstone isn't very fun anymore. Too many broken cards now. Jaxxus? really?
Soft launch of, a bribe, er, giveaway! RT & follow for entries, drawing 11/21 #BFZ FP & Box.
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It's like they complain about something / share their opinion on it, then move right along to the next thing without missing a beat.
Man how unfulfilled are people's lives to literally just tweet about controversial shit all day, every day, for YEARS.
American Association of University Professors calls trigger warnings infantile and anti-intellectual…
There should not be panels on "online harassment" because no such thing exists.
I just kicked Shakepeare's Ghost's ass.
It's incredibly slow paced, takes no skill, and is boring. Dominion is always going to be better.
Summoner's Rift is walking around in circles last hitting minions for 20 minutes, and getting ganked by multiple enemies ults.
Why would champion kills give you gold? Being "fed" shouldn't be a thing.
Ganking people takes no skill. Feeding off others then fighting you takes no skill. Feed off teammates, then fight me when 8/0?
Dude Summoner's Rift is so horrible. It's boring. No skill in it at all.
Ezreal is easy and takes no skill.
Hacker identified: untoldtruth15
Amoured Skeptic's videos are horrible lmao
I just saw @Gavin_McInnes own @HMS_theartist and I've never seen ownage of that caliber in my LIFE.
League of Legends Kindred Champion Review -…
Jesus Christ how old is Harrison Ford now like 80?
Its a mod that abuses the "snap to" lock on feature of aiming so you can snap to someone through a wall, to know they are coming.
Sigh. Can't even play Black Ops 2 anymore without hackers in the lobby. The new hack is auto aiming through walls.
Manning is horrible now. It's sad.
Balefire Dragon is broken. 12 to me and 12 to all my creatures with haste because he has a Xenagos? Broken.
Ahahaha the #StarWarsTheForceAwakens poster looks terrible. Worst star wars yet?
You shouldn't be able to counter a 7 mana cost spell with one that costs 2 mana. Makes no sense.
.@JebBush, At the debate you said your brother kept us safe- I wanted to be nice & did not mention the WTC came down during his watch, 9/11.
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Over half of their traffic take a look at one page and think to themselves "get me outta here."
My site bounce rate: 29.9%, views per user: 21, time on site: 28:34 Escapist bounce rate: 53.4%, views per: 3.06, time on site: 4:12. I win
Ahahahahaha @shoe0nhead put her relationship in her twitter bio. I love when people do that. FULL RETARD.
Hopefully the daily fantasy sports fad will die off soon so we can get back to focusing on the real stuff.
Remember the good 'ol days when commies like Bernie Sanders were witch hunted and their careers ruined?
UPDATE: Officials order fantasy sports sites to shut down in Nevada...
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Black Ops 2 zombies blows.
That is one magic loogie.

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