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Alex Hinkley
The worst part about being a top ranked Dom player is people recognize you then gun for you. I had 3 people chasing me around the map!
Like what is the point of hacking in League of Legends? How pathetic is your life?
Played another hacker. Username: taylor spliff
How extreme fear shapes what we remember…
he instead chose to flee despite his apparent policy of "I will glady show toxic chats if they challenge me." Fled cuz he lied.
The Tribunal case shows the chat from the games you were reported in and none of that was present. When I challenged Lyte to show the chat
So based of SA we can conclude he was being deceptive. I also know he lied because none of that happened and the Tribunal case showed it.
This man has a Ph.D. He knows proper English so the "mistake" is fishy. He couldn't bring himself to say "he has" because it wasn't true.
He uses the word "he's" as a contraction for he has. He's doesn't mean he has. He's is a contraction of he and is.
Is he comparing it to not having more examples? That'd be a strange comparison. "Actually" is a deceptive keyword.
He uses the word "actually" when talking about having other examples. Actually compares two thoughts. What's he comparing it to?
He uses the word "this" when talking about the toxic behavior which indicates closeness. That doesn't make sense & indicates deception
Lyte goes from using past tense to present tense e.g. "talks, tells". This is an indication of deception.
now that I've been trained in Statement Analysis it is possible to analyze his statement and show it is objectively deceptive.
Someone linked me Lyte's claims about why I had gotten suspended from LoL for a week years ago. I knew he was lying at the time but-
God I love being a puppet master.
Many people ask how I'm so good. It's all forward thinking and quick decision making…
I rank among the top five Dominion players.
He went 19/9/14 with 2 captures. 33 takedowns, 2 caps, 9 deaths. I went 11/4/22 with 6 captures. 33 takedowns, 6 caps, only 4 deaths.
Also proves I'm top-tier LoL talent when it comes to Dom!
Guess that proves Dominion is harder than Summoner's Rift.
I just played with a pro LoL player and outscored him. I'm a beast, people!
I got over half a million views on this article…
After owning this Kat I said "god I'm a beast." and she's like "beast? all you do is press Q"
I love owning Katarinas
Gamergate agrees BW gettin award from personal friend is wrong. But a site owner hiring a less qualified personal friend is ok. Hypocrites.
Huh. Totally not inappropriate. Totally.
Also did they change Brand's Q to a targeted ability?
League of Legends is filled with hackers it's getting unplayable. 3 stuns from a Brand in 6 seconds? A Diana that ults at level 3?
Why are people crying about the gamergateishate shirt? I thought shirts weren't supposed to offend people? Babies.
The Dress!!! WHAT COLOR IS THE DRESS? An Example of an Idiocracy: via @YouTube
Here's to hoping nobody will make stupid Search for Spock jokes.
Wings of Redemption: fails at losing weight so he tries to beat Fallout 3 without healing. Yeah ur priorities are totally normal.
Lol Roguestar is so retarded I'm starting to think he's a Jace Connors level troll.
Why did Kendra Sunderland get arrested if nobody saw her?
"You and I both agree but you don't like feminism so I have to block you." LOL WHAT A TARD
lol can't say I'm surprised one bit. I thought it was pretty fishy they got hired at the same time.
Wait... transphobe Brandon Morse just said he was Liz's boyfriend? FUCKING WHAT They now both write for The Escapist. Collusion much?
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
So he LITERALLY is making the same exact argument as Anita Sarkeesian but with violence instead of sexism and GG is like *nods* yes yes
"If you let kids play GTA, they'll be affected by the sex and violence, not become murderers" - apparently Brandon Morse. LOL
Anybody else remember this about Lianna K?…
Dr.Dre & B.Real Of Cypress Hill - Puppet Master:
Stop the BATFE from banning XM855 Ammunition.
I don't know how to do taxes nor do I give a flying fuck
Retweeted by Alex Hinkley
Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock Signed for Bellator Summer Event… LOL WAT