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Alyssa Nicole
Your stress might not be very apparent today, but that certain... More for Capricorn
definitely gonna start my homework at midnight like always
A few days of monthly emotional housekeeping may be enough to ... More for Capricorn
Your need to advance professionally is irrepressible as you ma... More for Capricorn
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You may choose to kick back today and contemplate your current... More for Capricorn
Giants are killing it tonight
Your most traditional ideas about home and family are currentl... More for Capricorn
An unexpected shift of energy at work may temporarily distract... More for Capricorn
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Someone please bring me icecream!!!!!!!
If you are currently working out relationship logistics, it's ... More for Capricorn
Sometimes you define yourself by your accomplishments. However... More for Capricorn
I feel like a complete asshole rn
Although you are usually production-oriented, your practicalit... More for Capricorn
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icecream would be good right now
Kinda sad im missing the blue out for te chiefs game tomorrow😞#workingg
Soooo tiredd but soo awake😁
Although you're confident that your plans will come true, you ... More for Capricorn
Just woke up to eat oreos...
We look bad and blurry but this cool kid �@_pugs__ 😁
You can see the work piling up in front of you, but your incli... More for Capricorn
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All i eat are nutter butters
You're tired of struggling to stay on top when everything seem... More for Capricorn
Have to wake up in 5 hours🔫
I dont undestabd why people keep making up shit for no apparant reason #growthefuckup
You're able to strike a balance between reasonable caution and... More for Capricorn
You don't want to let your emotions stand in the way of your a... More for Capricorn
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Anyone wanna drive meh to get food
I have a bunch of newnumbers in my phone😂😂😂
Intresting night😁
No one is going to sweet talk you into throwing in the towel t... More for Capricorn
A totally unexpected event could start your day with a shock. ... More for Capricorn
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You may feel scattered and have trouble concentrating on your ... More for Capricorn
Even your closest friends might have a hard time understanding... More for Capricorn
Other people attempt to use ambitious schemes to lure you away... More for Capricorn