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going on a shopping spree
the feeling you get after putting on your make-up
getting those extra five minutes of sleep
hearing birds chirp outside your window in the morning
sleeping in freshly washed sheets
hearing a song that relates to your current situations
going for a late night swim
getting a manicure and pedicure 💅💕
staying home and playing board games with your friends
when you get treated like a princess 👸
camping out in tents in your backyard during summer
taking time out of everyday just to be alone for a bit
having a sleepover with your best friends like you did when you were a little kid
falling asleep to the sound of the rain
coming home after a long day and relaxing
a stranger holding opening the door for you
being thankful that you woke up this morning
knowing that some of the people in your life want nothing more for you to succeed in life and be happy
going for a walk to clear your head
focusing on your present & future & learning to let what's in the past be in the past
learning to ignore the discouraging voices in the back of your head
knowing that even though it may seem true, money doesn't necessarily mean happiness
realizing the only thing standing in the way of your goals is you