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Cristina Lauren
all you've done this week is break me.
bought myself a @Trto90 Slovakia Olympic shirt tonight 👏😄
I got tired of waiting, wondering if you were ever coming around. My faith in you was fading.
when your hair smells like bonfire >>>>> 😍😍
Every friendship has its own problems, but what makes it perfect is when you still want to be there when everything sucks. 👌💯
@mihockeygirl_x4 stop! You're cute and a passionate Red Wings fan. You're a Hockeytown guy magnet.
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"Far" och "son" avgör med mål o målpassning. Tack! Oj så viktigt!
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Just voluntarily ran a mile and a half outside in the cold and didn't stop once. 💪 I don't run. I skate. I bike. Who have I become? 😳
staying up all night to watch tomas tatar play slovenia. #dedication
i deserve someone who actually gives a shit. 😒
#Aquarius may not say much, but they notice and remember everything.
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Time to re-Kindl the romance. 😘#NHLValentiness
"oh" actually means my heart just got ripped into a million pieces but i won’t tell you because you wouldn’t care how i feel anyway.
note to self: you are special and loved every single day. ❤️
my mom got me chocolate covered strawberries. ❤️🍓#littlethingss#myfavoritee
What a sucky feeling when you do so much for some people, but they just treat you like shit in return.
tbh, hockey is my real valentine.
Don Cherry is my hero.
nothing would be quite the same if you didn't exist.
when i was younger, i used to put extra stickers on my crush's valentine in elementary school. 👍
Sending out the happiest birthday wishes on this Valentine’s Day to Petr Mrazek! #HesFeeling22
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I have more love for my hockey team than I do for an actual person.
Probably should've called in to work today. 6 hours of sleep over the past 3 nights isn't so good. Feeling sick. 😔
Sweden! 2-0! 👏💙💛 Keep it up, boys!