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WTF Facts
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Ridiculously Luxurious Versions of Everyday Objects
A cat named Stubbs is the mayor of a town in Alaska.
The lowest class of meat called 'Canner' is used for dog food... and school lunches.
Willie Nelson has a 5th degree blackbelt in Gongkwon Yusul as well as a 2nd degree in tae kwon do.
16 Things You Don't Know About Your Favorite Cartoon Characters
As of 2007 Sprint will close your account for calling in too often with issues.
Leonardo Divinci was most likely a homosexual.
8 Facts About Sex From Around the World
Bryan Cranston cosplayed as Walter White, without anyone knowing it was Bryan Cranston.
15 Most Powerful Terrorist Organizations in the World
Switzerland’s version of Santa Claus has a helper named Schmutzli who beats children with a broom throughout the year for being naughty.
Taiwan does the best at preventing Down syndrome births with a success rate of 96% in 2010.
All blue eyed people are technically related.
Classic Movie Mistakes You Can Never Unsee
Maine is the only US state without a billionaire.
Avici is a Chinese hell or Naraka in which one is roasted in a large, blazing oven. It also where Avicii got the inspiration for his name.
Elton John was married to a woman in the 1980s.