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Here is the front page of The Wall Street Journal: Oil prices, tech firms and Peruvian potatoes
Find the best deals on the holiday's hottest gifts with our sale tracker: #BlackFriday
Pilgrims and the roots of the American Thanksgiving:
As #BlackFriday gets more competitive, retailers are getting creative. Meet the $5 toaster:
The #Thanksgiving editorial the Journal has published annually since 1961. 'And the Fair Land'
The OPEC price meter: Which #OPEC members are breaking even?
Dream of living in a national park? Three homes are now for sale near them:
Disney's "Into the Woods" stars Johnny Depp as a wolf and Meryl Streep as a witch. A preview:
Chinese drivers of BMW cars are showoffs, while Volvo drivers are morally upright, says survey
Five things that can help you have a sober discussion on the economy at the family dinner
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Here's the play Arizona Cardinals coach @BruceArians designed for @WSJ touch football. Try it!
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From "Into the Woods" to "The Gambler," a preview of movies coming out this holiday season:
Cranberry production? Holiday travel? Places named Turkey? Thanksgiving by the numbers:…
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The light snow and drizzle haven't dampened the spirit of the crowd at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
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Kuwait & Qatar are the only OPEC members that can balance their budgets at current oil prices…
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Our guide to dinner-table talk on the economy. If it's growing, why doesn’t it feel like it?
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The OPEC price meter: The oil prices that #OPEC members need to balance their budgets
Profiles of Asia's aging tech titans who find it difficult to let go of the firms they built
The Kim family tree. Check out the interactive graphic on North Korea's dynasty. via @WSJ
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