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gaming trumpet music 1,217 followers
4v4 $1 wagers with weirdos Come watch
RT if you cri this is the kid talking shit to me
Any TO2s looking for a good 2 for Dallas? My friend who placed T17 at Anaheim needs two.
I have to sweat at 5 AM to win this should never happen
Just lost a dollar wager, tears.
People egoing or not responding is my motivation for grinding. Thanks to those who do.
Hmu for wagers, not trying to sleep
ColeChan literally has made my night 4 times today, lmfao.
Me and @DaddyCasper_pR need 1 for wagers just trying to chill.
W a g e r s or I'm going to sleep.
Never will I ever hate on success.
Glad ivy is making a name for himself, he deserves it.
Money is on the line who would you rather have on your team? Fav for Joey Retweet for bag of rocks
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Hahahaha deebo was going to make up lies to make my skype call awkward I'm in tears, I ended that shit HELLA quick
No variant classes no ScruFFuR
Variant with my SnD classes is awful man.
@OpTic_Scumper follow me again and we can talk about this
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Snd $8s xb1 RT appreciated
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These niggas just choked a 4v1 5-5 last map in Money 8s. IT WAS FUCKING CHIEF DEEBO THAT WON IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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