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gaming trumpet music 1,059 followers
The support I get from people in the variant community makes me glad I entered it
Guess I'm still an F/A for Dallas. 4k pro points, RTs are appreciated.
Lmfao if people are judging me for having a friend over and this ruins my opportunities Ima be salty.
I'll be 10x the player I am playing on east coast host vs East coast players, good practice
@JakeisTHELAW @ScruFFuR_FA jake you would literally be the worst teammate ever
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Need 1 to run for Dallas right now.
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Still running with people for Dallas need 1 to run.
Will give away my extra El Gato when @Erupt_IVY hit's 500 Rt and follow to enter (:
Bout to sell my copy of CoD host jesus
Incoming tweets
Struggle of the egos
Never playing wagers on one hour of sleep and being hung over onfgfff
Nadeshot deserves to be raped in the ass in prison by a huge black guy. Shit he would actually enjoy it! #greenwall
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Nadeshot should stick to shittily playing minecraft instead of shittily playing ghosts. Jeez it's like he enjoys sucking #greenwall
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Rod the fucking world
Anyone need 1 for the 4v4 on umg (360) in an hour or wana make a squad? rt if you see this please.
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Nadeshot keeps getting killed by these amateurs. It's sad that he expects his team to carry him #greenwall
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@Erupt_IVY Nadeshot is a piece of shit. Beat him so hard that he will cry himself to sleep and hopefully commit suicide. Fingers crossed!
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Watching Nadeshot get shit on by a pickup amateur team is like watching Jesus ride a triceratops, the most beautiful thing in the world
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Aye my dude ivy dropping 30 on optic gaming. Tell me I'm not the best captain I see potential from a mile away
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These kids just ended the game during blitz cuz one of there players lagged out I cri
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