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ScruFFuR eL God
My host is good for everyone
GGs carlmander, Sydney, mochi, and wifey. Remember I'm an eBoy 😉
can we all give a moment of silence..…
Need a team scrimmage
Me - Were shooting birds with shotguns and hitting em with bebe's. Scruffur - Your out there shooting bird's with bebe guns? LOL
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@ScruFFuR dude i've been waiting for u to annoucne ur org! big fan, cant wait to see ur future, MLG PRO!!
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Lmfao that made me laugh so hard
Everyone who lives in SoCal please go leave a comment on @Barredafication's YT Vid! He will host a Local LAN.…
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Just saw a god damn UFO
@NerdzurKa i swear he says to himself everytime he sees you "I wish I wore a rubber"
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Weeeee work work work
Do you ever get up from your chair from a long game sesh and your chair smells like shit?
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Wanna tickle my salami?
Lost a wager because Derrek was DMing his underage egirl all game.
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Some pelican looking bowl cut + god + 20 yr old virgin + dad dick…
Grab our 2.50 wager
LOOOOL THIS KID TWEETED ME OVER 2.50 a hahahahahahahaha noo
Apparently I'm some kids fan. Never heard of him and he asked me to follow him okay