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In case you missed it, Tina Fey's quote on the Kim Kardashian thing that really broke the internet. (via @BuzzFeed)
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Just posted a photo @ Natural History Museum, London
In one day I've discovered that pesto mayo and custard cream spread are both food stuffs that exist. God must know I'm on a healthy diet.
I'll Have What She's Having.
I've never had a dream come true, until today, when I heard the news that S Club 7 are reforming... #aintnopartylikeansclubparty
Watching "I wasn't alive in the eighties" week on X Factor is most depressing.
Just posted a photo @ The Roman Baths
No nonsense Nancy to win #GBBO. There, I said it.
I love you @Pret but I seriously do question your use of the English language. ('Loving handmade using natural ingredients in our kitchen')
6 Things We Embraced As Kids Which Make Us Feel Guilty Now
I have two problems. 1) Nothing to wear. 2) No room for all my clothes.
Just discovered old episodes of Sister Sister on YouTube. Whoever uploaded them, I love you.
An old blog I wrote in celebration of Mrs. Doubtfire, certainly worthy of a re-post today: #RIPRobinWilliams
What do you do when you make pesto for the first time & can't quite contain your own delight? Oh hey Twitter! #food
A train journey and @FirstAidKitBand feels like the perfect combo today. I might add in a little Taylor Swift cause you can't be too cool...
I'm off to buy myself an ice drink, a totally tropical nice drink.
You’re a wizard, Harry.
My (experimental) cauliflower pizza is officially in the oven. I don't know whether this makes me a health nut, or just a nut.
Fit for a (Disney) Princess
Maleficent has given me unrealistic expectations about cheekbones.
Losing all hope in Primark, until I spotted this lil' beaut....
"Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing." To Kill A Mockingbird #govekillsmockingbirds
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5 Things ‘Made In Chelsea’ Taught Me
Oh really? I never would have guessed... #safetyfirst
Am I 8 years old again or are jelly shoes fashionable? I want a pair immediately.
Ooh look, a new park in London. It's got some snazzy credentials. @ Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
The top five corporate Twitter fails... and to think we panic about a misplaced apostrophe. via @guardian
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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Zac Efron's taken his shirt off... As Mondays go, this one ain't half bad.
Escaping polluted and foggy London for fresh, Swiss mountain air today. Can't be bad. (gloating + tweeting = #gleeting)
Ronnie Mitchell is wearing my coat! I've got mixed feelings... But at least she's one of the classier birds on the Square. #Zara #Eastenders
Apparently someone searched for 'scruffy Marcus Mumford' on Google and got referred to my blog. I'm enjoying this fact.
The app that turns you into a speed reading superhero: #thischangeseverything
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Everything I eat today will probably pale in comparison to last night's @pattyandbunjoe experience. Damn you, burgers (& wings) of the gods.
Ah, the sweetness of pancake day, followed by the incessant wave of nausea of pancake night. For this year's lent, I shall give up pancakes.
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If burgers & words are two of your favourite things, get ready to salivate: (Don't worry, it's not rude #safeforwork)
Do you look at people your own age & feel inferior? I've written a blog on the subject. Now I need a little lie down:
There really should be fast and slow lanes on the pavements of London. It would make everyone's lives a whole lot easier.
Going out for dinner after work is not good for my productivity levels. So far I've spent a solid hour debating what I'm going to have.
Buzzfeed quizzes are taking over my life. I just clapped in appreciation of being told that I am a pug: via @BuzzFeed
If chick flicks have taught me anything, it’s the power of a good lip gloss! My blog on the best movie makeovers:
Hands up if you miss the nineties! This is target marketing at its finest: via @HuffPostUKTech
I just spent five actual minutes trying to get into a pack of new earphones. It felt like a scene straight out of Miranda.