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Who is the most caring person in your life? Let us know on @Oprah
Imagine what you want and go after it.
Step out of your comfort zone. Take a smart risk.
Be positively expectant about the day to come.
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"I am serious about blocking out time for home and work and when I am at either place, I'm there 100%" #WorkLife
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RT via @FastCompany: Women in tech share defining career moments that changed everything by @samleecole
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"In a world that’s changing rapidly, the very purpose of business–not just its practices–will come into question"
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Honor your inner child. Be gentle with her.
You are more than your sensations, thoughts and beliefs. You are greater than that.
Peace is being with what is. David Friedman
The power to heal is in your hands. Be kind to yourself.
You are enough. That's the bottom line.
Detours can be stepping stones. See them in that way.
Laugh a lot. Put more joy into your life.
Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the gift of self-love.
What are you grateful for today? Join our morning practice on @Oprah
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☯ "Anytime you Get Hate, Send out Love. Then Love will Come Back & You'll be Free" ~Wayne Dyer #quote
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☯ "Every Thought that U Have Impacts U. (Shift) from a Thought that Weakens to One that Strengthens" ~Wayne Dyer #quote
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☯ "Be Yourself & Run your Life by What you Know to be Right & in Harmony with your Spiritual Essence" ~Wayne Dyer #quote
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Risky Situations At Work Lead Women To Feel More Anxiety Than Men, Says Study via @HuffPostWomen
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"I want for myself what I want for other women: absolute #equality." #quote Agnes Macphail
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#Japan may be set for more women cabinet ministers following next week's shuffle.
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This apology by men to #India's women is enraging (in a good way), touching, and humorous all at the same time:
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Who is the person you miss the most when they aren't there? Tell us on @Oprah
What are you proud of today? Let us know on @Oprah
Do your best and let go of the rest.
Forgive yourself for making a mistake. You did the best you could at the time.
Know that you are destined to do something great. Believe that and you will.
What good thing are you going to do for yourself today? Tell us on @Oprah
Let something good be said. Change the conversation.
Be gentle with yourself. Practice self-love.
Take the opportunity, don't wait.
Speak your mind, don't hold it in.
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Scarlett Johansson Should Not Have To "Earn" A 'Black Widow' Movie
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How She Did It: Melissa Fensterstock on Launching a Luxury Perfume That Doubles As a Pesticide
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Three Things That Changed About #Millennials This Year, and One That Didn’t via @BW
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What are you proud of today? Let us know on @Oprah
Who is the sweetest person you know? Tell us on @Oprah
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