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Do you know what your boss really needs from you? Our coach has some great advice on how to deliver it.
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Shelly Esque knows what it takes to reach big goals. Read her tips on coaching yourself to win:
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Yes, it may take a long time to reach your goals. But the time will pass anyway, so give it a shot.
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What does your boss really want? Our coach has advice on how to give her what she's looking for.
Malala's Wisdom: 14 Quotes From This Inspiring 17-Year-Old Leader
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New Online Services Could Help Elders Manage Money, Avoid Financial Abuse
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Forbes staff writer @natrobe rounded up the world's highest-paid models of 2014 right here:
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Vintage Is Always In Style At New York's Jazz Age Lawn Party
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"Maybe if we treated men like they could handle child care, more of them would rise to the challenge."
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“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” #quote -George Carlin
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Should Women Have To Talk Sports To Get Ahead In Business? (The answer is no!) @Forbes @kathycaprino
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"Invest in women, invent in girls. Among human resources the most under-utilized is women’s power, women’s potential." #quote -Ban Ki-moon
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RT @Ehmee: Science Needs Women: if you haven't seen this video by @4womeninscience - you're missing out!
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Be true to yourself and you can't go wrong.
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