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Who is the person you care about the most? Tell us on @Oprah
Takeaway from keynote: Just Keep Moving!
Journalist Andrea Mitchell is delivering the keynote. Talks about women's rights as human rights.
David Cohen of Comcast is delivering remarks. He is talking about the focus of the organization and success of WICT.
The 2014 women in cable telecommunications opening session, founders speak and members thank them.
Reflect on your spiritual destiny. If you don't know what that is, take time to discover it.
Whatever the challenge in front of you, know you can handle it.
Don't settle for second best. You deserve the best.
What do you have to be grateful for today? Join us in our morning practice on @Oprah
What makes a courageous woman? Take a look at my new blog post.… #inspiration @Oprah
RT via @HuffPostTech: Women are thriving in tech - why are they still invisible? #ImpactX@CiscoCSR
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"I worked for an incredible boss who wasn't blinded by pregnancy'
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How would headlines read if men-like women-were defined by their children? "2 Fathers of 3..." via @washingtonpost
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What are you proud of today? Let us know on @Oprah
Who is the person who gives you the best advice? Let us know on @Oprah
Don't second-guess yourself. It is a waste of energy.
Trust your gut. It never lies.
Are you motivated by fear or love? Know where you are coming from. Choose love.
Have compassion for those who feel bad about themselves. They are doing the best they can.
Easy does it but do it. Love this.
How will you do something special for yourself today? Let us know on @Oprah
Now is the time for personal change. Take a step outside your comfort zone.
Say what's needed. Let your voice be heard.
Think bigger. You were meant for greatness.
What do you have to be grateful for today? Please join our morning practice on @Oprah
“It is by standing up for the rights of girls and women that we truly measure up as men.” #quote #HeForShe –Desmond Tutu
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"View women’s empowerment as human empowerment." Steps to integrating men into to women's advancement via @Forbes
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What paid maternity leave looks like around the world. How does your country measure up? infographic via @BuzzFeed
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Fun fact: Feminist conversation on Twitter has increased 300% over the past 3 yrs. @jess7bennett for @TIME:…
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Who is the person who makes you feel special? Tell us on
How can you be of service? Keep your focus on that and watch your life change.
Great new quote video APPRECIATE LITTLE THINGS. Take a look if you haven't seen it yet.…
What good thing have you done for yourself, or you will do for yourself, today? Let us know on @Oprah
Have faith in yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else well.
Know you are greater than any challenge you are facing.
Practice gratitude and see what happens.
Never give up on yourself. You were meant to shine.
Be strong, be brave, be resilient. Step out in a new way.
Honor all of your feelings. The painful ones are telling us something needs to change. Be open to the messages. #inspiration @Oprah
Look to your higher self today. Don't let anyone bring you down. #inspiration @Oprah
Endorse yourself for all you do, if you don't, no one else will. #inspiration @Oprah
What are you grateful for today? Join our morning practice on @Oprah
☯ "Love what you Do. Do what you Love!" ~Wayne Dyer #quote
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☯ "I Learn from Both Positive & Negative Experiences" ~Wayne Dyer #Affirmation #quote
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☯ "Be a Student. Stay Open and Willing to Learn from Everyone and Anyone." ~Wayne Dyer #quote
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☯ "Put All of your Energy & Attention into Visualizing ... It's then that Doors Begin to Open for You" ~Wayne Dyer #quote
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☯ "Learn to Appreciate What you Have & Where & Who you Are" ~Wayne Dyer #quote #gratitude
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☯ "Being Open to the Guidance of your Own True Nature will Free Others to Do the Same." ~Wayne Dyer #quote
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☯ We Learn Best by Offering What we Desire for Ourselves to as Many Individuals as we Can-as Frequently as we Can ~Dyer #quote
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