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Safe to say @GraceMeredew would get a bullet through her face
Hoey snorter aka @zoey_shorta when are u going to get rid of your herpes plagued anus you filthy sket??
They say she was gonna give the wop the N
I shall walk through the valley of the shadow of death and I shall fear no evil for I am the evilest mofo to walk through the valley #chavvy
I Want the N. I want the Norty.
impregnated a skank in bournemouth. #selectivebreeding
it was all a dream....
At the pub, being a chavvy doing chavvy things #bescared #couldbenearyou
If your happy and you know it slap a bitch
Someone said that @zoey_shorta and @stephaniehollaa were about that stoner life along with herpes and chlamydia #duttywokingskets
Einstein "if you've never made a mistake you've never tried anything new" @WokingChavvys will try anything, except @stephaniehollaa she grim
Franklin D.Roosevelt once said "the only thing to fear is fear itself" he clearly never met a chavvy #we'llfuckyourmum
Chavvys unite at the HQ
Just want a litre of voddy and a couple grams and I'll be set for an hour till I need more
I didn't choose the chavvy life the chavvy life chose me #chavvys4life
It's a hard knock life for us #blocklife
Anyone who's been saying they will get back into shape 'next year' have about 3 days to come up with a new excuse to be fat
Merry Xmas to all chavvys
GAY CREW are just a group of Pillow Biters
Started from the bottom... A chavvy tale
Hated by many.. Loved by a few.. Confronted by none. -RR