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WIRED Science
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Higher frame rates make movies look different. That poses opportunities--and challenges for film makers
Largest predator ever was like a crocodile/duck hybrid via @verge
Tech’s secret depression problem via @TheAtlantic
New smartphone study looks at how politics, religion and other factors influence everyday moral judgments
MIT scientists come up with an algorithm that predicts the motion of spinning space junk
Science looks beautiful when it’s knit into a quilt.
The Legend of the Kraken, a monster that hunts with its own poop
The Great Lakes has some great beer that we, you, and everyone else needs to try. via @Playboy
The newly-discovered “tetra-quark” fuels physics’ new quantum feud. by @nattyover
Data from 100 years of cinema hints at how movies have evolved to hold our attention
Happy Anniversary, Absurd Creature of the Week. Here’s the winner of the first annual tournament of absurdity.
The case for a firewall against extraterrestrial intelligence. via @NautilusMag
Paleontologists reveal Dreadnoughtus: The biggest dinosaur like, ever (for now). via @PopMech
Will concussions end the NFL? via @voxdotcom
Cuts in film scenes exploit the tools your brain uses to experience space and time
The Minnesota Vikings’ new stadium is a death trap for migratory birds. by @bug_gwen
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Cinematic cuts exploit how your brain cuts & edits what to see to create the movie you call your life…
Which creature is the most absurd of them all? Vote in the championship: Pink Fairy Armadillo vs Zombie Ants
Milky Way lives on outer edge of newly discovered supercluster of galaxies named Laniakea:
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The tragic story of a guy who thought he discovered a new type of radiation and thereby ruined his life.
Rediscovering the Rust Belt’s magnificent, abandoned railroad stations. via @ackurzius
There’s science to explain those “phantom" traffic jams that seem to come out of nowhere. via @NautilusMag
Vote! Tournament of Absurd Creatures Final Four: Zombie Ants v Giant Stingray and Bobbit Worm v Pink Fairy
Vote in our Tournament of Absurd Creatures! Today: Bobbit Worm vs Bombardier Beetle and Zombie Ants vs Pistol Shrimp:
It's not just dogs: Wolves' yawns are contagious too.
Our Absurd Creature of the Week is a 100-ft-long jelly thing that deploys a curtain of death
What’s living in your bellybutton?
Which is the most adorably absurd creature? Pink Fairy Armadillo vs. Parrotfish. You decide:
Cinema Science: How movies synchronize the brains of audience members.
Scientists recode memories from bad to good inside the brains of mice.
Today’s matchups in the Tournament of Absurd Creatures: Who has the freakiest sex and who’s the king of the giants?
Salamanders. They’re those hairy creatures that live in fire and spew poison milk from their mouths, right?
The ingredients that give Sriracha its perfect combination of flavor, heat, and texture.
Fingernails seem to grow faster than toenails. What's up with that?
#NickiMinaj, #Beyonce need not apply. RT @wiredscience: Vote for Best Butt: Pearlfish vs. Bombardier Beetle:
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Vote for Best Butt in our tournament of absurd creatures. Pearlfish vs. Bombardier Beetle:
Yesterday's absurd results: Bobbit Worm defeats Goblin Shark, Pistol Shrimp beats Hagfish. Vote in today's matchups:
Gravitational lensing yields best view yet of this galactic collision.
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How movies manipulate your brain to keep you entertained.
Which Absurd Creature of the week is the most absurd of all? Vote for your favorite in our Tournament of Absurdity!
Physicists are starting to think that things like scale and mass are illusions. by @nattyover
Turns out the US has its very own species of ant-zombifying fungus.
How to think your way through Google’s insane, open-ended interview questions.
Social weavers are birds that build nests big enough to bring down a tree.