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WIRED Science
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The fierce rivalry that fueled the discovery hundreds of exoplanets.
The tricky ethics of intergalactic colonization.
The startup that sends people messages from their dead loved ones.
The xkcd guide to the universe’s most bizarre physics.
Time moves differently for astronauts and satellites.
Science helps this elephant illusion stomp on your brain’s sense of reality.
Ants regularly pack up and dig new nests, and nobody knows why
How optical illusions break your brain with science.
Astronaut Marsha Ivins reveals what it feels like to live in space.
An oral history of the movie that captured the wild, early days of the space race.
Ah, ye olden tymes, when all it took to snag a unicorn was a beautiful, young virgin for bait.
How your political persuasion distorts your sense of reality
These optical illusions trick your brain with science.
Is the Big Bang’s afterglow hiding evidence of multiple universes? via @QuantaMagazine
Why does my beer taste like a skunk’s bathwater?
An app is learning to answer all your farming and gardening questions.
Photos and artifacts from one of history’s deadliest volcanic eruptions
Bucket-face deer, the “Goose Truce", and more of this week’s weird animal news.
This lovely little sea monster uses its effed up teeth to attract prey.
Gallery of photos from the surface of a comet
Take a video tour of the lab where scientists supercharge the world’s top athletes.
Bees talk by dancing, and when sleep deprived their moves get super clumsy.
Humans or robots: Who are the real heroes of deep sea exploration?