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WIRED Science
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No threat of outbreak from US ebola patient, says CDC chief.
Your accent was encoded on your infant brain before you spoke your first word.
The gadzillions of plankton swimming in the seas could be altering ocean currents. by @aisneed
Here’s why Japan’s sophisticated volcano monitoring system couldn’t predict the #Ontake #eruption by @eruptionsblog
If someone secretly controlled what you say, would anyone notice?
Sorry, even underwater you aren’t safe from spiders.
Three ways to visualize the slowly melting nightmare at the North Pole.
Crops bred to resist pesticides could lead to an agricultural catastrophe: weeds with the same powers. by @9brandon
Global commerce could change the way scientists calculate biodiversity.
Scientists find atmospheric water on a planet far, far, far away. via @washingtonpost
Europe’s insane history of putting animals on trial and sentencing them to death.
Scientists may have accidentally misread space dust as evidence of the Big Bang. by @nattyover
Species around the world are already feeling the pinch from climate change. via @nytimes
Have you ever felt your cellphone vibrating when it's not? What's up with that?
Ancient campfires may have led to the birth of storytelling. by @mbalter via @sciencemagazine
How information theory could hold the key to quantifying nature. by @vero_greenwood
Absurd Creature of the Week: This parasitic worm turns snails' eyes into caterpillar decoys
The ape uprising begins. RT @maragrunbaum: Here is a video of an orangutan stealing a canoe.
This bizarre organism builds itself a new genome every time it has sex
The psychology behind why you and your friends all like the same awesome music.
"A phone that runs on sandwiches would last about 5 times as long as a Lithium-ion powered phone." by @rjallain
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The complete six-part series on the science of cinema. by @dosmonos
Ebola will kill tens to hundreds of thousands more humans without immediate action, experts warn. by @marynmck
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Higher frame rates make movies look different. That poses opportunities--and challenges for film makers
Largest predator ever was like a crocodile/duck hybrid via @verge
Tech’s secret depression problem via @TheAtlantic
New smartphone study looks at how politics, religion and other factors influence everyday moral judgments
MIT scientists come up with an algorithm that predicts the motion of spinning space junk
Science looks beautiful when it’s knit into a quilt.
The Legend of the Kraken, a monster that hunts with its own poop
The Great Lakes has some great beer that we, you, and everyone else needs to try. via @Playboy
The newly-discovered “tetra-quark” fuels physics’ new quantum feud. by @nattyover
Data from 100 years of cinema hints at how movies have evolved to hold our attention
Happy Anniversary, Absurd Creature of the Week. Here’s the winner of the first annual tournament of absurdity.
The case for a firewall against extraterrestrial intelligence. via @NautilusMag
Paleontologists reveal Dreadnoughtus: The biggest dinosaur like, ever (for now). via @PopMech
Will concussions end the NFL? via @voxdotcom
Cuts in film scenes exploit the tools your brain uses to experience space and time
The Minnesota Vikings’ new stadium is a death trap for migratory birds. by @bug_gwen
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Cinematic cuts exploit how your brain cuts & edits what to see to create the movie you call your life…
Which creature is the most absurd of them all? Vote in the championship: Pink Fairy Armadillo vs Zombie Ants
Milky Way lives on outer edge of newly discovered supercluster of galaxies named Laniakea:
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The tragic story of a guy who thought he discovered a new type of radiation and thereby ruined his life.
Rediscovering the Rust Belt’s magnificent, abandoned railroad stations. via @ackurzius
There’s science to explain those “phantom" traffic jams that seem to come out of nowhere. via @NautilusMag
Vote! Tournament of Absurd Creatures Final Four: Zombie Ants v Giant Stingray and Bobbit Worm v Pink Fairy
Vote in our Tournament of Absurd Creatures! Today: Bobbit Worm vs Bombardier Beetle and Zombie Ants vs Pistol Shrimp:
It's not just dogs: Wolves' yawns are contagious too.
Our Absurd Creature of the Week is a 100-ft-long jelly thing that deploys a curtain of death