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WIRED Science
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The wasp whose sting implants its victims with mind controlling larvae.
Remember the Italian scientists convicted of manslaughter for L'Aquila quake deaths? They're appealing the decision:
So Lockheed Martin says it's made a big advance in nuclear fusion… #factcheck
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Italian geoscientists appeal ridiculous manslaughter conviction for 2009 L'Aquila quake fatalities (by @davidwolman)
Scientifically, what’s the worst way to die? via @motherboard
Earth, as seen from the Moon, and other artistic visions of the universe.
The bloody, treacherous, deadly, and yeah, occasionally sexy, history of the mermaid.
Ebola, rabies, SARs. Why are bats such great hosts for some of humanity’s worst diseases?
How a simple system of statistics could completely transform American medicine.
What’s up with that: Why does the flavor of wine change as it ages?
Beautiful new photos of Earth from space taken by @planetlabs enormous flock of minisatellites
Ebola’s US landfall highlights how we've neglected basic procedures for infectious disease control. by @marynmck
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Here’s how doctors are already making 3D printed body parts.
Learn to make Stone Age tools and help scientists understand the origins of language.
Beautiful planned cities seen from space (WIRED Classic gallery from 2012).
Comb jellies: Tiny undersea ravers of death.
Social spiders show biologists how evolution might drive altruism. via @QuantaMagazine
Explore the ocean deep using the most detailed ever interactive map of the sea floor.
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Your beer attracts fruit flies on purpose. by @aisneed
Should it still be legal to imprison chimpanzees against their will? by @9brandon
Will the US plan to screen passengers for Ebola work? by @marynmck
The earth has an anus, and other insane teachings from the guy who invented airlines.
How did the Nobel Prize come to be the most important award on the planet?
Watch Mount St. Helens Erupt in 1980 with an awesome animated view from space (@eruptionsblog)
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Spacewalk! A beautiful view as @astro_reid takes Expedition 4's first jaunt outside the ISS.
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Watch Live Now: Total lunar eclipse turns the moon red:
Watch the total lunar eclipse live starting at 2 am PT / 5 am ET
Our Spider of the day is Archer! He's into hiking, movies about Greek Mythology and hiding in noses.
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This Bill Gates portrait was painted for the Nov 2000 cover of WIRED. Now it could be yours.
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How did the Nobel Prize become the biggest award on the planet?
Up for bids: This contraption is the first electric keyboard (+ more sci & tech history gems)
Up For Bids: Apple 1 motherboard hand-built by Woz (~$400k) + more science & tech history gems
Beyond the Nobel: what scientists are learning about navigation and the human brain
The backalley stray dogs that became Soviet space heroes.
WIRED classic gallery: Oldest Trees on the Planet
The biology of ebola, and why infected people are not contagious before they show symptoms.
The up-close view of the erupting Iceland volcano from a drone is amazing (photos and video)
Reno is ground zero for the upstart drone economy. via the brand new @CalSunday
What you should, and should not, worry about in the US Ebola case. by @slugnads