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5.3 million years of sea level change on one cliff face
New exoplanet could be Earth's cousin, or something totally alien
These bugs have sex-reversed genitalia and do it for 70 hours
Neuroscientist Kent Kiehl describes what its like spending 20 years listening to psychopaths
How funky do you want your music to be? Science recommends medium funk-levels
RT @wiredsciblogs: How scientists breed Galapagos Islands giant tortoises, by @jj_marlow
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A patient's bizarre pizzeria hallucination helps neuroscientists understand our sense of place
All the best spacecraft ever built, compared by size
African hunter-gatherers have gut microbiomes unlike anything ever seen before
Hooray, everyone's paying attention to "Peggy," a potential new moon forming in Saturn's rings
Moon entering full Earth shadow and changing color in just a few minutes! #sweet
Spectacular live telescope feeds of the total lunar eclipse from @Slooh starts now
It's a total lunar eclipse! We've got all the ways to watch the event online, starting now
There's a live @Slooh show of Mars' closest approach to Earth and we've got a link at
How flesh-eating Strep bacteria evolved into an epidemic
El NiƱo might make a comeback this year, and it could be a big one
Animation shows Washington landslide traveling at 60 mph!