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Money is pouring into tech like it's 1999-and that's not good
Aww... Thanks for the kind words, @WIRED:… See @tuskthemovie - now playing in many empty theaters near you! #WalrusYes
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Today, MIT students are battling the state's demand for their Bitcoin mining source code
A radical, but possible, plan to connect African nations with cargo-hauling drones
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The best hope of shielding your metadata from the NSA was invented by a middle-school dropout in his spare time
Cops can still pull data off your locked iPhone, in spite of Apple. Here's how:
This shirt pocket shields your cellphone from NSA tracking
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Terry Gilliam on his epic new dystopian film, "The Zero Theorem"
(1 of 3) The first box of Crayolas rolled off the production line 101 years ago, and today the company’s Easton, Pennsylvania, factory turns out 12 million crayons a day. In the September issue of WIRED, we look at how Crayola makes its iconic color sticks. // After the paraffin wax is melted, mixed
(2 of 3) ROYGBIV colors come off the line every day, but exotics—periwinkle, say—must wait until the factory is making larger packs. Then operators feed the sticks into funnels, which drop one of each color onto a platform so a mechanical arm can sweep them into a box. (📷 Bryan Derballa | @lovebrya
(3 of 3) A laser etches a date code on the cardboard, and a metal detector makes sure nothing but crayon is inside. Then, robotic packing machines bundle the boxes onto pallets, or into the cardboard display cases that await lucky kids in the school supplies aisle. (📷 Bryan Derballa | @lovebryan)
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Kevin Smith's "Tusk" could do wonders for the horror genre. Here' why:
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