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Covering a balloon with papier-mâché, letting it harden, and popping it to leave behind a delicate empty shell is a grade school arts and crafts tradition. For architect Nicoló Bini it’s a technique that’s become a guiding obsession, one which he believes could transform architecture in the developi
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You are looking at the most precise gravity map ever made of a distant galaxy cluster. Using the map, astronomers have determined that the cluster is roughly 650,000 light-years across and contains enough matter to make 160 trillion suns. More at (📷 ESA/Hubble, NASA, HST Frontier Fields)
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Perceptronium: A hypothetical form of matter that possesses a sort of consciousness. It could be built for use in computers. #JargonWatch
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Another species of satanic leaf-tailed gecko, in all its glory
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Amazon's cloud is growing so fast that it's scaring shareholders