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Finally, Cher's clothes-picking computer program from "Clueless" is real
What 800 nerds on a cruise ship taught me about life, the universe, and snorkeling
Assassin spiders use their mega long jaws to grab other spiders w/o getting bit themselves.
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(1/3) A new book called Inventions That Didn’t Change the World is a compilation of 19th century design ideas that were submitted to the U.K.'s Design Registry, but then never saw the light of day. Why not combine your parasol and eyeglasses into one device? Three monocle-like pieces of glass are in
(2/3) The "design for a corset with expansible busts" was a Victorian era push-up bra: india rubber or air proof bags could have been blown up to enhance the wearer's bust line. (🎨 The National Archives UK)
(3/3) Some ideas have obvious pitfalls, like this glove that comes with a coin purse stitched into the palm. See more 19th century inventions that didn't change the world at (🎨 The National Archives UK)
Review: This axe's ingenious design takes the effort out of splitting wood
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The world’s goofiest-looking spider is actually a brutal ninja
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If cavemen had CAD, this is the home they’d design
Finally, Cher's clothes-picking computer program from "Clueless" is real
What 800 nerds on a cruise ship taught me about life, the universe, and snorkeling
What if drones stopped going to war and started taking selfies?
Photos: The weird and wonderful critters that basically rule the world
A startup has taken Elon Musk up on his challenge to develop & build the Hyperloop
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When Elon Musk unveiled his idea for the Hyperloop in 2013, no one seemed sure what the next step would be. The Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO dropped a 57-page alpha white paper on us, noting he didn’t really have the time to build a revolutionary transit system that would shoot pods full of people ar