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Hedgehog Trader
Astrology-wise, this month is likely to keep traders off-balance. So tread cautiously, use stops.
Bottom fishers be patient and watch $GDX:GLD for a strong upward move/trigger, before going long
Jerks at Marriott Pay $600,000 Fine for Blocking Guests’ Wi-Fi Hotspots…
Pig in Australia Steals 18 Beers from Campers, Gets Drunk, Fights Cow… #NFLhopeful
@HedgehogTrader @bocajoes $EURUSD already down 1300 pips. Gartman clearly confused on definition of "beginning." #euro #dollar
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Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they really are.
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Commercials Betting On Big Dollar Downturn $$$
Ha! Fortunately, avoided the temptation :D once it turned into a milkshake. That is, totally liquified. @lalaruza74
Metals vastly oversold from naked shorting, Sprott contends: GATA
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Gartman just declared $USD is beginning a bull market. Seriously, is there any more reliable top indicator?
So what multiple would the market assign to a company with the world's only truly unbreakable encryption protection?
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@HedgehogTrader @AGORACOM Any day we will see some marginal gold mines shut down. We are now at average world-wide cost of producing gold.
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@HedgehogTrader For a change, @NYTimeskrugman and I are on the same page. Hard for Fed to pull the rate trigger so long as official CPI sags
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Ted, I have to say it is compelling to see the Venture Exchange flat despite the carnage in gold and mining stocks. @TedDixon
@HedgehogTrader Good time for a shopping list. Some compelling bargains out there while others my have more downside
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btw I timed that Sprott joke to coincide with a bounce in miners. $JNUG
On a day like this, I hope Eric Sprott's penthouse windows are nailed closed @AGORACOM @allanbreports $GDX
It proved wise to heed the lack of outperformance in $HUI:GLD earlier this week- and our use of stops.
It's a ghoulish October day and Freddy's back! $FMCC
Watching $IVAN right now. A Robert Friedland creation :) @CWebNorthof60
After today's beat-down, we should rename $JNUG Kim JNUG Il
Some positive divergence in spite of weak gold and silver prices -- the Venture Exchange $CDNX is up 0.25% @TedDixon
Thinking $JNUG is going to be a great buy midday
The best way to tell when the correction is be over is when metal falls and metal stocks do a U-turn en masse. @AGORACOM @allanbreports
Possible final purge today and up on Monday. @AGORACOM @allanbreports
Time for @Vadiumtech unbreakable encryption RT @ForbesTech JP Morgan says 76 million households affected by breach
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American cameraman working for NBC News in Liberia has tested positive for #Ebola, the network says.
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Stalking the miners ... in one of the next 2 trading days we could see them start to perk. $GDX
@HedgehogTrader @AGORACOM @TSXAlerts I would like to hear the response from Xylitol regarding this bloggers post.
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Jon Stewart Compares White House Security to 'Home Alone'
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Steven Cohen Urges Court to Dismiss Ex-Wife’s Fraud Suit via @BloombergNews
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What's the Ebola ETF again? ;)
Key to any miners rally is HUI:GLD ratio which is now pretty flat +0.6%
Our Alpha 1 signal predicts large price movement tomorrow morning in fuel cell stocks, especially $FCEL
If they stay flat, I think we may see miners make another run in 30-40 mins.
Coal $KOL and coal stocks $ANR $ACI still getting blasted #commodities
Miners outperforming by just 0.1% on a gold up-day is something to watch.
If Copper has bottomed, watch Taseko Mines $TGB for a rebound today.
Is the current anxiety in markets a contrarian sign as we enter 4Q? ...
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Agreed. Sprott has been wrong on the stock market for how many years? Friedland has mucho dinero, a major help! :) @CWebNorthof60
@HedgehogTrader I agree on the Sprott comment. Friedland flat out hits winners...
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Last year we bought $PLUG @ 70 cents & it hit $11 high in 5 months. Metals are not only game in town. Sprott = misleading. @CWebNorthof60
Unfortunately, 3-4 year mini-bear means there are a lot of degrees of beaten down to navigate :) @CWebNorthof60 @stockhouse @StoxApp
True. But the more profits you generate, there more you can pour into miners when they are ready to rumble. #food4thought @CWebNorthof60