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Hedgehog Trader
Florida family finds $1 million in treasure from sunken Spanish armada…
$GDX:GLD higher lows since month low
Investors Warned on Withdrawals From Carlyle Hedge Fund
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Full Moon coming soon! $SPY
Mining stocks are going to launch with a vengeance in August! #prediction #AlphaSignals
Recent massive layoffs in mining far surpass anything in the past 15 years (via Bloomberg and BLS).
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Trying to understand the idea that rising rates are an automatic negative for gold. Not finding it.
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@HedgehogTrader Right off the 200DMA! Such high leverage with those unloved miners.
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Algos and Dark Pools both bought into the lows on $SPY thus far.
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Fannie Mae ups its outlook for home sales
Mega armoured vehicle made in Toronto by hand attracts the rich and powerful… via @YahooCanadaNews
Kirill, I actually have something very interesting to share with you - via email. I'll be in touch soon. @kirillklip
However, limits be damned - I am only getting warmed up! ;) @kirillklip
Thanks for the shout out, I love it! :) Guard that gold vault TNR Gold. :)…
15-year-old schoolboy develops test for Alzheimer's disease | via @Telegraph…
$MUX up +17% since morning mention!
Stocks just did something they haven't done since 1904 via @themoneygame
More insider buying among majors this year than in last 10 years. Insiders are often early but good to see. cc: @TedDixon @inkresearch
Thanks! I've been around a while - plundered metals/miners since 2001 & expanded to other explosive sectors when they snoozed. @24Kt_Steve
I love gold + silver + mining stocks as trading instruments - there are good & bad periods to own them. Permabulls like Sprott get killed.
Many forget $MUX is a silver play- many people forget that. It's a great call option on the metal. @Richcue1
I like that CEO Rob McEwen is paying himself to perform - by owning shares rather than a salary. Shareholders first. @Richcue1
Mining stocks lead the price of the precious metals, so miners' performance is key over the next few months. @Richcue1
Believe it or not, I do. Gold remains in a bull market which began in 2001-02, despite being in a cyclic bear since 2011. @Richcue1
Why, you asked? My spidey sense was tingling $MUX @Richcue1 #AlphaSignals
Big hat tip to @TedDixon for the Gartman link!
Spotlight: NASA finds Earth's bigger, older cousin 1,400 light years away
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When you see gold, oil and copper all in a free-fall, it's typically at the end of a nasty capitulation that people wish they'd bought.
True. He is the most valued market indicator left.…
It's true- so many knobs, so little time to identify them!…
I don't see much positive in the way of sentiment overall. Perhaps we need Gartman to weigh in bearishly on gold as well :) @Brenda_Kelly
Commodities are in a washout pattern- we need to see gold fall one morning while miners turn up. That's the final cue decline is over.
USA Today has "Oil Falls Under $50" on the cover and some knob on CNBC called gold "a pet rock" #contrarian
Gartman: "We have the makings of a protracted bear market." The all-clear has been given!… #contrarian
Affluent over 50s are 'drinking at harmful levels'
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Body of mystery man decomposed in car with 1,200 guns, ammunition, $230,000 in cash at home - Yahoo News Canada…
You can thank our proprietary Alpha Signals for that!…
Today's Morning INK report stock commentary is free on Canadian Insider. Featured stock: NioGold #Mining $NOX #gold
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Bill Gates is buying more Canadian National Railway stock $CNR.CA $CNI
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