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Michael Clark
Ok so my daughter looks like one of those Star Wars ewoks that just fell off a desert rover
Enjoy the awards tonight, @ConanOBrien. And remember - the best host always has beer.
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This little miracle has turned my world upside down. One look at her and my heart bursts
Three girls struggling with childhood cancer. How big do your problems seem now?
You can teach P&L. Scheduling. Workflow. You can't teach passion. Drive. Vision. Remember that
@clarkneur So true! My daughter left 3 yrs. ago and went to Twitter, and Tumbler.
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We are living in the 2nd industrial revolution. We are going through the biggest cultural change of all time. Pay attention #businesstips
11 million youth have fled Facebook. Where are they going? TWITTER #businesstips
“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.” – Arthur Schopenhauer
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........I Am what I am and What is funny Is that I Can still Smile
Wake up tomorrow morning and change your life forever. That thing you fear most? Do it! Do it until you OWN IT
Want success? Self educate. Self educate. Self educate. Mentors. Mentors. Mentors. #businesstips
The most successful companies in the world don't sell. They don't market. They FASCINATE - Sally Hogshead
Execute against your DNA. STOP doing things you HATE. What do you LOVE? DO THAT - Gary Vaynerchuk
That amazing feeling when she's on your shoulder and no matter what you do she sleeps soundly because she trusts you
People are looking for a moment, an experience. Be that moment, that experience, and you'll change the world one person at a time
Your iPhone will charge twice as fast in Airplane Mode #businesstips
I DO believe in LUCK. I believe the HARDER you WORK, the LUCKIER you'll get #business
Just looking into her eyes puts the goofiest grin on my face and all the problems in the world no longer matter
You know you have a baby when you catch yourself humming tunes from the Fisher Price cradle swing while you do the dishes
When you meet the other half of your soul You'll understand why the others let you go