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I can't so I shan't.
All of these are doctors and Howard isn't, just think about that.
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Amy didn't appreciate this, maybe you guys will.
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✂️cuts📄 📄covers👊🏻 👊🏻crushes🐊 🐊poisons🖖🏻 🖖🏻smashes✂️ ✂️decapitates🐊 🐊eats📄 📄disproves🖖🏻 🖖🏻vaporises👊🏻 and as it always has 👊🏻crushes✂️
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Finlash kanina si Wolowitz HAHAHAHHAA
K: May test daw sa Math. M: Yun pa lang ang nami-miss natin? K: Ako, may nami-miss pa. Kaloka. @PiscesAddict
Hahahahaha. Echos.
Do you enjoy killing me
I swear you'll be the death of me
We were the kings and queens of promise, we were the victims of ourselves.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA at least may wifi hays :((((
Tears. :---(
Hahahahahahahahahahahang hirap. We die. #MCLCup2015 #ChemQuiz2015 😭 #MTVStarss One Direction
When you want to forget your regrets, I'll try to fix you~…
Mixed drinks, mixed feelings of elation. 😌😊
"Senpai, what does it mean when a person tells you to die when you wish them goodluck?!?!" 😂😂😂❤️
You say I push my luck, but I can't get enough. If this was just a one time thing, why are you still here with me? 🎶
me: but this book seems like it will break my heart and make me cry ew me: let's read it
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Woah, medyo cute lang naman ang update ng fb. Hahaha
"Pakibilisan na lang, Ligaya." Hahahahaha ship!!! #PSYSomewhereDownTheRoad Surry. 😂
Elijah so cute
"I didn't." "You shouldn't." 😌
"Nobody cares about you than you do. Everybody will leave you, except you." 😊
"Kindness doesn't mean letting other people step over you to cross a bridge, it is letting them pass first. Learn the difference."
"..rely on yourself. Some people can try to pick you up but you'll fall down as soon as they let go, and they will."
"You don't owe anybody any sacrifices, what you sacrifice should be your choice ALONE."
Klarijah. 👌�#MadeInTheAMAM#MTVStarsrs One Direction
Shimogen, hai! ❤️
Orayt, baka mas madami pang maisagot si JA sa amin. Hahahahahahaha
"Noon nakahiwalay ang team, ngayon kayo na din ang team."
19, Chem. 21, Math. Pullout na naman chumoro. 3rd grading y so busy???

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