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Wil Wheaton
That time we went into the shoe store for Anne, and walked out with two pair of fancy shoes for me.
Superfluous question mark is superfluous.?
I just said, "I really like the way these shoes make the cuffs of my pants break," and now I don't know who I am.
Buying books online is convenient. Buying them in a bookstore is an EXPERIENCE.? I <3 you, @Powells.
I need a nap. I really need, like, five naps. Insomnia is a dick, especially when you have an early morning flight.
<3 Bastion. MT @SupergiantGames:... our first game, Bastion, it's currently 75% off on Steam!
Uh mah glob, yah guys. Uh. Mah. Glob.
But I have w00tstout and Wu-Tang, and my dogs think I’m the best. So suck it, stupidsphere, I win.
When the stupidsphere decides you said something you didn’t say, and DEMANDS YOU RESPOND to their stupidity. Get a life, people.
En garde. I'll let you try my wu-tang style.…
To be clear: I haven’t liked U2 since Zooropa, but A Sort of Homecoming and Joshua Tree are forever my jam.
You may think you’re annoyed, but you’ll never be my-cat-when-I-won’t-let-him-outside annoyed. He’s complaining like he got a free U2 album.
Also, if you’re coming to Rose City Comicon this weekend, I like craft beer. I thought you should know that. Because reasons. Okay.
If you’re coming to Rose City Comicon this weekend, and you bring your 3DS, there’s a good chance we can Streetpass each other.
Incredibly productive (and fun) day, playtesting for #Tabletop. Our game list is almost entirely locked, and will be finished next week.
Pandemic Contagion is won by @sirwheaton with 65 points. I'm I'm second with 64. We don't talk about @thegamesmith.
Pandemic Contagion is similar to Roll Through The Ages and Smash Up. Fun, but not unique enough for #Tabletop.
Hey whatever happened to those rebels we trained and armed in Afghanistan a few decades back
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we always find a way to be wildly inappropriate. #Tabletop @AnneWheaton got 2 points from me for being terrible
In general, I don't like party games, but we're having a surprisingly good time with Word Whimsy. #Tabletop
We like Concept so much, we think we may have figured out a way to make it work on #Tabletop.
My son, @sirwheaton, just observed that Charades is a communication game for actors, while Concept is for writers. We love this game.
I REALLY like Concept. It's a great abstract, communication, party game. I'm not sure it works for #Tabletop.
Eddie Murphy's dad getting the lyrics to Ain't Too Proud To Beg wrong. #Lillian
You cannot run from a trainer battle!
Today, we are playtesting some light, casual, silly games for #Tabletop. We'll probably pick one, maybe two.
Just thinking out loud, here: maybe instead of providing weapons to schools, America could provide adequate funding for, you know, education
Why the fuck does a school district need GRENADE LAUNCHERS and M16s?! Get your shit together, America. You’re embarrassing yourself.
Los Angeles schools will return grenade launchers but will keep dozens of M16s they received from surplus program…
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Today was a very long day, but totally worth how tired I am now, because I worked on stuff for #Tabletop the whole time.
Wow. RT @DogeTheDog: Wow So Wil Very Wheaton Such photo Much shop
Wow what a close game that was! I win, 32 to 31. #tabletop
Super intense Takenoko with @thegamesmith is super intense. #Tabletop
So @thegamesmith and I are unwinding with a hard-core game of heads up Takenoko. Luna is not impressed.
We started Forbidden Desert on elite difficulty. Here's where we finished. #Tabletop
WOW did we barely survive Forbidden Desert! Loved this game, and it's on the list for #Tabletop season three.
We are now trying to survive a Forbidden Desert. #tabletop
I liked Epic Spell Battle, but I'm not sure I liked it enough to put on #Tabletop. Gonna play it again, when I'm not in a strategy mood.
Cookie eating process: Step 1: locate cookie. Step 2: pick up cookie. Step 3: oh, who me kidding, me can’t wait any longer! Om nom nom!
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We are now having an Epic Spell Battle. #Tabletop
Stone Age is absolutely on the list for #Tabletop season three. Z-Man games, make sure you have a lot in print!
I love Stone Age. I can't believe I haven't played this before, and I hope it will work for #tabletop
After production meeting, we go back to #tabletop playtesting! Starting with Stone Age today.
#Tabletop production meeting! Sheri, Ryan, me, Adam, and Jen are making the show happen!