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Wil Wheaton
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Inbox: 1304. Um. Oh, sorry, 1305. Again: Um. 1306?! Jesus Fucking Fuck.
I want this to be A Thing, now. Make more of these, Internet! RT @Brandtkofton: @wilw @BenShroyer @AlCreed
I love this!! MT @BenShroyer: RT @AlCreed: Star Trek: The Next Generation! #8BitAugust
Really great that the president is talking about extremely important things, and the press is obsessed with his suit. Great work, gang.
BLOG: Thank you for all your game suggestions, and a note to publishers.
Editing videos, choosing games for #Tabletop, and drinking all the coffee in the world. Not a bad Thursday, so far.
White teen acts erratically, attacks police, TAKES & FIRES COPS GUN. Don't worry, he's fine. #BeingAPersonAndAll
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“Go ahead, screen capture this and tweet it you piece of shit” ummm… ok. I’m not afraid of strawman "rebuttals".
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dejected arr
It’s pretty hilarious to me that Riley looks super stoned in that picture. As far as I know, she isn’t taking even one marijuana drugs.
I enjoy sitting on counters.
"DIY" is the crux of punk culture. The internet makes that possible for us Support creators. It's our rent money, beer money. Our art money.
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Even if you are not a gamer, educate yourself about what's been going on. It's fucking horrifying.…
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Because of course there are no charges. RT @BoingBoing: No charges for off-duty cop who killed teen…
Booster packs and the like are the #Tabletop version of “pay to win” in-app purchases, and I hate them.
This lives on the couch in my gameroom, now. Thanks,!
First day of playtesting for #Tabletop, with @thegamesmith. Our current list has 55 games, and we'll choose 20.
Kittens are cute, and High Fidelity is an amazing movie. #TrueFacts
They're MINERALS, Marie!
When you’re not watching the Emmys, but getting the gist of the broadcast from the people you follow on Twitter. #butts
When the walrus says, “Call the poliiiiiicccceeeee…”