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Wil Wheaton
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when people are like "you do a great job protecting your skin from the sun!! how???" // I'm like "there is great wifi at my house"
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RT @AnneWheaton: It took 10 episodes before I was brave enough to do it, but I TOTALLY DID IT. #VandalEyes
When you see a woman at the taping of your show, and you think "she looks like Jennifer Lopez," and then you find out she IS Jennifer Lopez.
If a politician tries to limit your ability to vote, that's a strong signal to do everything you can to vote against him/her.
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When Hagrid tells Harry that he's a wizard.
I read The Stinky Cheese Man to Ryan and Nolan almost every night before bed when they were little. I still love that book.
You can’t catch me, I’m the Stinky Cheese Man!!
MT @AthenaWriteMore: I said it as a joke, but I can confirm that since @wilw left Oregon, so has the sunshine. O__O he has real super powers
BLOG: two pictures from portland, and a short story.
<heavy breathing>
Me: OHH! IMA GO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE #BLOODMOON! One goddamn fucking cloud: Oh hey what’s up, bro? *flex* Me: Really? Cloud: You mad, bro?
@wilw Also, you live on a rock so giant that it casts a shadow you can see thousands of miles away on another (less) giant rock. #bloodmoon
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@wilw I've got a better one.. I'm orbiting a rock, that's orbiting another rock, hurtling through space. That's meta. :-)
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Looking up at the #bloodmoon, I see Mars and another star, and realize that I live on a rock, hurtling through space. I think that's cool.
I almost forgot: happy Passover!
Watching Tales From the Darkside and having w00tstout, while I wait for the #bloodmoon, as you do.
To be honest, I spent most of the day thinking Blood Moon was the show everybody hated that was on after Breaking Bad. Again, I am ashamed.
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I present that last RT as an example of the current level of tea bagger "cleverness" and "wit", because I'm so impressed.
I'm going to go outside during the total lunar eclipse, look up, and I will quietly whisper, "turn around, bright eyes."
I can always tell when something I tweeted gets into the stupidsphere, because of the amazing tapestry of strawmen and talking points I get
Your MOM is too deep for the submarine!
"Open the door, so we can come out and play!" "I'M A DOG!"
This is pretty damn perfect. - Drinking a Stone Saison by @StoneBrewingCo -
My dogs just left my office, which strangely coincided with me finishing my sandwich. They must have pressing matters in the back yard.