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Wil Wheaton
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Dang. Well, at least it exists! RT @greenfourth: @wilw The Croods beat ya to the bearowl :(
MT @GeekandSundry: Love @tabletop? Join in on our conversation with @wilw about Season 3:
And, as ever, here’s your old pal Advisor Wheaton with a spiffy video (with jokes!) that explains it all for you:…
Advisor Wheaton says: The Stone Tablet is in Level 3 Mountains! Join @DoAMobile sponsored event at
So in 10 minutes I’ll start my @tabletop hangout, AND Advisor Wheaton will have a NEW @DoAMobile quest for you. #BigWednesday
RT @GeekandSundry: Join in! 4/23 - 12PM PT - for a special @tabletop Q&A with @wilw!
Oh, and let the record reflect that Steven Tyler is a really nice person.
So the final score sucks, but that was an incredible game, phenomenal seats, and lot of fun. Thanks, @LAKings!
I love my Kings, but realistically, this team doesn't win four in a row from San Jose, even counting for the legendary choke factor.
A Douche of Bros just walked past me. Literally every other word that said was "bro."
Well, fuck.
When they're playing Smells Like Teen Spirit at the hockey game and Steven Tyler is singing it and your brain goes DOES NOT COMPUTE.
Some incredibly intense sporting is happening on the sports surface where they sports.
By Grabthar's Hammer, this game is INTENSE. #GOKINGSGO
I want the Kings to put on the foil and let the Sharks know that running the goalie will not be tolerated, since the refs are OK with it.
Ugh. Give it to San Jose, that was a hard earned goal.
This guy keeps standing up in front of me, and the ushers won't do anything about it. THANKS OBAMA.
I was going to apologize to Steven Tyler for being so loud then I remembered that he's a rock star and is probably used to it.
This delightful human, everyone. RT @auslouvonschu: @wilw I would like you to kill yourself... So do it
I would like it for the Kings to score again, and hold the lead for the rest of the game.
Well, that was a lot of fun. Some Sharks fans are way easy to troll.
The racism, bigotry, and truly reprehensible hatred from hockey fans I'm seeing on the Kings account right now is appalling. Wow.
I can't say this on the official Kings account, but the guy who just told me to kill myself because I'm not funny is, um, mad about stuff.