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I pooped a hammer.
Holy crap Los Angeles go out and see the sunset right now. Go go go!
Drinking a Newcastle Brown Ale by @heineken_UKCorp -
AHAHAHAHAH RT @waxpancake: G*mergate activists on 8chan sound like monologuing villains.… "THE FIRE STARTS NOW."
Job interview tips: 1) focus on your strengths; 2) don't be afraid to ask questions; 3) jazz hands when necessary; 4) attaché full of snakes
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Yes, Catcalling Is A Problem | Playboy I wrote this for you...…
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Kiss of Death (Motörhead album) Wikipedia article edited anonymously from US House of Representatives…
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BLOG: Halloween stuff and @tabletop stuff
I really put the “explosive” in explosive diarrhea.
PSA - @thinkgeek is having a sale today. Buy one, get 50% off something else with code EERIE.
Peaceful protests in Ferguson? Thugs. Massive riots in SF? "Revelers"… HMMM WHAT COULD BE THE DIFFERENCE
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When you put hot sauce on your eggs and some splashes into the skillet, so you accidentally make a chemical weapon in your kitchen.
Here they come.
I was glad @femfreq reminded us that GG is largely a backlash against the progress that videogames have been (slowly) making recently.
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Locutus starter tip: To form a collective, promote fear and anger to rally individuals around an invented problem like ethics in journalism.
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The 7 free software privacy tools Laura Poitras thanks in her Snowden documentary CITIZENFOUR:
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Maybe this is just the wine talking, but I'm fermented grapes inside a guy's stomach making him think he really likes you
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Maybe your friends would dance if you taught them the Safety Dance, instead of judging them, you dick.
Family dinner night at Castle Wheaton, featuring chili ala @mikeyface.
“Your wait time should be less than five minutes. [ten minutes later] Please note we said SHOULD not WILL BE.” -California DMV
“This sounds like someone picking up the phone to talk to you, but it’s just the same announcement you’ve heard before.” -California DMV
“We dare you to stay on the line while we play this hold music.” - California DMV
Seamus: I like chicken. Me: This is leftovers. It’s the same chicken that you couldn’t have last night. Seamus: I like leftover chicken.
The printer in my office is cosplaying as the FAX machine from Office Space, and I’m >this< close to taking that to its logical conclusion.
What you don't see in the street harassment video is that each guy just wanted to start a conversation about ethics in gaming journalism.
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If you’ve ever been interested in haktivism, @YourAnonNews has been tweeting a ton of interesting links tonight as #OpNewBlood.
Did you roast a chicken? We like roasted chicken.
Humble Indie Bundle 13 is AWESOME. via @humble
True story: I did step on a rake once, Sideshow Bob style.
I don't slip on banana peels as much as cartoons told me I would.
Breaking: WB/DC begins to announce an Elongated Man movie, but breaks down sobbing instead
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The phone rang again, and the babysitter screamed. Trembling, she answered. A voice said, "Actually, it's about ethics in games journalism."
Did you know that you can get an official #w00tstout #homebrew kit from @northern_brewer? Well, now you do!…
North Korea's labor camps: how they work, who is sent away, and why these monstrous abuses of human rights continue.…
RT for the not-this-morning crowd. I made a thing and then I wrote about that thing and also I released that thing:…
A really scary Halloween thing is to find a black cat, and try to pet its belly.
The best part of owning a Captain Kirk tunic is owning a Captain Kirk tunic.
We just shot a pretty ridiculous Not The Flog, which should be released VERY SOOOOOON.
Sexy Halloween Costume: Get several colorful scraps of material that barely cover anything important. Change every hour. YOU'RE THE NEWS!
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BLOG: the audacity of derivative works
I made a thing that will likely disappoint you…