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Will Siskey
Nothing grinds my gears more than someone that isn't straight forward. Say what you want & what you don't. Speak your mind. I can't read it.
Reminiscing on old memories with the bros. #goodoledays
Post workout snack... Organic turkey bar with a strawberry almond butter smoothie.
I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness & rivers in the desert. -Is. 43:19
Thankful for the places God has taken me, the doors He has opened and shut, and the changes only He could make.
@SportsNation: This QB is 6'11. THIS HIGH SCHOOL QB IS 6'11!!!!!” If cargos come in all sizes I guess geeds do too
I either text novels or don't text at all... There is no in between.
When your iPhone charger has a short in it and sits there and vibrates continuously.... Thanks Obama
"Running with the herd means we are quick to embrace the status quo, slow to change our minds, and happy to delegate our thinking."
Nothing makes me want to bash my head through a wall more than hearing someone say "um" every five seconds in a speech.
No temptation has seized u except what is common to man. & God is faithful; he won't let u be tempted beyond what u can bear. -1Cor 10:13
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Arm is a little stiff and such but felt great to be out on the courts again tonight.
ICYMI: JP Gibson, a 5-year-old cancer patient, signed a 1-day contract with Jazz and dunked in a scrimmage. VIDEO:
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Getting an insta DM just throws up all sorts of flags...
I'd rather struggle and be reminded of my need of God's presence in my life rather than have a life of ease and forget all about Him.
Appreciate the simple things.
Hate seeing injuries like that, such a heartbreaker. Prayers going out to Kenyan Drake for a speedy recovery. I hate it for him.
I pray for spiritual understanding and to know fully what He wants. Colossians 1:9-14
Get on my timeline to see ESPN's latest college football analyst @RobertYouKnoww giving a breakdown of schedules.
I would like to thank ole @jaybowdavis for just high-hatting me. Whatta bro.
Feels so great to not be in a hotel. Moved in to the new bachelor pad. Now to get settled in.
Now hundreds of girls can change their bios #bidday
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Glad I got to go see @hoseb77 and @_tbraziel in ttown. #GoNoles
Glad I got to see my bro @hoseb77 do some work in Tuscaloosa today. #GoNoles
There are so many greater things in life, don't let the little things consume you.
Two years later and the finish line of my case study is in reach... And rush ΠΚΦ.
"If you can't be smart, you can least try to look smart."
I'm beginning to find that I am having to reintroduce myself to people now that I have hair...
The dude beside me is breathing so hard you would have thought he ran a mile...The fact he is sitting down is probably a sign he needs to.
Glad I got to hang out with one of my best pals this weekend @WyToodruff
Perspective is everything.
Just thought of the time I stayed at @StephenBron's house & couldn't find any towels after my shower, so I dried off with toilet paper......
If I had a dollar for every time someone didn't even recognize me tonight...I'd have about 6 dollars. But still.
On Wednesdays I don't care what you wear. #igetityouwearpink
I swear I have the craziest encounters at the whole foods in Boca...
It is so easy to lose sight of all the good in your life and focus on what isn't. Hard to do the opposite.
Congrats to everyone at LC on getting that double OT win to start off the season. #GoPanthers
If I wanted to hear useless talk I would watch Oprah. Give me a full screen. @espn
I just ran into my eighth grade English teacher... Apparently she's a professor at Samford now.