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Will Howard
The best time to send an email if you actually want a reply
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The slickest, most minimalist #travel guide I've ever seen just turned up in the post. Thanks @cerealmag!
Retail #design gets better every day! For example, I just spotted this gem from @katespadeuk...
Each day brings a new opportunity to explore, and we want to help you seize it. What could you #explore today?
Introducing Börd, a whole new breed of social network. Whatever your passion, share it here.
London during the tube strike, the buses are now mad Max style death trucks. People try to ride pigeons to work. No gaps are minded. Chaos.
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This is such a great video, from such a simple idea! And who doesn't like getting covered in food colouring?!
@willhowardgb : "It was GREAT! It was like watching a tank roll over a puppy." I think we have different ideas of what is 'great'...
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retweet so Norma can bless you with her miracles
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Turns out having lasers in your bedroom is literally the most trippy thing in the whole world
I've made a story on #steller! If you haven't come across it before, it's pretty cool.
I've been working on a few concepts for search engine results pages; the bolder the better! #webdesigntrends
Seen this when I went into Get the bus one day! #hilarious
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Just got back from an amazing few days in Dublin! Thanks Ireland, it's been grand.... #Dublin #Ireland
I'm at a conference! I'm helping to introduce the world to some exciting new logistics software... #WCS2015
Happy Monday everyone! I've had a haircut and I feel GOOD.
I just downloaded the @VirginStartUp business plan; big plans are in the works! Here's to start of something (hopefully) amazing...
Shameless Rome selfies because... Rome!
Well, I'm convinced. Either Rome is an insanely awesome place, or there were two many mushrooms on my pizza.
Leaving Rome Fiumicino Airport on the way into the city at dusk. #rome #sunset #travel #abroad
Difficult to tell where the human stops and the dog starts really...
'Windows of New York'; possibly the most satisfying graphic design project on the web.
This genius has built a circular table that expands automatically! Just incredible:…
These are so simple yet so great! Quirky animal tissue holders:
Making paper sculptures from books is something I've always been interested in. Just amazing.
I love light painting, and I love dinosaurs. Now somebody has put them together! Well that's my life complete then.
A Field Guide to Design: Where to Begin
These are either hilarious or really sad. Knowing me, probably both. "Things not to say to a graphic designer"
If London gets any one of these proposed new bridges I will die of happiness! Incredible designs:…
It's happened. #crossyroad has got me.
This is pretty cool! A behind-the-scenes look at how infographics are made:
Warm red velvet cake, ice cream and a latte. This is the literal definition of comfort. #foodporn
Why must you insist upon being rude? I shall marry her in spite of your objections. #MakeASongBritish
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#MakeASongBritish "I came in like a wrecking ball... with the correct paperwork and permission from the local council."
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Nimishi caused an awkward situation in the library and now she's hiding from it the only way she knows how.
On a further owl-related note, an owl café is coming to London and it looks like the best thing EVER.…
Amazing photos; they're so atmospheric you feel like you could touch the characters.…
Spent Valentine's the right way with this crew. Sorted.
Finally watched the new Hunger Games film, and Effie's crazy hair (obviously the best thing of all) is gone!! I am beyond devastated.
Thought I could try my first meal at Wagamama without becoming dangerously addicted. I WAS WRONG.
Been watching a lot of @cworiginals lately, and now suddenly there are candles everywhere! No idea how that happened.
I'm completely obsessed with this beautiful site from @ttdesignlondon! No idea how it works but it's so damn gorgeous
Will said that my twitter looks like the twitter of a sixteen year old girl. I think that's what I was aiming for.
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Had my last ever lecture today! Still processing how I feel about it, I'm not sure whether to feel scared or excited yet...
Damn, these make me want an elephant so bad! Courtesy of the talented Elicia Edijanto.…
if the To Kill a Mockingbird sequel doesn't end "and they all lived Harper Lee ever after", I'm not interested.
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