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Will Robinson
text me names, new number xx 07786574881
Going back to school tomorrow will kill me.
I don't understand how anybody can like eating bananas..
always remember what people say when they are angry, because that is when the truth comes out.
a relationship with no trust is like a phone with no signal.. all you do is play games.
I always check my phone every 5 seconds, even though I know that I will have no messages.
you know what they say about girls with ginger hair.. if the roof is rusty, the cellar is always damp.
people who slag off their ex's need to realise that they were with them for a reason so should shut up and just accept that people change.
#QuoteYourTeacher "dont swing on your chair, a couple years ago a child fell off and cracked his head"
everyone has a bad side..
If i act weird around you, it means that we're close friends..
if only teachers understood this..🙏�
“@amber_bushy: So tired during the day but when it gets to the night I'm wide awake” 🙌
we can all relate... 👌🙏
no matter how old you are, you still arrange who to sit with on the coach 😂 ✌️
“@BroCulture: RT if one of your bros has a hot mom 🙌”@TheRealBrodie11
sex, drugs & sausage rolls is the remedy!
GTA 5 and FIFA 14 not a bad month for gaming 🙌👏
people spend too much time looking for more, instead of appreciating what they already have.
Abuse me as much you want, but as soon as you disrespect my music taste, then you've crossed the line. 👋👋