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I just watched the snapchat @Will_Champ sent to me of @FenceStones and jfc I can smell it
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Time to suit up✌️
Michael checking out the college booty.
Valuable time spent sleeping has been lost
Got into college to half a day cancelled
I went in my time machine to the future and acquired a selfie from @FenceStones of him and his kid, happy birthday m8
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Happy 18th Birthday @fencestones you messy mother fucker!!🎉🚬💸
Min wage just kills me
Quite desperately want to land beartooth on Wednesday but the funds won't allow it man
I have the pick of destiny come at me u cunts.
Vodka jelly shots changed my life last night
Fuck me I've woke up late
New Vagas event will be dropping in the next few weeks, prepare yourself.
How did I just end up speaking to my mom for an hour how unusual
Foo's and the killers keeping me on it today
Gonna be dying tomorrow man
10am start tomorrow is top
Need the fucking weekend now man
How many snapchat stories are needed from how many people doing the same thing at the same place before it gets really boring
Only gotta get through tomorrow then I can chow down a long weekend
Really don't want to move
Sleep ain't happenin
'50 shades of grey for my grandad is looking at my nans minge'
8 out of 10 cats kills me
Rushing got me putting on converse with trainer socks
I want to see someone perform 'The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn'
Wish I was back at reading man
Could do with a weekend now
Big fuck off spider in my room isn't
Half day tomorrow is keeping me sane
These are the problems that trouble me at night
Can't turn the fucking subtitles off on my TV
fuck that guy.
just wanted a sausage roll man
Mr Paddock you cunt why would you close so early on a saturday???
Girl at Reading Who could turn tent poles into sausages Look how happy she is
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Verbal warning from spar without any valid explanation
I don't understand how will champ isn't an internet sensation by now
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Answer: do the centurion challenger it won't end well
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The fact college doesn't start till Monday has made me believe in god
Getting ready to listen to @WarKites radio appearance! @SuburbanWar96 @SamSamuelneave and@Christophski_
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My dogs heard birds on the TV n now they're looking for them outside
Most exciting thing about today is going to be getting my timetable
Got to the station way too early