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"@WileyUpdates: What uk artist would you like to see me tour with ?" @TimboSTP
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@WileyUpdates wiley vs skepta! Pleeeeease make this happen... Even 5 or 6 dates! This neeeeeds to happen
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What uk artist would you like to see me tour with ?
I really wanna go in tour ...#Jeeeze
Drake Vs Lil Wayne (Indianapolis Aug 7th 2014): via @YouTube
DJ Khaled Interview With The Breakfast Club…
50 Cent & Intel to Partner for Exercise Headphones (@50cent @smsaudio)… via @vladtv
TLC's Chilli Posts Intimate Photo of Usher for #TBT (@officialchilli @Usher)… via @vladtv
Lil Wayne: "I'm Jordan, Drake is Kobe" (@LilTunechi @espn)… via @vladtv
Carmelo Anthony Gets $62 Million Advance From the Knicks (@carmeloanthony)… via @vladtv
Teen Bank Robbers Boldly Pose With Cash on Facebook… via @vladtv
Kid Ink Arrested in Vegas for Disturbing the Peace (@Kid_Ink)… via @vladtv
Denzel Washington Checks Into Rehab After Hard Partying… via @vladtv
Marijuana 'Grove' Discovered in Public Park in California… via @vladtv
Kanye & Kim Kardashian Are the Most Powerful Social Media Couple (@kanyewest @KimKardashian)… via @vladtv
Chris Brown & Karrueche Spotted Coupled Up at Charity Event (@chrisbrown @karrueche)… via @vladtv
Man Walks to Hospital After Getting Shot in the Head… via @vladtv
Newly Single Ciara Strolls New York City With Newborn Son (@ciara)… via @vladtv
Fugitive MMA Fighter War Machine Has Been Captured by Police (@WarMachine170 @ChristyMack)… via @vladtv
Police Used Facial Recognition Software to Spy on Concert-Goers… via @vladtv
Photo of Cop That Killed Mike Brown Hits the Net… via @vladtv
@WileyUpdates stroll round seven sisters with one of these bad boys on your shoulder #don
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@WileyUpdates @ScratchaDVA Release ur album on one of those dancing flowers from sunglasses on from the 90s bredda!
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@WileyUpdates Released as 8 puzzle pieces scattered globally, combine them together, utter a sacred code and you appear and perform it live.
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I need to go and buy a Cassette player .
.@WileyUpdates new single #OnALevel. produced by Skepta. Look out for it soon!
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Have you got a record player ? Cos i ain't lol
I needed a skepta production to wake me up to be fair.
Ok ...Look out for my new single produced by Skepta . #OnALevel. #SoonLand.
@WileyUpdates didn't even shout you out for fabric! - track suit, microphone, bars. Life was good that night.
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@WileyUpdates for 10k could build a lil studio & make my own beats!!
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Garage band beats don't cost 10 k . Lol
The smallest of gestures can mean the world to someone.
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What does the future hold for you ? Are you even working towards having a good future ?
Let's take a look into the future .
@WileyUpdates Dead.. Everything's Online Nowadays
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@WileyUpdates I don't really buy CDs anymore, it's all about @Spotify bro
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Are cd's dead yet ? Who even buys Cd's anymore ?
I am an athletics fan ...Do any of you even watch athletics anymore ? It feels like it's not a big sport anymore
Will the music industry exist in 10 years ? #WhoKnows.