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Clare Healy
Dinosaurs died cause they didn't have soap
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A great read on enhancing how our minds harness creativity from @FastCoCreate
"Mind-altering substances increase comms between regions in the brain, leading to highly imaginative mental states"…
those 3 seconds that I have 0 emails in my inbox... #bigwin
What do we want? A 2015 calendar! When do we want it? Late 2014!
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Where all of my wildest dreams come true. (at @VaynerMedia SF HQ w/ @tonydoeslife)…
Just wanted to loop back around regarding this. Still finding lots of cool things here!
"Siri, what's the forecast for later?" "And when it rains You're shining down for me And I just can't get enough" Must be in Depeche mode
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K I'm just going to enjoy a jar of Nutella in my empty apartment.
or a 24 year old like myself given a jar of Nutella. Okay - anyone given a jar of Nutella.
Walking into an empty apartment makes me happier than a 6 year old who is given a jar of Nutella.
Retargeting is flawed. The future is pretargeting. (Or: I don't need a toaster ad AFTER I've bought a toaster.)
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Hate them even more for this. “@FastCoCreate: Spirit Airlines decided to embrace its consumers' hate:"
Sufjan, Robyn, Hot Chip, Blood Orange, Phosphorescent, Cults, Devendra, Scissor Sisters on Arthur Russell tribute
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Down is still Up. Soft is still soft. Lame is still Lame. Auto tune is still mind control.
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For ze Basement Jaxx (at @PublicWorksSF for Basement Jaxx, Jeno and Bells & Whistles w/ 37 others)…
Saving all the boobies @ Breastfest (@ Festival Pavilion)…
turns out lots of other people have googled "can you die from a really bad hangover"
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HUGE HUGE congrats to @GeoffGates on THE fan!!