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Meli Pennington
What does the @MichellePhan lawsuit mean for other beauty vloggers? #bbloggers
What Does the Michelle Phan Lawsuit Mean for Other Beauty Vloggers?
The Funniest Makeup Tutorial Ever Made. Love her blush technique!
Where I Attempt Permanent Hair Removal at Home, But am Thwarted by Summer - Baby Steps w/the Veet Infini"Silk
In Rome, purple clothing was exclusively reserved for emperors and magistrates. #fact #voiceofstyle #stylechat
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Permanent Hair Removal at Home? Baby Steps, with the Veet Infini’Silk
Permanent Hair Removal at Home? Baby Steps, w/the Veet Infini"Silk
Blending Beauty Teas with the Ladies of R.L. Linden
Blending Beauty Teas (w/recipes!) w/the Ladies of @LindenBeauty w/ @verdantbeauty @BrooklynWinery
Beauty never boiled the pot and ugliness never thickened it. ~ Irish Proverb
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My new best friend from #CEWeek. He's selling wearable tech for dogs... #TW
Cyclists! @MYBELL_BK invented the 1st customizable digital bike bell - It's on Kickstarter now:
Any Fashion&Beauty Peeps going to #CEWeek in NYC? I'llbe at the wearable tech conference (then the cocktails, of course:-))
In NYC this week? Learn 2 blend beauty teas w/Robin & Lynn from @LindenBeauty Thurs @BrooklynWinery! Tix here:
"The best beauty science blogs"
"Celebrity Beauty Endorsements That Are Perfect Matches"
Re #IRSEmailExcuses doesn't anyone invloved know that emails can be retrieved from the many servers that deliver them? #EmailsAreForever
A new arsenal of sheer textures to try courtesy of @vlongocosmetics . Who wants to get their face done? #VincentL...
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them — Walt Disney
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Hot Summer Weekends: Keeping Your Beauty Cool at the Beach or in the City
Makeup and Professionalism - do you Need makeup at work? via @SallyMcGraw
The Economist | Spacesuits: The retro rocket look…
Beauty Archetypes: Villainesses
Why do we love a Villainess? link via @wildbeauty
Beauty Shopping in NYC’s Chinatown
Beauty shopping in NYC's Chinatown:
Gold? Snail mucus? Snake Venom? Boy Band Cuties? Check. All set for a skincare best seller!! #tw #fb #NatureRepublic
Should we bring back the Wild Children of Yesteryear? link via @nytimes
Will online education help or hurt the Harvard MBA Brand? Business School, Disrupted
Another one of my teen faves is back in style - this time in patent leather... #DrScholls #StevenAlan #tw
RIP Maya Angelou - what a LIFE! shown here reading backstage during her dancing days.. #tw #wb
Video: "Members of the Washington Ballet Demonstrate their Most Difficult Dance Moves in Slow Motion"
Yes, I Have Pop Ups Here…and Maybe You Should, Too…
Wild Beauty | Yes, I Have Pop Ups Here…and Maybe You Should, Too…
In memory of Storme DeLarverie- Singer, Gay Activist (she threw the 1st punch @stonewall), & Friend ...
RIP Bunny Yeager, photographer of iconic pinups (&early pinup herself, seen here)
"Celebrating women with long grey hair!"
I'm not sure why the library that used to be a prison has stained glass but I'll take it #NYPL #NYC #tw