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Watched final episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. So crazy he's done. Watched him since MTV days #JonVoyage…
So why does Fantastic Four suck? The trailer looked good to me.
I love being able to hit the block button to delete stupid off my mentions.
.@JacobsJj14 It's the association of someone upholding their constitutional rights being called CRAZY.
.@JacobsJj14 You are missing the point. The controversial issue is the cop's statement. "Are you some kind of constitutionalist crazy guy?"
.@JacobsJj14 This guy wasn't doing anything. Police take an oath to uphold the constitution not call people "crazy" who adhere to it.
"are you some kind of constitutionalist crazy guy?"…
Xur is actually selling something I don't have for once in a long time. Bones of Eao HYPE! #Destiny
I looked at jobs at @netflix just being curious. Damn they work their employees hard. 24/7
It doesn't seem like much changes from President to President anyway. I think Bill Hicks might have been right. ;)…
.@MegaBadseed I don't think a billionaire's priorities align with the middle class. I think @BernieSanders would do more for the majority.
What would it take to become a Canadian citizen? You just need the secret password. Wayne Gretzky
I've been to Toronto, Montreal, Windsor, Niagara Falls and Vancouver. Vancouver is where I would go if I moved to Canada.
Who is the emperor, king or whatever you call it of Canada? Is he or she a douche?
.@UntoldTruth1003 The Nether regions seems like a nice place but they speak Dutch.
People say if <insert candidates name here> wins election, I'm leaving the country. Where would you go?
I meant to say "come on guys" lol at least I spelled come right.
Awww.. come guys.. that was fuckin funny. No? Fine.. I'm going to bed.
A coast guard spokesperson Mr. Biggums is reported saying "I don't know where the fuck it went" @RT_com
It's official. @realDonaldTrump is the next president. How does that make you feel?
Trump and Clinton are both front runners right now. If election was tomorrow who would you vote for? Vote here ->
Welp.. looks like @realDonaldTrump is most likely going to be GOP candidate.
I am pretty sure every hour I watch @FoxNews takes at least 1 year off my life.
.@unbroken92_ It's not just what you say it's how you say it. Someone spewing bullshit confidently beats timid logic at the polls.
I like @RandPaul's positions but has no charisma. @realDonaldTrump is Alpha Male. @RealBenCarson Smart & Timid. Fuck Jeb #Republicandebate
.@DrunkenLawyer92 @YahwehSlays Phelps, Jordan, Tyson, etc. All specialized athletes. Bo excelled in a wide variety.
.@YahwehSlays Bo was on par with Eaton in the decathlon. Plus he pwned in baseball and football.
Greatest athlete of all time? My vote
No Land Beyond isn't working out so well for me. :/
Playing Rumble with an unleveled No Land Beyond. lol TGFS
The #3 most viewed channel on YouTube just opens toys. Beat only by Pewdiepie and Eminem in views.…
Chinese Food Burrito (General Tso's Chicken)
I just bought 3.5 liters of @CaptainMorgan Pray for my liver.
.@Scufless @yoyo_clannews I'm willing to announce a comeback of my beard. Hopefully be full force in a month. :P

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