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I don't think he is a real douchebag. He just plays one on twitter. @DbagDouchebag1 @Unwitnessed @Angeladactyl
Well I have now seen a cat getting milked.… Totally worth it. @DbagDouchebag1 @oHiSup
Would be more fun if more of you would tweet at them. I guess only 5 people read my tweets :'(
I'll have to not tweet the target in the future. :P They figure it out.…
OK last confusing twitter raid for tonight. tweet. Don't forget tomorrow at 7. You can bring a pet.
OK #2 twitter raid. Ask them if they know a good place to get a cat milked. lol
OK first one. Say dude where did you get those shoes?
Let's do some tweet raids on random people just saying random shit. Who's with me? Nothing mean. Just want them to be like wtf?
Every so often I get a feeling of despair about the state of the world and my inability to do anything about it. Maybe it's just gas.
Best interview EVER! lol An Interview With @pewdiepie via @YouTube
One in 31 U.S. Adults are Behind Bars, on Parole or Probation. 7.3 million people total…
Time is running out to win an Oculus Rift plus new @KontrolFreek Grips! #KFGrips #KFOculusGiveaway
It's alive! Now just have to wait for 2 hours :P
Here is where the gremlin was hiding in my A/C. Repair guy said it "had the shit burned out of it" technical term.
My A/C went out completely and the repair company said they would be here "sometime before 6PM". My nuts are sweaty
Doesn't look like that price dropped much since Jan… @Bazonka
Did anyone get something worth having on #PrimeDay? Seems like they are just cleaning the warehouse of junk nobody wanted.
A new edition to Destiny community managers @Cozmo23 He runs 3 Hunters so he's got my approval ;) Congrats dude…
Got a price quote on fixing my A/C $850. Not like I have much of a choice.
Daily cat bath videos! Jon will love that. @_Descend_
..and now a word from our sponsor. @TheRealRon1224
If I was to make only one kind of YouTube video from now on what would you want me to post?
That's why you have to condition your shins @JCVD style… @ImMunneY
Broke my left arm twice. Didn't hurt. Things that did hurt. Sprained ankle, getting leg burned on exhaust of motorcycle and broken tooth.
I used to have a really big fear of the pain that would come with having your toenails or fingernails ripped off but it's not that bad. :)
I used to have an ingrown toenail until I ripped off my whole big toenail landing a big jump skiing. Quick Fix! #TheMoreYouKnow
A big twitter account followed me and wanted me to DM pewdiepie to play their game. I said no. They unfollow me. kbai
.@AdvancedLoser you would die here with no A/C. Not even joking.
So now that the A/C "repair" guy came to look at my A/C my house isn't cooling down at all. fml
Maybe I can just buy the squirrel cage on the internet and replace it myself. I had no idea squirrels cooled my house

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