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Remember LEGACY means year 1 old shit. :P
I hope Xur brings good things
best nightfall rewards ever with three of coins activated on all 3 of us.
My Titan I made 5 days ago has just made the 300 club.
.@KnightOw7 my raid weapons have dropped at 310 as well since I'm 300+
After I hit 300+ level all my exotics drop at 310. Hold your exotic engrams til you hit 300 to decode. My 2 cents.
Bought 10 Black Spindle blueprints at 300 level to infuse my legendary/exotics specials up to 300 before the nerf
Has anyone tried to get the Black Spindle from regular heroic mission today? Wondering if you can still do it and what level it is.
Black Spindle From The Daily Madness (Destiny Exotic Sniper Rifle Level 310)
Gains were made tonight. Road to 310
Tried for 5 hours now to get the black spindle and have failed. Need some fireteam members as overpowered as me 300+
I was a derp muffin and had 170 boots on for 2nd half of raid so my drops were only 300. We still beat oryx with me at 288. So OP.
Did 2 full King's Fall raid runs and 2 nightfalls. I'd say that is a good night. Thanks to those that hung out in the stream.
Anybody know if a 310 Hawkmoon is any good? -__-
Beating Oryx King's Fall Raid Destiny
Just noticed I got a cloak. I'm in the 300 club now. Woot!
The spoils of the Oryx raid. #FuckOryx GGs @FoaIey and team.
Got to 275.. Going to call it a night now. ;)
Level 40 hype! Light level 257.. Not bad for 5 hours work ;)
New Titan on the block.
In the running to win a custom #HD60 and Destiny PS4 bundle thanks to @elgatogaming and @CondemnedCustom!…
Shoutout to @itzHB for inviting me to raid team. It was quite an adventure. #FuckOgres
These are my rewards for what I did complete of the raid.
welp 13 hours later still didn't beat this bastard. Was cool we got to him though.
Good morning. It's almost time.
Raid starts in 5 hours. I guess I should get some sleep.
Xur's First Visit for The Taken King! Destiny
Oh here is something new I can use. Perks kind of suck though. Looks cool and nice Intellect level. Skyburners Annex
I bought a ton of helmet engrams. Guess I will just have to dismantle these.
I'm just warning people who don't read like me. @MorninAfterKill
BEWARE! Year one heavy weapons dropping from engrams Xur is selling. #Destiny #Xur
I guess the Cryptard is hinting I need to make a Titan. Got this from legendary engram I got in a heroic strike.
Knucklehead Radar YAY! Well better than strange coins I guess. #nightfall
.@JavierrJr_ I'm OP as fuck yo. :P basically just played TTK for 30+ hours already.
Better reward for my 2nd nightfall
RNGesus why hath thou forsaken me? #nightfall
Quest Complete.. Good tip from @coopn8r just equip The Last Word when you get super or heavy. #easy
This Last Word Bounty is giving me AIDS. The Struggle is real. #teammates

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