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Dismantle Gjallarhorn and Other Destiny Tips!
OMG wickedshrapnel the max true skill score is 50. 11 fucking sucks!
What's the max true skill score in destiny? I thought it was a scale of 1-10 maybe it is. I got an 11 ;)
First 8K resolution video on YouTube.… Great now I need a 8K camera and TV. Where can I buy that?
How I feel waking up for work in the morning.
OMG we are living in the future! Looks like something from a Sci Fi movie when I was a kid.…
Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite....... bitch
I'm starting an apathy coalition. You can join if you want I don't really care.
Comment on… I am all for people trying to defend their rights but this guy was in the wrong.
World Health Organization tells people to stop drinking camel piss. OK fine I'll stop. :P…
Destiny Lighthouse Loot 9-0 Trials Of Osiris Flawless
Hit rank 3 IB on my 3rd character. Made it to lighthouse twice and beat Skolas 3rd time this week. Productive day in #Destiny
I bet people who gave Fizzer gum raving reviews feel like dumb asses now. Here was my review. #Fizzergum…
Mockingbird Singing All Night Long
.@Scribanater I wasn't directing that at Obama. I voted for him. Only because the thought of Sarah Palin as VP terrified me.
I am old enough to run for president, unfortunately I am not a millionaire so don't qualify to represent the people.
If someone could run for president in 2016 that isn't a complete douche that'd be great. Not holding my breath though.
.@DCHS2006 Just saying it is not worth my time. I get more views uploading me eating a sandwich for 5 minutes than I do on Twitch in a year.
.@DCHS2006 I streamed 2 days ago on @PWNSTARZdotCOM for charity event only pulled 70 viewers and I was the only donator. It's embarrassing.
.@eBama Big cats kill more people annually than bears, sharks and wolves combined. They're cool but they'll eat you. Don't fuck with them.
.@TemptedSWIFT @AdvancedLoser play it at max volume on repeat when you go to bed for Wickedshrapnel yard simulator.
.@ohItsLuca I understand the inspiration for that title now.
I used to think Mockingbirds were cool until one moved into my yard and sings to me all night long. 3:20 AM still going strong.
Rich guy donates a ton of money to rich school for rich people. Status quo. Would have been impressed if it was community colleges @nytimes
Witcher 3 PC code winners were e-mailed their codes. Thanks to @Twistedsoul1020 for providing codes for the giveaway
I'm going to set him up a profile on so he will STFU! @10NABO
I must be drawn to frustrating games. #Destiny frustrates the shit out me and I'm addicted. MW2 frustrated me too 40+ days played.
Birds around my house are on drugs. What kind bird stays up at 2 in the morning tweeting. The annoyingostlaramie bird I think it is.
So frustrating when your fireteam can't beat Skolas. Just wasn't working out tonight. We did kill him once and got bounty but mines ended it
Livestreaming Destiny on Pwnstarzdotcom Twitch Channel for Charity

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