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Check out my twitter header @Mikefromdhs put together. I'm pretty sure it is the best Twitter header EVER!
Level 40 achieved. Your move @Treyarch
.@WARWU1F @TheNelsconey @ThatArbiterGuy If you want to believe salesman selling product on both consoles over independent tech analyst. OK
.@WARWU1F @ThatArbiterGuy if an article published 14 days ago saying same thing is more credible here you go…
.@WARWU1F @ThatArbiterGuy The hardware that shipped in 2013 is the same hardware that is in it today. You aren't downloading a better CPU
.@WARWU1F PS4 GPU 50% more powerful than XB1 plus XB1 reserves 10% of GPU for kinect…
Click the "Add" button on this page to get @YouTubeGaming app notications when I stream.
.@Noteful_ @MassElite_ It works on PS4 I can get TX hosts. On XB1 if I limit to Texas I don't get games. Turn filter off get WA hosts.
Streamed for about 7 hours tonight. Thanks to everyone that came out to the stream. Reached the level cap of 34. Time to raise it again!
.@TheShwantz27 It was the "That is precisely how much you'd have to pay me to sit through one of those videos" negative comment.
He basically stole the joke from @SouthPark which was funny and made it insulting. @TheShwantz27 @jimmykimmel…
I feel like such a pussy when I listen to James Blunt. Damn your beautiful melodies! Need some metal now.
.@ChiefChief_ I could eat 3 of them in 9 minutes. I was taking my time to enjoy it.
I don't mind if people listen to country music on their own time but if you could not play it over speakers in public
This club sandwich doesn't stand a chance. It will soon be destroyed. @SUBWAY
.@TemptedSWIFT @yoyo_clannews besides they aren't going to win a gunfight they just lost with low health and ammo when you reloaded.
.@TemptedSWIFT @yoyo_clannews It's annoying to stand around for 10-15 seconds waiting for them to respawn in front of you.
It's only going to be on the map for 20 seconds before it gets hacked anyway. #Kappa @Harper4Corey
ALL SKATE!! EVERYONE CAN SKATE!!! That's a pretty dated reference.. #ImOld…
I'd rather have it give them credit for kill. Respawn as normal not in same spot with no death and keep streak.
I think the revenge kills are what piss people off the most about rejack and not getting credit for the kill rather than them keeping streak
Here is guides based on type of router for how to forward these ports…
Ports are (TCP 53, 80, 3074) (UDP 53, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500)
The fix is to put your XB1 in the DMZ of the router or manually forward all the ports to XB1 IP on your router.
I was looking into why BO3 on XB1 is getting moderate or strict NAT Type even when XB1 is reporting open. Some say UPnP is not working right
Anyone not have an XB1 BO3 beta code by now that wanted one? Here ya go GGDQJ-4WF36-9HMK6-39FCT-4DQ7Z
I speak several different dialects of nerd. I am also fluent in geek, dweeb and dork. @officiaIhue
They nerfed rejack so you don't keep your streak. Useless now. Wait til you XB1 players see what the Scythe can do. -__-
I was wondering why people kept asking me to play the zombies mode in the beta. I should have known @TheJimbothy
I can recommend a lot of vile people on my block list for a prison sentence as well. lol
Looking forward to playing this game.
How do you think it compares to your PS4? @Smackteo @xJHUBx
I wouldn't say I have a sleep schedule. It's more like a post-it note.
Everything about the XB1 gives me AIDS. I'll play Tomb Raider and Halo 5 on it just because I can't play it elsewhere. @brianorpenjr
ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz Wake me up when The Taken King arrives ;) @DestinyNews_net
Probably @Treyarch testing which works better dedi hosts or console host matchmaking. dedi host better @atomicpinz

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