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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Let's Play Part 2 w/ MorninAfterKill oTrademark: via @YouTube
There's no place like home. To poop
I liked a @YouTube video from @oTradeMark Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Brings Back Memories Of Yote
Retweet and follow if you want me to send you this size large Borderlands shirt. Will pick a winner on Oct 16th.
I liked a @YouTube video from @wickedshrapnel Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Let's Play Part 1 w/ MorninAfterKill
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Let's Play Part 1 w/ MorninAfterKill oTrademark: via @YouTube
I liked a @YouTube video from @MorninAfterKill Borderlands Presequel Best Ragdoll Glitch Ever! Zero Gravity
Completed the nightfall and weekly heroic on my lunch break ;)
doing the nightfall on my lunch break.. join my fire team if you want to run it with me.
.@Bungie @DestinyTheGame please add a skip cutscene button please. Thanks! RT if you agree.
Sometimes you just have to sleep til 1pm. :) good afternoon
I liked a @YouTube video Casually Two Manning the Vault
202,729 players have attempted the Destiny raid on its harder, level-30 difficulty setting. 36,181 have completed it on hard.
1,970,807 players have attempted Destiny raid on normal difficulty. Of those 472,082 have defeated the final boss and finished the raid.
Dear baby Jesus please buy me a P85D AWD Tesla Model S with Autopilot #Amen
I am pretty sure that picture was taken from his personal video collection. lol @_Descend_…
Lol @_Descend_ made this after my twitter spam incident last night. #RadonHard
Ketchup is red, my underwear's blue, thanks to @EAT24, I can eat shirtless too. #nopants
Clutch Atheon Kill Vault of Glass Raid on Hard: via @YouTube
In case you guys weren't aware I was streaming the RAID on HARD earlier -_-
lol holy spam.. just saw my timeline.. I wasn't doing that manually :P
.@Fallout3Guy @trutherbot Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 they weren't a threat to the US and ISIS is way worse than Saddam
.@Fallout3Guy @trutherbot you don't think any surviving family members of the many thousands the US killed want revenge?
You're welcome. I was more than happy to send that game to someone else ;) @P3RF3CTZ3R0
I liked a @YouTube video from @MorninAfterKill Destiny How To Break Defender Titan Dome Shields! How To
.@Hottracer88 @Xbox @XboxSupport I pre-ordered on PS4 a long time ago.
So when are we going to be able to pre-order digital version of Advanced Warfare on Xbox store? @Xbox @XboxSupport #FuckGamestop
actually I should delete that tweet. #notsureif18
I hope juice pulls the trigger. #SOAFX #SOA
completed RAID, Weekly Nightfall, Weekly Heroic, Daily Heroic. See you next tuesday. :P @Bungie
I liked a @YouTube video from @ItsRobAnderson Magician Rips Up Homeless Mans Sign!
A 12.9" iPad Pro that dual boots iOS and OSX? Yes please.
I liked a @YouTube video Kampy: The Hunted - A Destiny Montage
I liked a @YouTube video Everyone Hates Destiny?
.@MoSDeF121 I shot Paris Hilton because I'm a pimp