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I thought Twitter was down for a moment there. I was like…
.@XSpooFyy I think it was excessive force. Michael Brown was no saint but I think Darren went too far. Not murder but should be punished.
Good read - Michael Brown spent his last day with his friend Dorian Johnson. Here's what Johnson saw.… via @ezraklein
I need to wash some clothes and pack but I am overcome with an overwhelming need to just chill
Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! @OpTic_NaDeSHoT
I don't have to be back to work for a week!
I'm flying to Omaha, NE tomorrow for Thanksgiving with the fam. Turn the heat up for me will ya?
The pinnacle of human engineering has finally arrived. The #hashtag 1 key keyboard.…
Nexus 6 battery will last about 2 days with normal use even though I charge it every night. #Nexus6
.@TheJimbothy free tire repair with coupon WICKED
I got a nail in my tire. Took it to and they fixed it for free. They must be rich with that business model.
.@Slacker_power i and a are both letters and words depending on how they are used. #TheMoreYouKnow
.@BobLoblawtx There's a difference between national defense and troops in 134 countries to maintain US empire…
.@BobLoblawtx To maintain an empire death machines are needed. Just stop trying to police the world.
Sounds like something out of 1984 to me. @BobLoblawtx #1984
.@BobLoblawtx The problem is congress considers bridges and infrastructure "waste" and funds $400 billion on death machines.
This is the US debt visualized. Those are stacks of $100 bills. That was 2013 it's more now.
1 out of 9 US bridges are structurally deficient.… Instead US spent $400 billion on F-35 planes…
.@oTradeMark haha.. You could actually profit from this deal by buying it and breaking it in a video.
Some pretty sweet Xbox One game deals on the Microsoft store starting 11/27…
Q: How does a woman scare a gynecologist? A: By becoming a ventriloquist!
There are more tigers captive in Texas than are living free in the rest of the world.
OK time to listen to The @joerogan Experience. Later dudes.
If I didn't have a full-time job I would experiment with different sleep patterns to reduce total sleep time.
Most people won't even see that tweet to know what they're missing because they are SLEEPING! #DontSleepYourLIfeAway…
The average person sleeps 122 days out of the year. I sleep 76. That's 46 extra days /yr. That's an extra 7 or 8 years awake in a lifetime.
I wish I never had to sleep. I would have so much more time for activities.
"Not only do I think marijuana should be legalized... I think it should be mandatory" - Bill Hicks @hastr0…
I just caught a mouse in my house with my bare hands. My cat just brings mice into the house to play with. #WorthlessCat I freed the mouse.
Yeah I have been trying to step up my Twitter game. Thinking about quitting my job and doing it full-time. @Laggin_
.@adam7986 I didn't even know the answer to some of the questions. I didn't write it. :P
I made a quiz to test how well you know me! Go and play 'How Well Do You Know @wickedshrapnel' NOW!…
.@LaVaLauncher Not a lot of crime here. People are pretty chill…
Here's another Ferguson livestream. inb4 phone jacked.…
Well that was an interesting stream. Never witnessed a robbery live before.
.@bassem_masri your phone get jacked dude? Heard "oh shit" then someone running then stream went offline.
His phone got stolen? WTF?
WTF just happened on that stream? Turned into some blair witch shit.
83,000 people watching livestream from Ferguson. Doesn't look too crazy right now though. Some fires and teargas…
Destiny The Dark Below DLC New Legendary Exotic Guns and Armor: via @YouTube
.@FatalOstriches That was @PWNSTARZdotCOM that made that. Was a thumbnail on his video. :P