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This has to be a joke. If not I'm a fart rapist for sure.…
Alright that's it for the shitty movie shoutouts for tonight. Take it easy ;)
I thought this movie was horrible. It got good reviews. Scarlette was naked so that was cool. The rest sucked.
.@LazconVega Found one lower. Left Behind. Shitty movie. Along with just about every other Cage movie the last 5 yrs
.@ScottyDontKnovv You just have to turn your brain off for Transformer movies and appreciate the special effects.
.@LazconVega wow. 3% on rotten tomatoes. That's the lowest I've seen
Jupiter Ascending and Pixels seems to be getting the most votes for recent shitty movies. #ThisMovieFuckingSucks
Strangerland is probably the worst movie I watched this year that I actually finished. What's some other recent shitty movies?
I'd have to say Mortdecai is the worst movie I've attempted to watch this year. I had to turn it off. I like Johnny Depp too but it was crap
I'd give it a 4.5/10. Above horrible level for me. I've seen way worse. @Lowlydermanking
Just watched unfriended. It wasn't horrible for a movie with a $12 budget. Moral of the story. Be nice to people. <3 U guys. Don't kill me
World’s first perpetual Slinky escalator.
Don't they look thrilled to be with each other? lol #Obama #Putin
Let your browser die in peace. @mozilla @firefox
You can with Tweetdeck. Thanks for the idea ;) @SteelCogs
My timeline was full of Meak and Drank shit. Apparently they're shitty rappers looking for attention. Guess it's working @Spillerrrrr
What the fuck is this Meak and Drank shit? Nevermind I don't want to know.
8 year old kid answered the door. I gave him the $35,000 check. Have fun! Lol
Had a check for almost $35k laying on my front porch. Realized it was for my neighbor. Guess I should take it to them
I'm working up the courage to play more Iron Boner. Pray for me. #Destiny
105 degrees outside. At least 118 degrees in my crotch. #sweatyballs
I fixed mine by unplugging it and sitting it on the floor and putting this in it's place @Corysf9ers
Windows 10 is not bad. First impressions are better than Windows 8.1 Time will tell.
Something Windows 10 users are going to hear a lot. #Cortana
Fav if you hate it when people ask you to fav tweets.
Wealth of all the world’s billionaires: $7.3 trillion U.S. national debt $18.3 trillion or $154,000 per taxpayer.
Hard for me to wrap my head around numbers like that. Then when you think about national debt it dwarfs even the total of all billionaires.
Bill Gates would need to spend $226,312 /hour 5.43 Million dollars /day for 40 years to spend all his money before he reaches 100 years old
You'd have to spend $45,662 every day for 60 years to spend 1 Billion dollars. There are 1,645 billionaires in the world. #funfact
The Iron Boner makes me RAGE! #Destiny
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
Watched that whole @oneplus VR reveil and they didn't say how much it costs. Grrrr
wow @ScottJurek ran the entire Appalachian Trail in 46 days, 8 hours, and 7 minutes. 2,189 miles. o_0 #worldrecord
I just reserved my OnePlus 2 invite! Sign up for yours today.…

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