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All the planets that have been discovered outside our solar system so far.
People are freaking out because Twitter changed a star to a heart. -__-
Wipe Them Out (Trials of Osiris - Destiny) Team GOML Moment
I ♥ Trials of Osiris. I didn't do too bad tonight. Until next time.
Me and my friends used to jump this gap for fun in high school. Bears den at mill creek park Youngstown, OH
I just watched Bob Ross for an hour. lol
Sunbreakers aren't OP ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Trials of Osiris - Destiny) GOML Moment
Stop turning my weapon engrams into motes and coins! I need weapon parts! @Bungie
This song takes on a different meaning with a perverted mind. Not sure if that is what was intended.…
Got this beast at the lighthouse. GGs @str8nubbn @BlakelyLOL
.@KOSSTORR @Bungie as soon as I get any they are gone with infusion.
I have 310 No Time To Explain. I also have no weapon parts. @Bungie
.@NeverThatKid I don't have no time to explain but hopefully I will soon
Carivore Club Charlito's Cocina MEAT!
Only drop from Oryx tonight was same level ghost because I obviously don't have enough of them. GG @Bungie
.@Bungie is rolling out native Tower Ghost/ Destiny Item Manager functionality. Sweet!
That Ascendant Plane shader though. #Destiny
OSD VETober Charity! Giveaways! Jumpscares triggered by donations!
Ordered this shirt in XXL from China. More like US small. Really shows off my curves though. #sexy lol 😁D
No Knight strategy for Oryx hard mode looks much easier.…
Got to 310 light tonight from Hard on King's Fall. :) Didn't beat Oryx though. :/
Couple sues Apple for 5 million for WiFi assist causing cell data overages? Damn what were they downloading?…
Tweet me screenshots of your hard mode loot.
25 lighters on my dressa, yessa
Do you get double drops from hard mode if you haven't run normal?
Why is everyone freaking out about YouTube Red? It looks like Twitch turbo to me. If you don't want it don't buy it. Nothing changes.
Remember LEGACY means year 1 old shit. :P
I hope Xur brings good things
best nightfall rewards ever with three of coins activated on all 3 of us.
My Titan I made 5 days ago has just made the 300 club.
.@KnightOw7 my raid weapons have dropped at 310 as well since I'm 300+
After I hit 300+ level all my exotics drop at 310. Hold your exotic engrams til you hit 300 to decode. My 2 cents.
Bought 10 Black Spindle blueprints at 300 level to infuse my legendary/exotics specials up to 300 before the nerf
Has anyone tried to get the Black Spindle from regular heroic mission today? Wondering if you can still do it and what level it is.
Black Spindle From The Daily Madness (Destiny Exotic Sniper Rifle Level 310)
Gains were made tonight. Road to 310

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