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Wickedshrapnel tK
.@thrashincharley report him in-game. Really all anyone can do.
Bears vs Seahawks Madden 15 Predicts NFL FRIDAY AUG 22ND: via @YouTube
Just got delivered 4k can't wait to try it out.
Houston Texans vs Cleveland Browns Madden 15 Broadcast Mode: via @YouTube
Well the #BearsVsSeahawks prediction video is over 2 hours long and 27GB in 1080p. Hopefully it will upload overnight.
Steelers RBs Le’Veon Bell, LeGarrette Blount arrested for marijuana possession… #BetterCallSaul
This #BearsvsSeahawks score is so outrageous I can't imagine it will be correct.
Jennings gets injured in the 3rd quarter. #BearsVsSeahawks #Nostradamus
Well it's taken an hour and 10 minutes to get to halftime. Can't wait to see the size of this 1080p video when it is over. #BearsVsSeahawks
I should create a whole channel dedicated to predicting every single game the NFL plays this year :P
Have a shorter Madden 15 upload before that Texans vs Browns that someone requested previously. 5 min quarters.
Bears vs Seahawks it is. Going to do full 15 min quarters this is going to be a beast to upload. Don't fail me Time Warner :P
Which NFL game should I try to predict with Madden 15 that is playing later this week or this weekend?
Deleted all my Tweets on the subject which shall not be named. Done debating it. Believe what you like. Doesn't affect me either way.
Texas Governor Rick Perry takes a good mugshot. He was arrested on two felony charges of abusing power.
Sad to hear about beheading of American journalist James Foley. #RIP ISIS barbarians need to be exterminated.
I'm not donating to Lou Gehrig's Disease research or dumping ice water on my head. Donated to St. Jude's instead. That make me a bad guy?
Dear diary. Just woke up to pee. Going back to bed. The End
Why does my internet get AIDS after 11 PM? @TWC_Help Same thing happened the other night…
To the people asking me how to join @WickedElite apply here. Then wait. Don't call us we'll call you ;)
I liked a @YouTube video from @WickedElite Wicked Elite Recruitment Details (Blops2 47-0TDM Nuclear w/
.@OBJ_Everyday Only 2 wars left. Need to do something different before I die of boredom.
.@_BoshTweets "Witnesses say the teenager had his hands in the air as the officer fired multiple rounds."
Autopsy Shows Michael Brown Was Shot At Least 6 Times: Report No wonder people are rioting. Unarmed shot 6 times?
Last week this substance claimed the life of another person. There should be a law to prohibit consumption…
.@kentheprize No, I don't smoke weed. Rarely even drink alcohol anymore. I just don't agree with the weed law. It's a victimless crime.
I think it is ridiculous that someone could be sent to prison for any amount of time for possession on weed. Fines, probation, OK. prison?
I liked a @YouTube video from @wickedshrapnel Madden 15 Football Concepts Skills Trainer
Any of these clans going to show up for the war today besides us? Hope so.
.@Cuellar360 I hope that's true or I might eat my #XboxOne
.@Forte_vN it doesn't start to pre-load until 2 days before release if #AdvancedWarfareMP isn't ready by then we are in trouble.
.@felixgallo @yoyo_clannews glad you opted-out all the inactives. Hopefully means for a little competition today ;)
.@Jokerlogic Does that mean the #AdvancedWarfareMP will be available to pre-order on @Xbox store? or is it @GameStop exclusive?
.@2SikTv @FlickMyFuj at least then I'll have something to destroy if the game sucks :P I'll play on PS4 on release day pre-loaded digital
.@2SikTv @FlickMyFuj stupidest thing I have ever heard. I won't do it. If it's not available to pre-load before release I'll buy disc
I heard from @2SikTv that @Xbox pre-order digital copy of #AdvancedWarfareMP has to be bought at @GameStop WTF?
I liked a @YouTube video from @2SikTv ADVANCED WARFARE PREORDER STORY (Ghost Gameplay)
Madden 15 Basic Defense Skills Trainer: via @YouTube
Madden 15 Basic Offense Skills Trainer: via @YouTube