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The random teleport on Atheon part of Raid has made it VERY difficult to do with a random party. Have to have a solid well rounded team
.@Laggin_ I had to rewind the first games I played. GOML
I liked a @YouTube video from @wickedshrapnel All Hell Breaks Loose Horde Mode Destiny - War Public Event
.@WIKDKronos I'd say PS4 is ahead of XB1 software wise unless you watch TV on your console which I don't. XB1 update…
Some nice updates coming to PS4 tomorrow…
My first day back to my regular job duties after 10 weeks working on a project. Feels like going back to school after summer vacation :/
All Hell Breaks Loose Horde Mode Destiny: via @YouTube
Borderlands The Pre Sequel Let's Play THE END w MorninAfterKill oTrademark: via @YouTube
you can order a OnePlus for the next hour and 18 min. 1 2 3 Go
Got that full raid armor leveled all the way up. Hello level 30 :) #Destiny
I would actually be surprised if this didn't happen. Every CoD before you has leaked. @GlenSchofield
$219.98 for next gen $209.98 for 360/PS3 get it on Saturday here with next day Sat shipping
I'll play single player on PS4 and get let's play of the campaign ready before Multiplayer servers are turned on :)
Found early copy of Advanced Warfare for PS4 on eBay for $120 that ships tomorrow there was only 1. Cheapest for XB1 was $200 but sold out.
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Let's Play Part 12 / MorninAfterKill oTrademark: via @YouTube
.@This_Paradigm @DeveneyInteract @Dy5function I find this statement offensive. I am crude ALL THE TIME!
.@DeveneyInteract Girls who chose to sell sex for money decided they were whores, if you wear clothes like they wear you dress like a whore.
.@DeveneyInteract pretty sure everyone could pick a whore's uniform out of a lineup.
.@DeveneyInteract yeah it fends off uptight feminazis leaving only chicks that have a sense of humor. -_-
Anyone have any extra codes for me from any of these items? :)
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Let's Play Part 11 w/ MorninAfterKill oTrademark: via @YouTube
Forgot it was Friday and I didn't need to stop streaming by midnight. I don't have shit to do in the morning. Oh well. I completed missions.
Taco Bell is calling me
Finally got my raid boots! RNGesus answered my prayers! @DestinyTheGame @Bungie #Destiny
My eharmony profile picture. Let's date.
I was hoping for a pre-made team for me to be the 6th on. If we just throw a team of 6 together we're going to have a bad time.
I need to beat the Raid on hard 3 times today on PS4. Any team up for the challenge? ;) I'll have 2 29 and 1 27
Loot Crate Unboxing FEAR Walking Dead October: via @YouTube
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Let's Play Part 10 w/ MorninAfterKill oTrademark: via @YouTube
Who do I have to go down on to get a pair a raid boots? @Bungie @DestinyTheGame
So pumped I got my 6th chatterwhite dropped from Atheon in the Raid! YEAH! Got another Atheon's Epilogue too! Woo! @Bungie @DestinyTheGame
Why are people going to west Africa when there is an Ebola outbreak? More importantly why are we letting them bring it back? #ebola
Sources To CBS 2: New York City Doctor Tests Positive For Ebola « CBS New York
We need to ban axes so this doesn't happen -_- @Breaking911
I liked a @YouTube video Official Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare - A New Era of Multiplayer
Gas is pretty cheap hope it stays this way.
Indian accents are the hardest for me to understand. That's Indian like Gandhi not Sitting Bull.