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WI Astronomy
NASA "Super-Black" Nanotech shows promise. NASA Watch.
The North of Saturn. Astronomy News.
First LOFAR observations of 'Whirlpool Galaxy'. Science Daily.
Brief aurora Weds. Aug. 20-21 – maybe more overnight? Astro Bob.
Microbial life and active ecosystem found in Antarctica lake. The Daily Galaxy.
NASA tests impossible engine, finds out It's really fast. Video of the Day.
A piece of Vesta has been stolen! Universe Today.
Most massive known galaxies observed at edge of the universe. The Daily Galaxy.
Russian scientists claim that Algae lives on ISS exterior - in space. NASA Watch.
Roof crashing meteorite linked to giant impact that made the moon. Space com.
Australian amateur Terry Lovejoy discovers New Comet. Universe Today.
ScienceCasts: Sizing up an Exoplanet #Nasa. Video of the Day.
The dark matter model works. Brian Koberlein .
Higgs Boson --"May explain the earliest moments of our universe". The Daily Galaxy.
Sun's activity influences natural climate change, ice age study shows. Science Daily.
Cassini watches clouds form over Titan's methane sea. Lights in the Dark.
NASA's RXTE satellite decodes the rhythm of an unusual black hole. International Space Fellowship.
Country music star leaks new song from NASA's launch pad. Video of the Day.
Tech Titans bringing the Silicon Valley mindset to the space industry. Commercial Space.
Miss the conjunction? Here's your consolation prize. Astro Bob.
How do you weigh a helium balloon? Bad Astronomy.
Preparing for discovery of extraterrestrial life -- World's scientists gather to discuss. The Daily Galaxy.
Hubble stirs up galactic soup. Science Daily.
Spaceman Skip and the Nebublobs. Video of the Day.
Gravity isn't the only thing holding asteroids together. Universe Today.
Orion manager warns he's "challenged" to make December 2017 launch. Space Politics.
After Moon flyby, vintage NASA spacecraft to study the sun. Space com.
Reminder: Humans can do wonders. Bad Astronomy.
How were the Perseids from your house last night? Astro Bob.
Jimmy pays tribute to Robin Williams. Video of the Day.
Hadfield in Emirates, Russia in lather & UrtheCast in orbit! Commercial Space.
Prepping for a cometary martian encounter. Bad Astronomy
Rare x-ray corona observed collapsing into an extreme supermassive black hole. The Daily Galaxy.
Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin mourns Robin Williams. Space com.
Rare blurring of black hole light spotted. Science Daily.
Artists vs TMNT. Epic Rap Battles of History. Video of the Day.
Meade has a full line of quality telescopes and accessories to take care of all your observing needs.
Three Congressmen are using red tape to bind SpaceX to earth. Bad Astronomy.
Europe's last ATV cargo ship docked safely at space station. Universe Today.
"Monsters at the end of the universe" --Black Holes with masses equaling billions of suns. The Daily Galaxy.
Where the heck is Pluto? Call ALMA. Astro Bob.
Follow the radio waves to find hidden exomoons. Science Daily.
Prof. Brian Cox on the Role of Science in a Democracy. Video of the Day.
Edges of the universe provide quasars with all you can eat. Space Ref.
Industry minister allocates $6.7Mln to develop space apps. Commercial Space.
Violent solar system history revealed by meteorite found in Western Australia. Science Daily.
Pictures: Punishing Mars plateau for Curiosity rover and damaged wheels. Universe Today.
The black hole at the beginning of time. The Daily Galaxy.
NASA finds Exoplanet with longest known year. Video of the Day.
WOW Factor! Massive storm observed on Uranus. The Daily Galaxy.