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WI Astronomy
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The heart of an astronaut, five years on. Science Daily.
Lives and deaths of sibling stars. International Space Fellowship.
Milky Way's "Methuselah" --The oldest known star of our galaxy. The Daily Galaxy.
How to find the center of the Milky Way … and what lurks there. Astro Bob.
NASA's Fermi space telescope finds a transformer pulsar. Space Ref.
Janna Levin: What's so funny about The Big Bang Theory? Video of the Day.
Another mind crushing allusion: Straight or curved motion? Bad Astronomy.
Hubble galaxy halo more accurately than ever before. Space Ref.
The youngness paradox --Why SETI has not found any signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. The Daily Galaxy.
Historic human spaceflight facility at Kennedy renamed in honor of Neil Armstrong. Universe Today.
Transiting exoplanet with longest known year: 704 Earth days. Science Daily.
45 years later, Buzz Aldrin on walking on Moon. Video of the Day.
UrtheCast hi-res camera still not working but solution and more cameras are on the way. Commercial Space.
Hubble sees the oldest cluster in Milky Way neighbor. Space Ref.
Dwarf galaxies challenge our understanding of how the universe works. The Daily Galaxy.
Shhh! Don't wake the sun. Astro Bob.
Oceans vital for possibility for alien life. Science Daily.
A new look at the Apollo 11 landing site. Video of the Day.
Zap! NASA's Curiosity lasers Mars' rock to assess ancient habitable potential. The Daily Galaxy.
Can a boot print on the moon last a million years? Astro Bob.
Cargo ship's fiery demise could help predict what happens when the space station burns up. Universe Today.
US too dependent on Russian rocket engines, experts tell lawmakers. Space com.
ESA's IXV Spaceplane Is ready to fly. Space Ref.
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is only a year away from Pluto. Video of the Day.
Venus Express survived Its dive! Lights in the Dark.