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WI Astronomy
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Mercury's magnetic field shows how its interior is different from Earth's. Space Ref.
Vintage NASA spacecraft to tackle interplanetary science. Space com.
Our galaxy is way smaller than previous estimates, study shows. International Space Fellowship.
Revolutionary microshutter technology hurdles significant challenges. Science Daily.
Andromeda galaxy harbors twice as much dark matter as the Milky Way. The Daily Galaxy.
Peeking into lunar pits. Video of the Day.
NASA long-lived Mars Opportunity rover passes 25 miles of driving. Science Daily.
Perseus Cluster mystery persists --What we found could not be explained by known physics. The Daily Galaxy.
Seeing meteors? Delta Aquarids peak this week! Astro Bob.
Cassini reveals 101 geysers on Enceladus. Space Ref.
Customers vs Project Managers: The real truth about NEOSSat. Commercial Space.
Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - "Extended" 5 Min. clip (new) HD. Video of the Day.
Orion has what you need for astronomy!
NASA spacecraft is now buzzing Mercury 62 miles above the surface. Universe Today.
The Horsehead Nebula from blue to infrared. International Space Fellowship.
Glow in space is evidence of a hot bubble in our galaxy. Science Daily.
The 2014 edition of "jobs, jobs, jobs in space!" Commercial Space.
Who discovered the Southern Cross? Astroblog.
Wingsuit flying over New York City. Video of the Day.
Want part XX: Hubble Lego edition. Bad Astronomy.
GAO report warns of cost and schedule risks to SLS. Space Politics.
NASA's quest for water on alien worlds --"The Holy Grail?" The Daily Galaxy.
Chandra's X-ray eyes behold catastrophe. Astro Bob.
Most precise measurement yet of an extrasolar planet's size. Space Ref.
Voyager spacecraft might not have reached interstellar space. Science Daily.