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WI Astronomy
Mysterious signal sheds light on the mystery of Dark Matter. International Space Fellowship.
Milky Way's zombie zone -- Orbiting dwarf galaxies completely devoid of hydrogen gas. The Daily Galaxy.
To Pluto … and beyond! Bad Astronomy.
Old equations shed new light on Quasars. Universe Today.
Lifting the veil on the early universe. The Spacewriter's Ramblings.
Getting to know super-Earths: Using Hubble to study mysterious exoplanet. Science Daily.
Ranger 7 meets the Moon 1964. Video of the Day.
Astronomers spot faraway Uranus-Like planet. International Space Fellowship.
Mars One Dustup: Founder says mission won’t fail as MIT study predicts. Universe Today.
Zero Toys --These guys have some really Cool Toys!
Rediscovering Venus to find faraway Earths. Science Daily.
Maven provides its first look at the upper atmosphere of Mars. Space Ref.
Astrophysicist take pulse of Milky Way's supermassive black hole. The Daily Galaxy.
The last object: The grave of Charles Messier. Video of the Day.
Trick or treat – time for the Halloween fireballs! Astro Bob.
Why yes, it is exactly rocket science! Bad Astronomy.
Auroral corona over Norway. International Space Fellowship.
The growing "New" Canadian space industry. Commercial Space.
New Horizons en route to decipher Pluto's mystery atmosphere. The Daily Galaxy.
NASA is considering deep sleep for human Mars mission. Video of the Day.
Bigelow inflatable module to be added to space station in 2015. Universe Today.
Canadian Entrepreneur returning rocketry to its roots. Commercial Space.
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter finds widespread evidence of young lunar volcanism. Space Ref.
Ever seen a lunar eclipse from Mercury? Me neither … till now. Astro Bob.
What does 200 billion stars really mean? Bad Astronomy.
The Arctic and the Antarctic respond in opposite ways. Video of the Day.
Check out this huge rock on the surface of Rosetta's Comet! Universe Today.
Time's up for Astrology. Bad Astronomy.
Pulsar found in M82. Astronomy News.
Strange 'Hybrid Star' discovered after 40-year search. Space com.
.“6EQUJ5" --The cosmic signal that might have changed human civilization. The Daily Galaxy.
Blood Moon: Rare total lunar eclipse time-lapse. Video of the Day.
Total lunar eclipse – what a beauty! Astro Bob.
Stunning photos of the hunter's moon lunar eclipse. Universe Today.
A visitor from South Africa reflects on attending StarTalk Live! StarTalk.
Earth's orbit through the Milky Way --"A perilous 3-Dimensional journey". The Daily Galaxy.
A warm dark matter search using XMASS. Science Daily.
The Flash - Extended trailer. Video of the Day.
Pull an all-nighter for tonight’s lunar eclipse. Bad Astronomy.
How to turn your phone into a cosmic ray detector. Universe Today.
Observing the Birkeland currents. Science Daily.
Is Space Adventures sending customers around the moon? NASA Watch.
New NOvA Accelerator --Unravel mystery of why matter in universe wasn't annihilated after Big Bang. The Daily Galaxy.
NASA: Key to getting astronauts to Mars is hibernation. Video of the Day.
NASA study finds Earth's ocean abyss has not warmed. International Space Fellowship.
Total lunar eclipse on Wednesday: The complete skywatcher's guide. Space com.
Canadensys: An innovative new Canadian space company. Commercial Space.
Poor Uranus – we won’t forget you, I promise. Astro Bob.
Pluto the unexplored planet --Yes! It's a planet: Could It have astrobiological potential? The Daily Galaxy.
What's up for October 2014? Video of the Day.