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WI Astronomy
The 2020 MARS rover --"Mankind's most sophisticated search for signs of Life" The Daily Galaxy.
What makes the harvest Moon special. Astro Bob.
No, we're not facing an onslaught of Asteroid impacts. Bad Astronomy.
Open Space Orbital post mortem: Lessons learned & moving forward. Commercial Space.
Sweet success for SpaceX with second successful AsiaSat launch this summer. Universe Today.
The northern lights - a magic experience. (official trailer) Video of the Day.
Curiosity rover missing scientific focus and detail in Mars mission. Universe Today.
Astronomers identify an Exoplanet in the process of formation. Lights in the Dark.
Icy aquifers on Titan transform methane rainfall. Space Ref.
To twinkle or not to twinkle, that is the question. Astro Bob.
Milky Way found to exist on outskirts of a vast supercluster of 100,000 galaxies. The Daily Galaxy.
What was the Mars Face, really? Video of the Day.
Results of planetary science mission review. NASA Watch.
Nap time for New Horizons. Astronomy News.
New observations confirm Greenland, Antarctica losing land ice rapidly. Bad Astronomy.
China to launch recoverable moon orbiter prototype this year. Space com.
NASA's MAVEN orbiter 3 weeks and 4 million miles from Mars. Universe Today.
Neil deGrasse Tyson on creationism, celebrity, and kids. Video of the Day.
The Pleiades parallax. Brian Koberlein.
Mystery no more: The sliding stones of Death Valley. Bad Astronomy.
Why sibling stars look alike: Early, fast mixing in star-birth clouds. Science Daily.
"The 'Intelligence Niche' is a flawed notion of evolution". The Daily Galaxy.
Rosetta now up close to Comet 67P – Snapping mapping mosaics for momentous Philae Landing. Universe Today.
Next giant leap. Video of the Day.
Have a safe and happy Labor Day holiday!
Beautiful rays of aurora dapple the dawn sky. Astro Bob.
Evidence for supernovas near earth. International Space Fellowship.
Fingerprint from a First-Generation star? Universe Today.
Hubble views distant merging galaxies. Space Ref.
Open source development of Earth imaging data applications. Commercial Space.
NASA | Ozone-Depleting compound persists. Video of the Day.
Is our 3-D Universe an Illusion? The Daily Galaxy.
World's first ZigBee-based inter-satellite comms system. Science Daily.
US military blows up hypersonic weapon after failed test launch. Space com.
What do stars sound like? Listen in. Astro Bob.
Five Landing site candidates selected for Rosetta's historic Philae comet lander. Universe Today.
NASA and Makerbot announce winner of Martian home design competition. Video of the Day.
Ups and Downs. Brian Koberlein.
Simple astrobiology questions NASA Can't/Won't answer. NASA Watch.
Space agency seeks insight into space industry. Commercial Space.
Sharing stars and making comets at Northwoods Starfest. Astro Bob.
Interstellar space is a 'Quantum-Weirdness' lab. The Daily Galaxy.
Sailing past Neptune's moon Triton. Video of the Day.
NASA "Super-Black" Nanotech shows promise. NASA Watch.
The North of Saturn. Astronomy News.
First LOFAR observations of 'Whirlpool Galaxy'. Science Daily.
Brief aurora Weds. Aug. 20-21 – maybe more overnight? Astro Bob.
Microbial life and active ecosystem found in Antarctica lake. The Daily Galaxy.
NASA tests impossible engine, finds out It's really fast. Video of the Day.
A piece of Vesta has been stolen! Universe Today.