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WI Astronomy
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NASA's plan for Mars is to have no plan for Mars. NASA Watch.
Crunch! Listen to Philae landing on Rosetta’s comet. Astro Bob.
Large chunk of Milky Way's 1st generation stars are missing. The Daily Galaxy.
“Happy 10th anniversary in space,” He said swiftly. Bad Astronomy.
Industry Minister Moore announces space advisory board members. Commercial Space.
Evicted? Possible black hole found 2,600 light-years from home. Space Ref.
NASA's Orion. Video of the Day.
Quasars mysteriously align across billions of light-years. Astro Bob.
What exploded over Russia this time? Bad Astronomy.
Have you always wanted your own Meteorite? Geoff Notkin's Aerolite Meteorites @MeteoritesAZ .
Warm, flowing water on Mars was episodic, study suggests. Universe Today.
Gravity may answer last great unknown in standard model of physics. The Daily Galaxy.
Neil deGrasse Tyson can't explain the Jets, Steelers or Howie Long. Video of the Day.
NASA's new red planet spacecraft officially starts mission. Universe Today.
Google takes control of Hangar One. Commercial Space.
Study investigates how men and women adapt differently to spaceflight. Space Ref.
"The pale red dot" --One of the oldest objects in the universe. The Daily Galaxy.
Hiding in plain sight: Elusive dark matter may be detected with GPS satellites. Science Daily.
Are aliens trying to contact us? Video of the Day.
Darth Vader, Renaissance man? How ‘Star Wars’ could have looked centuries ago. Universe Today.
Schmidt Cassegrain or Newtonian out of collimation? Make it easy with Bob's Knobs collimation thumbscrews!
Ancient Antarctica lake provides clues to one of the unsolved mysteries of early Earth. The Daily Galaxy.
Big Bang's echo may reveal skeleton of the universe. Space com.
Surprising structures discovered at the bottom of Uranus. Lights in the Dark.
ESA's perspective on Rosetta + Canada's contributions & Bruce Willis. Commercial Space.
MJC astronomy club. Video of the Day.
NASA’s pathfinding Orion rolls to launch pad, hoisted atop rocket for maiden blastoff. Universe Today.
China hacked U.S. weather satellite system - and NOAA said nothing. NASA Watch.
Comet Update: Where is Philae? Bad Astronomy.
Venturing into the upper atmosphere of Venus. Space Ref.
Monster storms sighted on ice giant Uranus --Hints of a hidden vortex. The Daily Galaxy.
AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON - Official extended trailer #2. Video of the Day.
We’re on the comet, baby! Philae scores a touchdown. Astro Bob.
Monster Galaxy almost as old as the universe -- Creating stars 1000 times faster than Milky Way. The Daily Galaxy.
Tail discovered on long-known asteroid. Space Ref.
Rosetta's comet-landing probe Philae healthy en route to target. Space com.
Jupiter's Red Spot is likely a sunburn, not a blush. International Space Fellowship.
Space: The final frontier in silicon chemistry. Science Daily.
Movie vs. science: Neil deGrasse Tyson on "Interstellar" Video of the Day.
The mysterious singing Comet. The Spacewriter's Ramblings.
Is Space-Time a quantum system? -- "Our 3-D world could be an Illusion" The Daily Galaxy.
Planetary Science community split over asteroid retrieval. NASA Watch.
The 2014 Canadian aerospace summit: November 18th - 19th in Ottawa, Ontario. Commercial Space.
Astronomers discover first 'lightning' from a black hole. Science Daily.
Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters. Video of the Day.
There have been 10,000 Generations Ours could be the first to discover extraterrestrial life. Daily Galaxy.
Announcing crash course astronomy! Bad Astronomy.
PM signs agreement with China a month after rejecting Chinese delegation attending IAC2014. Commercial Space.
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