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Nii Aryee
I Hated My Mother And Her One Bucket Of Water… on @bloglovin
I Hated My Mother And Her One Bucket Of Water #Blog #AfricanParents #IceBucketChallenge #Rant Please read it here:
@ISAVEDHERSOUL encouraged me to start the put my writings up....i'm forever grateful.
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Remembering 9/11. Where were you? via @ISAVEDHERSOUL
If I knew how to bookmark twitter accounts, it bookmark @ISAVEDHERSOUL, @SBOBETweets, @Pixelh so that I won't miss a single tweet from them
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We treat God like HE is GEOMETRY. Always trying to sin from different angles.
i am lying here thinking of all the love, i lost and impending exams
If you listen to the "Timepiece" hook on @lecrae album #Anomaly closely, you can hear my vocals in the background 😏#OhYeahh
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I am listening to a Spoken Word recital by @TheOscarUrbina and I am speechless. His lines are deep..
The new IPhone 6 Screen looks brighter than my future..
Kwesi Appiah says he needs new strikers for the Black Stars.. Oops, where is UTAG and POTAG when you need them??
@ISAVEDHERSOUL had a good time on your blog. Well done bro
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Ghanaian teenagers are not serious anymore… on @bloglovin
Ghanaian teenagers are not serious anymore #blog #rant #education #wassce
What happened to the good old days when gay people were embarrassed to be gay? Television changed everything..
Just when you think Eminem can’t get any better, he does. #GutsOverFear
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It's such a relief once you have eliminated the "friends" that brought so much negative energy into your life..
An article on this subject matter won't be out of place..
Using insults ruins one’s ability to present a good argument worthy of consideration.
1. Fawners 2. Haters 3. Honest critics 4. Show-offs 5. Trolls (Found in blogs' comment section) Which are you?
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If you disagree with something, you should voice your opinion, but do it in a way that matters. Constructive Criticism.
I believe some tweeps become insulting because they are unable to compose a convincing argument and so they end up embarrassing themselves
Engaging with them only gives them more opportunities to behave senselessly..
The best way to deal with people like @Stickyb333ma online is to take away their ability to post insults. Block or ignore them..
Insults are never constructive and certainly not helpful..
My suggestion is to improve your vernacular, because it is completely and utterly lacking of any value.
For those who disagree with other points of view but are incapable of presenting their arguments free of insults, my suggestion is .....
I wrote an article about Ghanaian politics but I don't think I should publish it because it will be misinterpreted like everything I say.
and the winner for taking my tweets very seriously & insulting me without any provocation is @sTiCKYb333ma and your prize is being BLOCKED!
It is the duty of every man, as far as his ability extends, to detect and expose delusion and error.
The only way, they can change this is by voting their incompetent leadership out of office & guess what, they are not capable of doing that
They are toothless bulldogs who can not keep the Government Of The Day in check..
They change nothing. They keep playing the same game they have been playing for over 20 years. My opinion and yours means NOTHING to them.
And by now, everybody with a half brain knows that, the largest opposition party in Ghana is just about as worthless as the P in Psycho.
So who gets the nod? Who is selling a better product to maximize their votes? Is lying to delegates a necessary evil of the campaign?
All the potential flagbearers of the NPP are pretty much saying the same thing. Singing the same anthem. Reciting the same poem of change.
Some people like to compare election campaigns to the selling of products. To somehow prove that lying in election campaigns is unavoidable
Politics & Politricks..
Like The Titanic, they believed their LeaderSHIP was unsinkable. But icebergs called Pride, Arrogance & Tribal Factions is sinking the SHIP.
The NPP LeaderSHIP is sinking very fast..
Van Gaal: "I hope the fans maintain their confidence in the club and in our philosophy because that philosophy takes time."
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2014/2015 predictions 1. #MUFC 2. The 3. Rest 4. Doesn't 5. Matter
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