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William H. Saito
In related news, #Japan consumers finally feeling comfortable about Abenomics? Consumer spending increases 3 months.…
Largest pension fund in the world, #Japan GPIF starting to make moves to diversify holdings. Good news for equities?…
From cybersecurity to SNS, Ichita Yamamoto (@ichita_y) named #Japan 1st "Net Strategy Advisor" to Prime Minister Abe.
2014 World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report came out today shows #Japan rank up 1 to 104 (out of 142 countries)… @wef
Announcing record mobile ad revenue, I think @facebook just decided to try a new interface design that shows blank on the desktop version?
Oct. 29 (Wed.) at #LDP HQ 13.00: press conference announcing my appointment as Special Adviser to the LDP President (PM) - IT Strategy.
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1位に手厚く報いよ 革新的発想生まれやすく - My #49 weekly ウィリアム氏と明日を読み解く column in 日経産業新聞 (Nikkei Business Daily). Now online!… @nikkei
To flight against #Ebola, Gov of #Japan decided to offer $45mil and #Favipiravir at any time upon request from #WHO
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Women in #Japan do better in many area of society globally including #entrepreneurship but especially well in soccer!…
So maybe the craziest disclosure of this Ebola episode is that NYC Metrocards are also a tracking system…
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1位を目指す意味 問題解決の処方箋に - My #48 weekly ウィリアム氏と明日を読み解く column in 日経産業新聞 (Nikkei Business Daily). Now online!… @nikkei
#Japan 1st country to prosecute for 3D printing a gun. Wonder how this "gun" different from replicas they sell here.…
ノーベル賞受賞者は“孤高の研究者”ではない日本が学ぶべき「チームを生かす達人」だ! 4th Diamond Online column - Nobel prizes, teamwork & #Japan.… @dol_editors
Just me or is @WSJ app preventing other applications from updating in @AppStore & completing in-app purchases? Works after uninstalling it.
From Prime Minister hopeful to potentially having to resign as minister. Hope not back to same old politics in #Japan…
Good article on #Japan economy but interesting to use brothels to measure economic strength & end with wife survey.…
Scary predictions coming true on Japan Display. Post merger integration of this type M&A rarely succeed in #Japan.…
Giving many speeches in #Japan these days. However, this week they are all at Universities and all in English. Good trend starting?
日本メーカーは「部品屋」で終わっていいのか - My #47 weekly ウィリアム氏と明日を読み解く column in 日経産業新聞 (Nikkei Business Daily). Now online!… @nikkei
The gov't role should be catalysing start-ups, not end up with competition with venture capital by too much subsidies #EconInnov - @whsaito
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Excited to be speaking twice at the @EconomistEvents Innovation Summit 2014 (Hong Kong). Send your question & comments to: #Econinnov
Making #Japan landfall soon. RT @astro_reid: #SuperTyphoon #Vongfang – I’ve seen many from here, but none like this.
本日夜10時よるBSジャパンの「日経プラス10」に出演いたします。是非ご覧ください。On Nikkei+10 (BS Japan) tonight speaking on #cybersecurity. @nikkeiplus10
All #Japan win physics! RT @NobelPrize: #nobelprize2014 Physics goes to 3 men who gave us blue light-emitting diodes
日本のものづくりの定義 デザイン重視へ転換 - My #46 weekly ウィリアム氏と明日を読み解く column in 日経産業新聞 (Nikkei Business Daily). Now online!… @nikkei
10/8(水)夜10時から日経プラス10 (BSジャパン) に出演します。サイバーセキュリティーがテーマです。是非ご覧ください。 Nikkei+10 TV on 10/8. #cybersecurity @nikkeiplus10
Good news & good sign between the 2nd & 3rd largest world economies? #Japan export to China is already $78B in 1H14.…
新興国で「日本はお手本」その理由を見詰め直す - My #45 weekly ウィリアム氏と明日を読み解く column in 日経産業新聞 (Nikkei Business Daily). Now online!… @nikkei
CDC confirms first Ebola case diagnosed in the United States.
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“おもてなしの国”のはずなのに世界で勝てるシステムは、なぜ出てこないのか? 3rd Diamond Online column - Omotenashi, system thinking & #Japan @dol_editors…
Just adding an adjective (or money) to university ≠ change. Shouldn't they already excel to be global & super anyway?…
HR dept. going to have to actually evaluate performance. Didn't understand how seniority based system lasted so long.…
日本の“社長”とCEOの違いは? 斎藤「管理に長ける社長。チームを率いるCEO。多様性のあるチームを率いるリーダーシップを鍛えている。アメリカの最大唯一の強みは多様性があること。 #jpn7
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パネルディスカッションに登壇された齋藤ウィリアム浩幸さん @whsaito と本多央輔さんのお話は初めてだったけど、刺激的だったなぁ。イノベーション、リーダーシップ、リスクテイク、創造性の教育、ディベートする文化についてなど。 #jpn7
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パネルディスカッションがスタートしました!インテカーの @whsaito , ビズリーチの @swimmym , DCMの本多さんが登壇されています。 #jpn7
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Wow! If Heartbleed was an 11 (on scale of 10) Shellshock is probably a 12 as it will affect many more computers!…
日経ムック「ducare(デュケレ)vol.21」にインタビュー記事が掲載されています。日本とアメリカの教育、アウトプット力の身につけ方についてお話させていただきました。Thoughts on education in #Japan.
So many people! Panelist @ Tokyo Innovation Summit. 第2回東京イノベーションリーダーズサミット Entrepreneurship alive & well in #Japan.
失敗恐れず挑戦できる 小さな組織が変革を先導 - My #44 weekly ウィリアム氏と明日を読み解く column in 日経産業新聞 (Nikkei Business Daily). Now online!… @nikkei
やるよー。 RT @pjoohay: 20:00〜21:15 ニコ生「『神の雫』とワインな1時間 #22 ゲスト:インテカー社長 齋藤ウィリアム浩幸@whsaitoさん」
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本日20時から夏野さんのニコニコ生放送番組「神の雫とワインな1時間」に出演します。是非ご視聴ください。Will be on live wine show tonight 8pm. Watch if you can!… #nicowine
Was looking forward to returning to Apple iPhone 6 as it finally supports NFC. Unfortunately, no plans yet for Suica/Edy payments in #Japan.
Not good news for #Japan but think economic policy impact should be separate from recent (bad) corporate performance.…
Interesting history & contrast of Tokyo Olympics in '64 & now 2020. Cost targets, bond issuance & post game hangover.…
Stock market cheers 6 year peak of weak #Japan yen, cost of importing energy (= 55% of trade deficit) increases.…
If you ever need to know where you've been & own an Android based phone, you can use… to find out. Useful or #scary?
コンピューターの革新 新たな価値創造が必要に - My #43 weekly ウィリアム氏と明日を読み解く column in 日経産業新聞 (Nikkei Business Daily). Now online!… @nikkei
10 years since #Japan started using mobile contactless payment & 17 years since it was 1st used, Apple to support NFC…
クアッドコプターPhantom2 Vision+が娘のおもちゃに(((^_^;)
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#Japan @Wef : (Former) Minister Ichita Yamamoto speaking on Global Science Outlook panel about innovation. @ichita_y