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Noly Mon
The internet is so powerful
I've always wondered where Route 66 was
Adam Levine has a distinctive singing voice
When I watch jeopardy I feel so stupid
Act like you care sometimes
I cannot stand it when a team gives up and just hands the game over. Like no, fight for that shit.
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Goodnight My fellow citizens
369 only got to hang out with you once but you seem really chill! I gotta hear you sing too
8 I'm glad we got to know each other this past year! I wanna hang out with your more tho! I feel like we could become really good friends!❤️
16 last time we tried to hang out it that should change. You're cute
542 you've gotten so much better at volleyball...but other then that we should hang out sometime!
7 SQUIRTLE! I hope Oregon is treating you well! I miss you! You're the most outgoing and funniest person I have ever met!
9 you're so adorable! I remember when I had the fattest crush on you! I'll always love you PB ❤️
14 you Deion and Ryan were fun to hang around! Let's do it again!
222 probably the best cousin out there! Miss ya! You're such a cool and such a teenieee weenie little person! ❤️
744 you're only gonna get better in volleyball if you listen to me 😉😊 jk but congrats on winning MTP 1st Princess!
Remember Gushers...mmmmmm 😋
96 I never in a million years thought that you would be a partier, but you should text me so we can hang!
3 I miss you bro! Let's get board n brew soon and hang out soon!
710 I remember when we used to talk! My loss..but you are a very nice and pretty girl. I wish we could hang out sometime! 😊
143 I LOVE YOU ❤️
111 I wanna get to know you better, we haven't had the Chance to and that should change! You seem nice!