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Whoopi Goldberg
β€œ@coquesaiz: @WhoopiGoldberg Good afternoon from Spain!!!”-Hola!!
β€œ@racheiibird: @WhoopiGoldberg Good afternoon Whoopi, hope you have a great day...from me in the UK :) x”-Hey UK 😘
@WhoopiGoldberg @NicolleDWallace @rosieperezbklyn @Rosie I'm loving the new view it's so refreshing to see intelligence an realness again
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So make sure y'all roll with us! NEW #rollinwithwhoopi every Tuesday!! Now let's see who's rollin!! & thanks for the love!! 😘
I decided to do #rollinwithwhoopi bc its fun and I'm in the best company with 2 other really funny ppl @shearinsanity97 & @KarenDupiche
#WhoopiGoldberg is hilarious in this Rollin' with Whoopi & Mario Cantone! - Drag Shows…: #rollinwithwhoopi
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Good Morning!! ❀️
β€œ@AmeriTerry: @WhoopiGoldberg Hello, wanted to let you know @StephenKing is on twitter! Have a fabulous day!”-thanks!!
β€œ@Mums50th: @WhoopiGoldberg could you wish my mum Suzanne a happy 50th birthday please :)x”-happy birthday Suzanne!!
Good Morning! From the soles of Whoopi!
It's not my birthday just wanted to do some birthday shout outs I'm a Scorpio!
I'll be back tomorrow in the a.m. Gotta prepare for @theviewtv see u at 11 ❀️ and thanks for all the love! WG
β€œ@mhansberry: today isn't my bday, but i'm pretty sure i'm your biggest fan. just wanted to say hello! @WhoopiGoldberg”-Hello!!
β€œ@ParadiseOnMars: @WhoopiGoldberg Hello my amazing idol <3 today is my birthday too!!!! -Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚
β€œ@DeDeTillman: @WhoopiGoldberg Hey Whoopi, Today is my Birthday.. How have you been?”->happy birthday & enjoy!
Have an awesome week from @YouTube #rollinwithwhoopi @KarenDupiche & @shearinsanity97 follow us & subscribe today! ❀️
my childhood was so frustrating lol then I met @WhoopiGoldberg she gets it and helped me understand a lot about being a special child.
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Great show today with one of my favorite country groups #RascalFlatts and #RosiePerez
See everybody tonight at #Foxwoods showtime 9pm #whoopigoldberg #whoopi #comic
Come on out to Ledyard CT @FoxwoodsCT tonight 9pm Get your tickets while you still have time! #GrandTheater #Foxwoods
My footwear today @theviewtv it's Friday why not have some fun!! πŸ‘ πŸ‘’πŸ‘ž #theview #whoopisoles
β€œ@TWRice39: @WhoopiGoldberg Thanks for the last minute notice #pissedIcantGO”-awww man! Next time!😘
.@WhoopiGoldberg @FoxwoodsCT Whoopi+mic🎀 on stage = COMIC BRILLIANCE. πŸ˜„ you have to experience her LIVE.
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β€œ@aertwitt: @WhoopiGoldberg Total Mad Respect- You inspire me to keep fighting every day. Hope to catch you Live Soon!”-fight on!! WG
β€œ@mygayopinion: @WhoopiGoldberg I already got my tickets and can't wait. You're always hysterical!”-yay why Thank You!!❀️
GM! I'll be in CT fri #Foxwoods 9pm Live & Uncensored, &bunch of fun! Come on out!Get your tickets 1.866.625.4586 ❀️
Hey #Connecticut!!!, I will be performing this Friday Oct 10th at The Grand Theater formerly MGM GRAND #Foxwoods #whoopigoldberg #comedian #comic #grandtheater
calling Atl folks support my boy Yancey & Basic!! β€œ@shearinsanity97: Atlanta come on out November 9th 1-4 pm”
Happy birthday @BCRuiz we celebrate you & @FortuneGirls the sneakers were fantastic! I wish u the best and many more... Much love!🎁
Look at what Google did for teachers thru @DonorsChoose, they gave 3.7million bucks ThanksGoogle
My soles!!! Some of my collection!
@WhoopiGoldberg i see something that very few see & thats a heart of gold you are so loved there are no words to describe how much I love u
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@WhoopiGoldberg Good morning!I just want to thank you for all the years of #funny&comedy!You've made me laugh and smile often!#GodBless! :-)
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I just want to congratulate @FABSYLVESTER on getting rave reviews!! Go head y'all!! #mightyreal
β€œ@RRicky2468: @WhoopiGoldberg OMG Whoopi I'm screaming right now”-Shhhhhhhh! Lololol
β€œ@TalkNeilDown: @WhoopiGoldberg Can I have a happy birthday please? I'm 23 today! πŸ˜€β€-HAPPY BIRTHDAY & so many more!
β€œ@RRicky2468: @WhoopiGoldberg Whoopi I love you so much”~~~>how much?? Lol
Thx 4 #ROLLINWITHWHOOPI don't forget to LIKE,SUBSCRIBE,SHARE its just a lil fun with my hair&makeup team @shearinsanity97 @KarenDupiche ❀️
If ur in NYC & it's 7am & hungry &you can't afford Bdway show Ellen's stardust Diner where singers R singing at 7am, I ❀️NYC come support em